17 comments on “Our Queens on CNN Philippines

  1. Momshie Gazini, I trust in your capacity to improve your comm skills. Inuukit ulit ko yung sinabi mo sa last part ng interview…sumasabog…please don’t get me wrong. Andami themes. Samu’t sari. Grammar alert din.

    Beauty – big check
    Advocacy – big check
    Comm skills – area of improvement

    Rooting for you at MU 2019!

  2. Missing the Patch! A little concerned now…
    Hope all is well…😥

  3. (Mosquito and stuffy-yucky night air roused me from sleep. Sorry, Admin.)

    RJ IGNACIO VLOGS said MUP organization might/could have been displeased with Mademoiselle’s “arrogance” with her MUP-or-nothing position. In contrast, others were grateful for any crown/title.

    Seems humility is a cherished trait at MUO.

    My (additional) take : Jonas could give aunt (?) Mimilanie no assurances. So, latter just threw towel in.

    Just my one cents. Anyway, it was great to know her. May she continue to inspire.

      • @ Fabian Reyes He allegedly got the information from those privy to the Preliminary Interviews.

        Yes, his channel lists beauty, lifestyle, and pageantry as topics.

        In any case, methinks he is so much cuter with stubble. Like you-know-who. 🙂

        Gazini is giving Maxine vibes. Hhhmmm….. And the jowa es low-profile like Marx Topacio.

        It is Rae and Paulina Ashley Crawford who are truly exciting for me.

    • @flor Julia is no beauty. She should go under the knife and Sabi ng insider na ka kilala ko Julia acts like she is better than everyone. Attitude counts

    • OA mo mag-isip! Magbasa ka nga ng news. For sure kung wala isa sa mga queens sa media tour, mayroon silang tinatawag na arrangement with the PB org heads. Reasonable reasons pag wala sila. Huwag ka nega, nyemas ka!

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