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  1. kulang talaga siya sa face department, kung makapasok siya sa top 10 tapos memorized answer naman so baka mag top 3 pa siya. i doubt pananalunin siya.

    • Ikaw naman eh walang department. Hindi maayos placements ng ilong, mata, bibig, etc. sarap mo ilagay sa frame. Picazzo art ka!

      Tama na nga kakabash! Ganda ka?!

  2. I support her for the mi journey but she is no contest compared to the previous Filipina winners look wise so top 8 sa MI Masaya nako

    • lets not jump into conclusion as to veracity of the deliberation US. Remember, anyone can fabricate a story,

  3. Huwag na gawan issue si Patch! Just support her. Kung ayaw nyo eh di huwag. Natanong niyo ba kung gusto kayo?!

    Una, kung hindi sya nagbubun ng buhok, it’s because of “styling”. Eh dun sya maganda eh hayaan nyo lang. Mas magaling pa ba kayo sa totoong stylist?! Akala niyo naman kegaganda niyo kung makapanlait? Maputi ba singit nyo?! Bash kayo ng bash…

    Kung sarat man siya, eh ano sa iyo? Mamamatay ka ba?

    Kung kamukha ni Pops, eh ano? Ikaw ba artistahin?

    Andami nyo angal. Stop below the belt criticisms.

    Next time, kayo na sumali.

    Ganda kayo?!

    • Relax ka lang teh. You sound like maraming nagbabash kay Patch eh halos wala naman. Wag ka masyado exxag teh.

    • wla naman gumagawa ng isyu, maliban dyan sa fake news na MUP dapat sya if not for her greencard..ung di sya kagandhan, na kamukha nya si pops. vp leni. na kasing katawan nya si maymay, ..na hindi sya gabun ka articulate at engaging…hindi isyu ang tawag dun…those are facts.

  4. FYI lang,

    Greencard – you can work, live and study in the U.S. but you cannot vote. You still hold the same passport from your country of origin.

    US Citizen = US Passport holder – you can live, work and study in the U.S. and you have the right for suffrage

    Diba kaya nga nilinis na ng Binibining Pilipinas yung screening nila para hindi na maulit yung mga kaso tulad ng nangyari kina Anjeanette Abayari & Tisha Silang?

    Absent lang nung tinuro sa High School about Philippine Constitution o sadyang incompetent lang yung teacher?

    • I really don’t know the big fuss about Patch’s Green Card. Owning one does not make one a US citizen. When I studied in the US, I still held on to my Philippine passport. I now work in another foreign land and possess a work and residence permit but I am still a Filipino citizen with a Philippine passport. Green Card possession is a non-issue. If it was the cause of Patch’s non-selection for MUP, as what others seem to suggest, this year’s MUP edition must have committed a big mistake. That said, what about the other past winners who are “halfies” who may have been dual citizens? At least Patch is 100% Filipino citizen.

    • I don’t remember Lara and Kylie doing the same
      And Bea wasn’t at her best with her hair up

      • Kylie can don a banat ponytail and still looks great. Malayo milya Ganda wise

    • May iniwang marka si Voldemort sa panga nya Vaks.

      Pa ek ek pa ito, alam naman nya dahilan kung bakit.

      • @johnny pls enlighten me. Mahahalata ba na sya ay may ayos Lang na maganda unlike the former queens that Fabian enumerated
        Lara Bea Kylie. I will add ahtisa
        May nalalaman pa na go for the 7 mga ito. O sige na go for the 7 tutal kamukha naman ni caitlyn jennar Yun reigning mi queen

  5. Kababasa ko sa mukha nya na masusungkit nya ang 7th MI crown for the Philippines 😄No cherette mga vecks☺

    • Cheret ka dyan.

      Di ba isa ka sa nagpakalat na magiging 2ng runner up na lang si Patch at ipapalit si Vickie? Cheret.

      • Cherette Divahhh 😄
        Teh, 4 entertainment value lang ang sa akin☺
        Masyado kang serious kaya nalalagas na ang mga kayamanan mo sa hypothalamus mo kaya ayan tuloy teh ang resulta hihihi🤗
        Chill2 din paminsanminsan😉cherette

  6. Patch is back!

    Samantha B. is back!

    BbP class of 2019 is good to go.

  7. Since she’s a US green card holder, it means she is not a US citizen. So what is her citizenship then? Obviously, may Philippine citizenship siya. So walang issue if she were to represent the Philippines to Miss U.

    Patch was my best for Miss U. But I like Gazini na after watching her TV interviews after coronation. Maganda naman talaga siya at malakas ang dating. Kahit mali ang grammar niya minsan, ok lang kasi natatakpan yon ng sweetness at bubbliness niya.

  8. Patitay, huwag ka maiimbiyerna.

    ‘Yang “bukambibig” awra mo, hawig mo na (rin) tuloy si Jolene.

    Besides, I do not think the Paris Group goes for this high-fashion-edgy-editorial look. They are a spa.

    • Winning MIP is a blessing in disguise for her. She has good chances to win that, unlike MU which B2B is near impossible.

      She is a good MI prototype as well. We have been sending good MI delegates lately, very happy.

  9. She’s very feminine mild mannered humble well-spoken with a beautiful speaking voice .

  10. My MUP….hihihihi kidding…. Good to see Patch back and whatever greencard issue should never have been an issue. Is she a Filipino citizen? Yes. So she should have been eligible for MUP from the start. I feel like someone’s just trying to add fuel to a non-existent issue.

  11. Sir Norman – what’s your take on the issue (if indeed, there’s any) that Gazini & Patch had to switch titles because one insider protested that Patch is a green card holder and, therefore, isn’t worthy of the MUP crown ?
    Just curious 🙂

    • I have avoided blogging about that matter because the minute I do, the repercussions could be irreparable for different parties. All eagle eyes are on a number of pageant sites – including this one. Hope you understand.

      • Clear as mud as far as where you’re coming from, Sir Norman ! I totally understand 🙂
        Be that as it may, I wish Patch all the best in her journey – I believe in her so much that I truly feel she has all what it takes to be our next MI 🙂 Thank you, for your blog. Appreciate everything you do, as always 🙂

      • There is such thing as dual citizenship naman at meron din namang foreign passported candidates di ba? I may lack the proper info. But that is just my opinion.

        Nice to see Patch back!

        But I love all the girls! Good luck! I support all of you.

      • @ 4M Initial suspects would be the fiercely-protective Gazini supporters, of course.

    • Is switching of titles possible? I think what happened in the past is when one of the queens was dethroned, there will be movement of titles or replacement from the runners up.
      In the case of Gazini and Patch, what should be the valid reason to switch their titles?
      May nangyari na ba ng switching of titles in the bbp history?

    • That’s why there is a deliberation. If it is true, as long, as the judges concur then that’s the decision of the board. Do you remember the year Pia won 2015? Janicel was the best that night, both evening gown and swimsuit, and she bagged the two awards, but did the board selected Pia? I am sure they have a deliberation too. I was in Araneta, and Gazini was hands down the winner. Wala nga syang poster or mga hakot, pero the crowd was just estatic everytime she goes out.

  12. Welcome back, Atty. Patch 🙂 Would love to see and hear more of you in the coming days !
    Can’t wait to follow your complete journey in search of our 7th Miss International crown. Laban lang 🙂

  13. Its good that she missed most of media week to give the other girls more exposure… or else they would be outshined by Patch’s substance and fanbase.

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