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  1. So Sam Lo can’t even speak Tagalog??? She is practically 1/4 Filipino if I’m not mistaken. Now I see why she has this somewhat Latina/mix breed appearance.

  2. Mr. Blogger, tama po ba ang entiende ko sa Miss Panama dos mil dice nueve?

    4th RU
    3rd RU – Gran Internacional (Venezuela)
    2nd RU – Internacional (Japon; sashed by Mariem)
    1st RU
    Ganadora – representatne de Isla Flamenco!

    Why doesn’t BBP do it like this?

      • I think to make ala-MU last two standing. The total of the winners should be called as finalist. Then the call out would be…

        2nd runner-up
        Miss Globe
        Miss Intercontinental
        Miss Supranational
        Miss MGI
        Miss International

        Last two standing…

        MUP and 1st Runner-up

        It is interesting to see Aya and Gazini still right?

      • @ Norman Thank you for the reply.

        What I meant was, if this happened here, then Patch would simply become Gazini’s lady-in-waiting. And Aya as well, to the others. Almost like a hierarchy or social class protocol, like real royalty.

        This perfectly coincided with MUT 2017, when Earth was given to the 2nd RU (Fahsai), leaving Supaporn Ritthipreuk (1st RU) ready to assume hometown duties in the event Mareeya Poonlertlarp won MU.

        I think that if and once MUP becomes a discrete entity but realizes that taking on a few small franchises would not hurt (their) business, and not necessarily these same ones, this approach merits consideration.

        Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Sabi ng manghuhula na si Gurmeet, “best decision” daw ang gagawin ng BbPilipinas committee so meaning mukhang mananalo si Gandazini… back2back!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gazini has a Sandra Bullock vibes. I think that should be considered in her packaging. Even the way she is speaks – she has the gentle sweetness and yet sincerity.

  5. Being located in the Middle East and having Palestinian friends, I shared the YouTube video and provided the 1:19 clock on the clip where to find the picture of her dad.

    I hope that she will find him.

    Yan, ah simula na ako mag support sa’yo.

    • By the way, that blue number on this article – something is wrong somewhere, it looks stiff. The neck part from the stomach looks weird. If this will be shown together with other girls who will dress well, she will immediately be overshadowed. Parang casual wear na di maintindihan. I also don’t like this on Rachel either wearing the red one. It is just not there…

  6. Gazini is Mutya Datul 2.0.
    She could charm her way to the Universe crown.

  7. Looking at Gazini’s solo photo above, I’d say she has to learn how to lean her head a little backward, so her face won’t look bigger making her shoulder a little compressed. The photographer should check on her lens if the headshot of her subject is taken in proportion to her shoulders, otherwise magmumukha s’yang bentilador.

    While I was rooting hard for Patch to win MUP, I have come to accept and like day-by-day Gazini as Catriona’s successor for MUP, or hopefully MU, crown.

    Like many others here, I believe Gazini can easily make it in the Top 15 spot of MU. Her facial beauty is quite universally appealing, and her fierceness is very arresting. I just hope that her glam team would step up in providing Gazini the best wardrobe, personality and speech training, and strategy as well.

    For now, I can see Sam Lo and Leren Bautista as the torchbearers of this batch. I mean they are fit for the pageants they will be competing in. They are sure win.

    As for Patch, I have reservations on her chances because she is not the MI prototype. I may be wrong, because Aces & Queens can transform her into an MI mould.

    That’s all.

    • Ah, yes. The MI prototype. I very much agree with you on this one, Ana. Patch, as of now, doesnt really fit in that mold. But like I said in a previous comment, her journey would be very much similar to Edymar’s

      • Unorthy, I agree with you, too, that Patch can have Edymar’s journey in MI. That Venezuelan goddess is worthy of becoming a Miss International since day 1 of the pageant. And til now I am loving that woman for loving her successor, Kylie, who in turn is loving Jake Cuenca. She doesn’t deserve him. Kaloka.

        That’s all.

      • I’ve lived in Japan for almost 20 yrs and I can see why they chose Patch as Miss International. She is the closest among the front runners to what Japanese perceive as a beautiful but reserved lady.

  8. I don’t know her story but as someone who’s been living in the Middle East for 15 years, common na sa mga babae dito ang naanakan ng ibang lahi! Some are Nurses but most prevalent among kasambahay!

    Ganyan din kaso ni Venus Raj, diba? In one of her testimonials for a religious group, iba-iba daw tatay ng mga kapatid niya! And hindi rin niya nakilala yung tatay niya who happens to be an Indian National!

    Ang mga Pinay kasi mga hopeless romantic din! It’s ok to go on a relationship pero huwag na mag-souvenir pa kung hindi pa kasal at wala kang habol!

    Nevertheless, dahil feeling gurl lang naman ako, bet ko mga Palestinian, malalaki ang ano nila!

  9. I have to say good for Aya for attending these events. I think she will gain a lot of experience and improve her public speaking and interview skills. It is too late for her but at least she’s using her runner-up position to its max. Unlike Sam Bernardo na parang walang naimprove after her first stint as second runner up.

  10. Joy can be shallow. But sorrow (or anger) always roots deeply.

    So, all that politeness was really just bravery. Gazini REALLY does feel the absence of a father.

    FINALLY! The soul is bared. After repeated attempts to get her to spill it out.

    Who else has vulnerability issues? I do. 🙂

    Norman Tinio, father to MANY in our pageantry, will guide US in a journey for a crown beyond telling.

  11. Mga sisteret at vecks. What do you think of Sam Lo chances for the golden crown. Ayoko sya MA runner up winner dapat

  12. truly lovely !! for the very first time, we may have both MU and MI this year !

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