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  1. If her allegation was true that she got disturbed during the Q&A segment because someone from the audience stood up and made a face at her, without batting an eyelash, I would definitely answer the question, if I were her, that mental health is as important as physical health if no one from this audience would want to look like the person in front of me right now, making face at me. Someone who seems physically fit but thinks and behave worst than a psychotic and a lunatic combined, and I thank you dude for being a concrete example of that.

    Go, Vickie, go!

  2. Sir Norman MWP just posted their schedule for submission of application until july pa so tagal naman and oh age limit is 26. So no mwp for vickie 😞.
    I hope kathleen paton do consider to join mwp this year. She has more years to join mup pa naman so try mwp muna.

  3. I am sorry but it is a big NO for me. There’s so many other girls in this batch who deserve it more than her.

  4. Please stop na aling Vickie. Walang kalibog libog ang pasarela mo. Laging may energy gap. Pati ang poses mo. Parang tuod lang kung maglakad. Even if you answered your q and a well, i guess di ka pa din makakacrown. Stop na din sa eyelashes.

      • Who is the audience of these libog moves , 4m?
        I prefer classy like Venus ‘ or Jessarie’s

  5. Face-wise.. Vicky is indeed movie star pretty..
    Her perfectly oval face does not violate the laws of beauty.. the vertical symetry of her face.. the rule of thirds… golden spiral eyes… perfectly curled lips… even prettier than Gazini… I don’t mind her lacking the ideal height… but I wish her facial beauty matches her personality…. she can talk, she has substance…. Although her personality is better than Aya, but still she lacks that bubbly outgoing confident personality of an international winner.

  6. I think it is confused state for Rushton. Pause muna siguro. Lakas pa ng impact ng impression nya sa Bb. it might affect her judging.

  7. If ka-level nya si Demi Leigh at Olivia Culpo na mga ka- height nya,pagdating sa eloquence ng kudaan..e di try nya ulit

  8. It baffles me how she has such staunch supporters. Her beauty is not exceptional, she lacks spark on the stage, and she can’t handle Q&A to save her life. She seems like a good enough woman but a queen she is not.

    • Definitely! I really think she’s overrated. I think she got that because of her typical mestiza look that Filipinos adore. They get so stunned that they forget to notice her vapid personality, languid walk, and unrefined communication skills. Her hype would absolutely get extinguished on an international stage.

    • Idk if Binibini is an option
      It will be another yr of wait
      If I were Vicky , I would join MWP to cut short her mourning process .
      Who knows ?
      She might just win MWP and MW
      She has all the elements of a MW winner
      She may not be good at Q&A but her conversional English may be adequate for the role

  9. If she is still eligible why not? She just needs practice on q and a, which i think is her weakness. Lalo kung MU ang target nya dapat ka-level nya at least si Olivia Culpo sa communication skills.

    • U r contradicting yourself. , Miss Tisa
      U want her to join again BP but u have Olivia Culpo as the requirement . U know that the lifetime chance of that happening is absolutely 0%?

      • Malay natin after a year, nakapag aral syang mabuti ng the art of communication and public speaking… then i would like her to join again. Otherwise, baka sumemplang ulet…mabuti na yung nakasisiguro!

  10. If she is still eligible why not? She just needs practice on q and a, which i think is her weakness. Lalo kung MU ang target nya dapat ka-level nya at least si Olivia Culpo sa communication skills.

  11. I think she Meets the beauty requirements of MW
    Body-wise she’s ready
    She needs to join MWP now

  12. I do and I believe she would be back stronger. The only question I have is what crown can she go for..

  13. I hope she will decide to try her luck again in the beauty pageant. Miss Vickie Marie Milagros Rushton, tall 5′ 5″ and young 27 years old. Her alluring beauty and incredible talents and ability, will guarantee to bring home another crown if only she will be given a chance to compete. Whatever happens in Bb. Pilipinas, stay in Bb. Pilipinas. #vickieforthewin #missworld #miss earth #missuniverse #missscubainternational #missasiapacificinternational #sononandsoforth

  14. Give another Filipina girls a chance. Si Vickie lang ba ang maganda sa Pilipinas.

  15. Who wants her back??? What??? Give her ample time to contemplate, mull over, ponder, etc. etc. and from there, allow her to exercise her entitled freedom to decide for herself. Not us to say yes or no for her come back!

  16. Not only do we want Vickie Rushton back…but we want Patch and Samantha B. to resurface back into the public eye too.

    What’s going on? Damage control please!

    • Patch had to process her greencard in Guam as per her IG stories. She’s already back here in the country and already attended their Manila Bulletin event today

  17. Go aling Vickie, love ka namin, pero sabi ni Miss Canada 2016, yung walk mo walang energy hehehe. Hence, pang Miss World nga

  18. if she is still qualified for MUP next year, go join, but if not, MWP is a good idea!!!

  19. Not for MUP but for MWP. Her advocacy, beauty and personality are perfect for Miss World. Mamang Hulya loves the social media stars/celebrities like megan. Malay naten Vickie could be our 2nd Miss World. Laban lang,

  20. Vickie’s experience at BbP 2019 could be a blessing in disguise to fuel that extra hunger and determination to take care of unfinished business.

    Another go at BbP 2020 or MWP 2019 would give her that extra edge.

    Get back up Vickie Rushton! Pia and Catriona did not give up after heartbreaking disappointments at BbP 2014 and MW 2016 respectively…

  21. I would like for her to join MUP .
    She was so pretty that night . I would have given her international or universe regardless of her question and answer performance.

    • However , I feel that Vickie needs immediate redemption .
      Everything happens for a reason
      She might just be our second Ms World
      Aling Vickie , please join MW
      Kaya mo yan!!!

    • Can’t agree more. She was so pretty that night. I really thought she will win the MUP crown until the QnA. I think what she needs to improve is her confidence in aswering QnA. She should keep in mind that most of the time it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Confidence in delivery regardless of what she’ll say even if she knows deep inside that it’s not the best answer. She has an idea that night but her nerves got the best of her.

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