17 comments on “Vickie Rushton on TWBA

  1. I hate Boy Abunda
    He is a b—ch an a—h—- And a user .
    If not for Kris. He would be nothing .

  2. Pias advice before is to look in the judges eyes not to the audiences especially during the performances lalo na sa Q&A. But the audiences is one of the test. But its safe to look on judges eyes. Imagine those judges as the person who trained you.

  3. I can truly be devasting for her during that night, pero I remember yung sinabi ni PIa noon, tatayo sya kung saan sya nadapa. Kung kaya pa ng age ni Vicky for next year, goooo, but if MWP is the best option then go then, baka its a blessing in disguise. Baka she is meant to be a Miss World. Gurl, laban lang. Ang ganda mo minus the thick eyelash

  4. Binibing Pilipinas has been a tough experience to learn from . And learn she did.
    I hope she joins MWP if she is free and age-qualified

  5. Maybe stick to taped acting and controlled environments? If she’s easily distracted by a heckler then she’s fortunate not to have won a crown, Pageantry is the wrong business to be in if one’s fortitude is sensitive to people’s random gestures or judgments.

  6. She has the strong potential and amazing qualities to become a candidate for Miss World Philippines 2019. She is very tall 5′ 5″ , talented, beautiful and above all she is fluent, confident and eloquent speaker. #missworldphilippines2019 #vickieforthewin

    • Very tall as 5’5 IS NOT a very tall at all…………just saying, but she is definitely gorgeous…prettier than who have won the crowns.

  7. “Mental health is as important as physical health if no one from this audience tonight would want to look like the person in front of me right now, making face at me. He seems physically fit but thinks and behave worst than a psychotic and a lunatic combined, and I thank you dude for being a concrete example of how mentally ill a person can be.”

  8. Halatang maigsi ang biyas ni aling viki. Naku pag sabihan na naman ako ni Fabian peace

    • Hoy blogger…done na raw with this girl. Next blog na raw sans Vickie!!! Hoyyyyyy tantanan na sya…Hoyyyyyy!!!!

  9. Vicky looked really good in her interview with less eye make-up. Thanks to youtube I was able to watch her interview.

    I was shocked to see a video of Vicky tonight on youtube from 2014 in a PBB episode.
    I noticed that she had a different nose back then. She was already beautiful even with a less pointy nose so why did she or her camp decide that she gets rhinoplasty to make the tip of her nose look pointier? So unnecessary and so sad that she had to under the knife to look more European. This is exactly what people in the Philippines wanted Julia Saubier to have when she’s already beautiful with the nose she currently has. So proud of her for not giving in to the pressure. #BeyondBeautiful

  10. Perhaps Vickie and Samantha B. join MWP. They have four crowns available at that pageant.

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