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  1. Uhhmmm…Sorry but I don’t find her pretty. Mas nanghinayang pa ako kay Dumaguing.

    • @ silver Don’t worry about Black.

      She has caught the eye of foreigners. SHE IS THE FUTURE.

      ‘Ika nga ni Wesley Snipes, “always bet on BLACK”.

  2. I think Vickie and Samantha should hang it up. Pia was different since she is a very good communicator. The problem with Pia was she didn’t get the break that she needed the first two times.

    Vickie and Samantha unfortunately did not try to focus on improving their communication skills… They had one year to train and get themselves comfortable in public speaking but they both failed miserably still. Look at Gazini kahit hindi perfect ang sagot eh she still managed to end in a high note.

    • She shouldn’t have left any single stone unturned….
      If she nailed the Q&A, she could have at least got the MG crown.

  3. Sorry, but I have to point this out and maybe one of the cause of her same placement this year is using the wrong conjunction in the top 15 Q and A – to quote the transcript from Rappler: https://www.rappler.com/life-and-style/specials/bb-pilipinas/232663-transcript-question-answer-segment-pageant-2019

    “Nadine Lustre: How do you react to rape jokes?

    It’s so sad that people are making jokes of this, about rape. It is not normal for us Filipinos. We should all stand up as women to use our voice for sexual harassment. I think it is nice of our government to do the Safe Spaces bill, so that women around the world, especially here in the Philippines, can have a safe environment in school, in economy, and in everything.”

    She should have said ” …. to use our voice (against) sexual harassment…” however, she said “…. (for) sexual harassment…”

    And, she should have stopped after mentioning “safe environment”

      • true true… We Pinoys are so used to using “for” instead of “against”….hihihih we all “for” cancer, “for” HIV…. etc etc etc…

      • Thanks CB, you’re absolutely right, I got mixed up preposition with conjunction.

  4. ” and ‘waste’ our energy in things that matter the most..”????

    I think she meant to “invest” our energy…

    Take more time to heal Samantha B.

    • Hahaha…using “waste” our energy on things that matter most….sounds very negative. She could have used a better and more positive verb such as invest, focus, or even channel our energy etc etc…🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I don’t think it’s incorrect but it’s definitely a poor choice of word…hihihihi

  5. I dont have rights to say any bad words against her. All i can say pansin naman talaga during coronation that shes kinda sick. That wedding she attended is maybe more important that attending activities which her present is not required as 2nd runner up. She is right. Optional ung pag attend. You can come and dont.
    Lets stop saying anything bad against her.
    Sam. Every pain can be healed. You can come back next year if you want but make sure alam mo na kung ano yon. But there are other path of pageantry where maybe doon ka mag kaka crown. Try mwp or mutya ng pilipinas this year. Baka si madamme cory ang magbigay sayo ng crown. After all. those titles in mutya are good din naman and expert ang camp mo lalo na sa mutya.

  6. hmmm.. why does it sound to me na … parang.. may something…. hahaha ewan ko parang tuloy hindi ako na sad or nasi-sympathize sakanya na 2nd runner up lang uli siya.. may mali sa statement niya.

    buti pa tong si Aya. so Aya is <3…

    Char lang sa comparisson.. pero totoo naman. Last year na kasi ni Aya di ba? pero parang mas grateful pa siya LOL

  7. Si Patitay, ke’lan maglalabas….. ng Official Statement from Magtanong & Associates? 🙂

    • Patch already joined the girls yesterday in Manila Bulletin. She said she needed to go to Guam due to green card issues. She seemed happy naman yesterday. Please make an article regarding that sponsor visit, tito Norms. 🙂

  8. “I deserve better” and “I fully respect and trust the decision…I have nothing against it” are quite contradicting. I’m starting to not like this girl. Attitude much?

  9. Samantha is a sore ‘winner ‘
    Not a queenly way to respond to bashers .
    She should hAve explained her side in a calm manner thanked her supporters and ignored the bashers
    I was a fan . I don’t know now
    What was her boyfriend doing ? He should have edited her statement . Her poor grammar will lead to more bashing.

  10. sam b.,i guess its time for u to leave pageantry behind. a b2b 2nd RU is a rare achievement. i suggest after a much deservd rest, u can be productive in other endeavours. try to be employed as FA just like some past candidates..if ur not fit for that, try to start a small business, something that fuels ur passion and imagination..whatever sparks ur interest, u deserve to be hapi…always wear the invisible crown of positivity and hope. goodluck.

  11. Don’t be hard on yourself. Attitude wise you are infamous for questioning your fan loyalty. I was your supporter once and you asked us to leave the group if we do support other candidates. There are 6 crowns to start w. I see it as a fighter attitude but it shows why some people see it as an unbecoming attitude. Try mwp and try to loosen up

  12. Vickie Rushton and Samantha Bernardo, in my opinion, should try again next year.

    Both 2018 runners-up did not have the year they expected in 2019.

    The potential tragedy is should both compete at BbP 2020 and both end up as runners-up AGAIN, then what?

    That’s just the chance one has to take for a shot for a BbP crown. Life can be so cruel but press on Samantha!

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