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  1. Can’t these male pageant contestants wear proper tuxedos, pants, and shoes?
    They always seem to wearing ill-fitting pants, tuxedos with tacky designs, and shoes not suited for a formal wear 😶

    • Isipin mo na lang, Male pageant contestants would find it harder to stand out if they wear proper tuxedos without their preferred design. It’s like telling BBP candidates that they can only wear SONA level Filipiniana gowns for the EG segment. Ang hirap di ba? It’s harder for men to express their personal style choices unlike sa mga babae na pwede may capes, pwede kita singit sa slits na sobrang taas or pwedeng balot na balot mula paa hanggang braso tapos heavily beaded pa. So isipin mo na lang na the printed suits are the same as the creative and beautiful gowns in female pageants while the shoes-not-suited-for-formal-wear are the same as the chunky nude platform heels that we keep on seeing with their female counterparts

      • A man will never ever look bad in a traditional well-tailored pants and suit, and black leather shoes.

  2. Slightly off topic,

    I was browsing through IG stories and came across Geena Rocero who was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month who happens to be a transgender. Before five years, Norman Tinio blog about her when she walked for the Bench fashion show where she could have been a Binibining Pilipinas. I wonder if in the near future, Binibini would accept a transgender as a candidate and if they did open the door, will it gain acceptance to pageant fans?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Thanks for the OT as we await MUT 2019. Do allow me to attempt an answer.

      If backlash to Angela Ponce is any indication, then it is still early for MUO to oblige its licensees to follow suit.

      BUT, we also anticipate MUP to disconnect altogether from BBP, PER SE, within the next few years. And with no precedent thus far, we cannot easily assume a transgender to show up at a BBP Screening anytime soon. In other words, it’s a NO.

      • It should be taken as a bonus to let a transgender join MU. And I think that’s it, the “federation” was heard. But I think it is a big selfishness on the part of the federation to compete with the authentic woman.

        Transgender is unique in itself spare the women on this complication. You have to find your own platform. If one decides to be fully a transgender, then embrace the package what the world has to offer whether good or bad.

  3. Facial hair suits Judah Tiosejo. (puso)

    Gabrielle Basiano finally scores at a National. Congratulations!

    Great post, Mr. Blogger. Who was Ms. Midori Clark, prior? Ms. Omay or Ms. Opiaza? Emma Tiglao was 1st Runner-up, then…..

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