15 comments on “Patch Magtanong on “Magandang Buhay”

  1. Napakaganda nya in person. Hinde nakakasawa ang beauty nya…yung tipong you just want to look at her all the time…kasi the more you look, mas lalong gumaganda.

    Good luck Pa7ch in your quest for the 7th crown.

    • Facially , I’m not sure she’s for MI.
      Not exactly the kind of beauty I am hoping to rep us at MI.
      But Lara Q and Bea S won .
      So I think she has a chance
      Her beautiful feminine voice along with her long lean and feminine ( not muscular ) physique will be her advantage . I just don’t know how to make her face look ‘healthier ‘ .
      I trust in A&Q . We saw how they transformed the gaunt faces of Venus Shamcey and Ara before The MU competition.

  2. Nicole Cordovez ‘ brother is cute
    Leren’s Brother is cute
    Patch’s brother is ——-

    • @ Fabian Reyes Rome Magtanong is the younger. The other brother seems OK, based on the family photos. But of course, few, if any, can match Michelle Gumabao’s. Right, Admin? 🙂

      • Mas hot si Josh Codovez kesa kay Marco Gumabao… pero mas may chance ka kay Marco.. hahaha

    • @closer2fame

      ano???? mas hot si josh cordovez?? langya ka.. nag google pa talaga ako sa hitsura niya.. hahaha hot siya over marco gumabao? jawline pa lang waley na yang Josh mo. now i know wala ka palang taste. ngek!

  3. Napakaganda nga naman ng buhay! 🙂

    Ayon sa Pilipino Star Ngayon, “Bago na-in love ng todo, Kylie diri’ng-diri kay Jake”.

    Well, may Green Card, so I guess sa US na siya jo-jowa para away-from-public-eye, like Lubina.

  4. The world is her oyster.
    Indeed becoming an attorney “and” a BbP International titleholder did not just occur overnight.
    Studying and passing the bar exam, alone, is difficult and stressful enough but Patch was simultaneously prepping for BbP 2019 as well.

    She is and will be an excellent role model. Her parents and family should be very proud of her.

    Enjoy your reign, Patch.

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