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  1. Why would you be too concerned with Gazini’s comm skills. Remember, H’hen Nie, who can barely speak english, reached the top 5, while Tamaryn, a medical student and a native English speaker messed up her Q & A. Gazini can do it with a proper training & support.

    • Jazzi, it’s not about the English proficiency but the substance, the sincerity and the depth. H’hen sounded very sincere and her effort was appreciated. As for Tamaryn, i beg to disagree. She didn’t mess up her QnA; her answer was just not as impactful and as sincere as Cat’s.

      Even when you take ielts or toefl, you won’t score that high if you are unable to substantiate points, use complex sentences or express ideas in coherent and impactful ways. Being able to use correct grammar and syntax simply isn’t enough. But the differentiating factor between standardized English test and beauty top-tier beauty pageant is the delivery, the conviction, the impact.

      Sadly marami sa beauty queen aspirants sa pinas ang mentality towards QnA ay “maitawid lang”. We all know this.

      A true beauty queen’s mindset must be perched on a noble purpose for all the elements fall on their proper places.

  2. If i were to judge these girls according to how their personalities appeal to me and how engaging they are, in descending order, the ranking will be:
    1. Sam L
    2. Resh S
    3. Emma T
    4. Aya A
    5. Gaz G
    6. Leren B

    I’m aure Patch would have taken spot 1 or easily 2 had she joined the bevy.

    I really hope switches in crown are still possible between Gaz and Sam or Gaz and Patch. It’s not too late YET.

  3. Since we are now assessing our kweens collectively and in public appearances, I would like to suggest we momentarily cross the SCS and take a look at goings-on at MUT 2019. Because now I think it is just sad that TPN took a stand-alone title.

    In the happy event that Paweensuda wins, a GEM will be wasted – Khanomporn Thogpohl. She is like a TRULY MORE UPGRADED Nicole Guerrero! In that line-up at the Temple visit along with Fahsai, Kim Docekalova, Weerada (the younger Margie Moran), and First Wang, she is parfait absolute. 🙂

    Closer2Fame, Miriam Sompromas looks like a more mannish Mareeya Poonlertlarp. Whatcha tink?

    PS – Khanomporn cannot speak Anglais. But she has joined before…. was it MGT?

    • 60 contestants… they are really aiming for the crown this year… I dont know what to expect but I’m sure whoever wins could make it to the Top10 and maybe even the top5

  4. It is now apparent that, indeed, our bet to MU, perhaps due to the probability that she enjoyed a relatively simple and charmed life despite being raised by a single mother, could use more CONTENT. The delivery can be fine-tuned, but you simply cannot make up for life lessons not had.

    In contrast, Lo’s charming wit and Saeed’s “clenched fist” PASSION prove they have CONTENT, enough to easily hurdle Angkol and Gerhardt’s grilling.

    Gaz/Jaz, LISTEN TO YOUR BINIBINI SISTERS! Use them as your examples. Like, “Cebu currently implements a bus route scheme which instills discipline and reduces gridlock”. That’s from Sam.

  5. Guys can i ask? Kylie joined bbp2015 right? That year she was not in her best in terms of Q&A and comm skills am i right? Then 2016 she came out with a bang with her good speaking skills and Being Q&A capable. If i am right. So kaya ma train ang Q&A and comm skills and all the essentials things related speaking to win the crown. So had gazini prepared and trained last year pa so possible medyo papasa ito sa level ng speaking sa mu.

    • May point ka jed. Kylie and gaz are both mahiyain tendency but gazini on her first try is very gutom thus winning the top crown

    • How kylie did that? Maybe she was too determined and maybe shes a fast learner. Or she was already a good in speaking that time 2015 but failed on bb2015 maybe dahil minsan kahit ang isang magaling sa Q&A na fa failed din but depends on the question.
      I hope gaz team will seriously train everything she lacks and that they will Succeed.
      Gaz is a trump era winner but we are now in img era. Their top 20 speech is a proof that miss universe is now changing. Lamunan na ng microphone. But their microphones is not totally only for being a fluent in english. But for the substance or to someone who has a beautiful opinion and at least able to express theirselves.

    • Kylie delivered a decent Q&A performance in 2015. What kept her out of contention was her pasarela and overall stage impression. Sablay pa sya noon.

      • Thanks john. Good thing she competed again and found her own signature catwalk and nailabas nya personality and awra nya that made her won. I hope patch can do it too.

  6. Ganda ng profile no Aya at Sam Lo
    I just hope Sam Lo does not take after Eva’s flowery satin vibe

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