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  1. Rank for international crowns
    Leren -winner
    Resham -winner
    Sam Lo – runner up/ winner
    Emma – runner up/ winner
    Patch – top 10/ runner up
    Gazini – top 10
    Aya – hope she can also represent, Miss United Continents maybe?

    • @ Chadwick United Continents is still with JDV. And anyway, Aya is already in the thick of things as far as her commitments to BPCI are concerned. Even then, what’s the age limit, there?

  2. i always thot that sam lo has the gift of gab..may be if she has soften her look a bit, she could have snatched the MI. she was MI alternate to gazini back then.

    • Lo is too cold though. Articulate, yes, but just so clinical and mechanical. Serious.

      Rae, on the other hand is engaging and relatable, articulate, and speaks with a purpose.

      Especially for Grand International, Lo will need to warm and loosen up a little.

  3. Wow, Emma really studied hard to become a well desserved spokesperson despite the fact that English is her 3rd language… I am amazed that even though she buckles a bit, theres always a lot of substance in all her statements and she always finishes strong.

    Resham is definitely Ms. Suprapersonality… I really hope she wins that award… its a given that she is multi-lingual but I love that she is confident in tackling each topic w/ depth but also with comic relief.

    Sam Lo is alright…. I hope she starts her dancing lessons… and she needs to work out and blow up that butt… ASAP. She should not give Angkol any reason not to give her that crown.

  4. Sam Lo and Resham shines in every interview. I wish Sam Lo channeled this look she has going on during the BBP competition.

  5. It is very clear amongst the queens who is ready and who isnt. Ill hand this interview to Sam and Rae. Gazini and Lauren are struggling across – coherence, grammar, form and substance. Aya and Emma surprised me, they pulled it well.

    As I said in my prior post, whilst Gazini is gorg- her public speaking skills is inferior – that will cost her the crown ultimately. She is a combination of MJ and Maxine. Good on her as the expectation for b2b is almost none so it will be less pressure on her. Otherwise, the Filipino pageant fans can be a bit unforgiving.

    P.S. Im not sure if Gazini is using veneers but it is creating a weird sound on her voice that I feel like she is sleepy or drunk. I had so many cringe moments in this interview mostly Gazini and Lauren and even the host lol

    • Not expecting a back to back win is an advantage for Gazini, but I would LOVE for her to prove us all wrong. I hope she is diligent in her training. Plus I think it’s an advantage for her to be around Sam Lo and Resham more often because I’m hoping that first of all, she’d be more comfortable using the english language, and second, they tackle topics with substance and challenge each other’s perceptive thinking.

      • That’s a good point. Sam and Rae’s spontaneity can hopefully rub off to her. Just watching the media presence, I think Sam could have been our best hope for a b2b crown. She is starting to really bloom!

        I was imagining Patch presence, wit and profile combined with Gazini’s looks and pasarela would have been the best formula . Where can we find that? hehe Unfortunately only an exceptional candidate can pull that off. Wishing Gazini the best of luck and I just hope she enjoys her full experience and she can make the most out of it.

      • @Thor, Sam and Resham are both MU material: multi-cultural, eloquent, beautiful with captivating personalities. I’m not saying that Gazini doesn’t have these, because she does. It’s just that Resham and Sam are from a different mold of a beauty queen, the one with a tough, don’t-mess-with-me persona as opposed to the more feminine type. It would’ve been interesting to watch either of them bloom into the candidate that would’ve brought us our first back to back win.

        I can see that Gazini is a fighter though. I have this feeling that she won’t let the Philippines down. I hope she utilize every resources available to her.

  6. I suppose you guys (also) already got wind of their “Magandang Buhay” appearance.

    When Sam self-declared in THIS guesting that she is “street smart”, the 2 Canale interview explained how. Go watch it again, dear commentators.

    Excerpts from both. “… It isn’t always necessary… GRAND gestures…. sometimes, even small sincere acts can make all the difference… I would rather live with some difficulty and pick up lessons…. than an easy life and be clueless… I learned a lot working at my Dad’s factory…. it was a difficult time in the USA for everybody, not just for us…”.

    Madame S was TRULY WISE for assigning who arguably is the BEST kween the toughest mission. Angkol might be eccentric. But as I said before, he will expect nothing less than a close match to Cat.

    (Somehow….. I’m glad JazzyGaz was absent at the 2 Canale show…… Hhhmmmmm….)

  7. I wish our queens would speak in their natural tongue
    If this is not acceptable , why not declare English as the national language and have the future generation speak English from age 0 and up …. just like the Irish and the Singaporeans … I think ? That way , we become more competetive in all aspects .. not just pageants .
    And also that way , we donot see our queens struggle with their interview . … not that it’s their fault . It’s just so awkward and icky to listen to them . Tagalog or Tagliah na Lang sana para natural ang flow.
    I’m seeing MJ in Gazini . Both have flights of thought. Again , it’s not their fault .

    • You mean “mother tongue”?

      World peace 🙂

  8. Sam And Rae are very well spoken
    U can’t say the same abt Marasigan and Nicole who both grew up in the States too

    • Unfortunately many Fil-Ams don’t value articulation and deep-thinking, especially if they are in areas with heavy concentrations of Pinoys. Dey talk like dis – gud enup 4 dem. Medyo low class.

      Aren’t both Marasigan and Guerrero from LA? Likely explains their speaking skills – easy to coast by on that mindset there.

      Don’t know where Lo grew up and Rae I believe is Canadian. However, both come from multicultural backgrounds. Assimilation has been necessary for them.

      • Sam Lo grew up in a household where Tagalog, Ilocano, English , Spanish and various dialects of Chinese were spoken everyday. She is fluent in English as we all know. Can read and write and understand basic Spanish although speaking is not fluent. She is not poetic or singsong in speaking because at a young age her parents included her and her siblings in family affairs. . That is how she grew up.

  9. Wow si Emma , the judges could have seen her as an MUP if she had her hair done like that .
    She looks radiant

  10. All the ladies look great.

    Samantha Lo has that Cindy Crawford look going on…

  11. Naka-free billing ang Pageant, Unlimited. Kal_ka question ni _akla, pa-importante.

    Ano daw sabi ni Catriona – VIBRATE HIGHER?! Clint….. 🙂

    “See you (her critics) in _ell”, sabi ni Rae. BITCHESA. Exactly the type Gerhardt adores – brutal honesty. Datul also possessed that attribute. KF, prepare your Trophy Room to receive its first Supranational crown. She will also vibrate higher.

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