21 comments on “Gazini Ganados in her latest shots

  1. Gosh I really thought her face is “untouched”. I saw old photos and she doesn’t look like her old self!

    At least the plastic surgeon did a good job.

  2. She only needs to be genuine and authentic on the q and a. There is no sense to pressure herself to come up with over-the-top answer that will be remembered forever. She can express her self in english is what matters most. Think of the latina titleholders! Some of them might not have even uttered a single English word and yet they bagged the most precious crown. Our Queen Gazzini is a true goddess of beauty. Her look exudes confidence and elegance. I believe she has a very good chance of winning or should I say we can claim the back2back crown.

  3. I saw the video of Gazini sending a message to the newly minted Miss Universe Mexico Sofia Aragon, I don’t think fluency in english is the problem. It’s more of getting used to speaking a language that is not her first. She actually has good diction and her voice is modulated. I think from now until the Miss U pageant. she should only speak in english, her thoughts should be in english, she should immerse herself in ebglish movies and literature.

    I think Gazini has a good fighting chance. She is already likeable and charming. She could be a spokesperson if she trains hard enough. The only hindrance now would be time.

  4. I find NOTHING WRONG with her comm skills…she is soooooo genuine and lovable…grounded…..down to earthearth

  5. Kayo’ng mamaya pa mag-i-in, wanna see how JazzyGaz should NOT look like? 🙂

    Go to Maxo Sanchez YouTube canale for a stream of Mexicana Universal 2019.

    Make sure your device can rise to the challenge, though. And good WIFI.

  6. She looks great on this styling. Mas bagay sa kanya ang no make-up make up look. OK sa kanya ang light or nude shades. Sana bawas an din yung thickness ng eyebrow make up nya. Even if uso sya ngayon, tingin ko nagpapatapang yun ng look nya. She has prominent jawline na kaya sana nipisan din yung eyebrow nya para hindi sya mag mukhang matigas. Bagay sa kanya yung soft look. Sana try din ng team nya yung wavy or big curl hair. Let see kung it will help her have a softer look.

  7. Mas bagay sa kanya ang no make-up make-up. Yung mga lighter shades or nude shades. Pwede din bawas an ang thickness ng eyebrows. Yes, uso ngayon ang thick eyebrows, pero since strong na yung jawline nya nagmumukha ng bato yung mukha nya. Mas bagay sa kanya yung soft look. Sana try din ng team nya yung wavy or big curls tignan natin. If it will add softness to her face.

  8. wow!!!!! GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!! Ito talaga ang maganda. back2back is possible

  9. Wag nang mangarap
    B2B is not going to happen for sure
    Let’s just hope for a top 3 or 5

  10. this is breathtaking … she should make note of this styling that bring out her tantalizing Asian heritage … natural , subtle make-up …. IT IS POSSIBLE for a BACK TO BACK !!! in Q&A, just be authentic and sincere , no need to be deep or smart , … relay a crystal clear message to the viewers in the Universe , most importantly to the judges !!!

    • Wow amazing….simplicity and minimalist styling and make up suits her well. It definitely highlight her exotic Asian bueaty.

  11. Bb Pilipinas picked a girl with unquestionable beauty in order to defend the crown. I think she will be well prepared for the mission. A top 3 material indeed. If she can brush up on current events and articulations then she should be fine.

  12. Gorgeous! I hope she comes out with more photos of her smiling.

  13. Very good and simple look on her . Less make up makes her look younger

  14. She’s gorgeous in every angle… no doubt about that… She will be the next Miss Universe 2019.

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