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  1. Gazini has one asset which shines through: sincerity. She is very genuine. Others say she has no ‘substance’ prolly because they like to listen to the ‘intellectual’ type just like Catriona. But for Gaz, her greatest asset will be her heart.

    If Cat’s asset was her ability to speak her mind and floor her audience, I think Gaz would be able to–with proper training–speak from the heart and charm her listeners.

    She should build on her advocacy which is care for the elderly, most especially our family, since this is one Filipino trait we can all be proud of. If Cat showcased Filipino culture, why not Gaz showcase Filipino values?

    If I had it my way, I will package Gaz as someone who does not just capture one’s eye with her captivating looks, but also someone who captures the heart with her sincerity and Filipino love.

    And I…thank you!

  2. shes alright i have less expectations but i wish her well on her journey. a tough five finish would be nice at the very least.

  3. @ Closer2Fame Speaking of Earth, I INSIST that Portugal’s Telma Madeira resurface. PUSO. 🙂

    • Telma Madeira? She’s ok… She looks like one of those mean girls on chick flicks… Gazini is much prettier… But Telma has a gr8 chance of placing if the venue is Brazil.

    • OMg.. si Gazini pnaka maganda pero sya din pinaka walang substance magsalita.. buti pa si Emma nakakahabol.

      • I have always said that Emma , Gazini and Bea are miles ahead of the rest in becoming a MUP delegate…. & any one of them can become a top 3 in MU 2019 if she is our delegate

  4. beauty alone can make Gaz part of the top 5. no doubt about that.. i can feel na she can speak well, but my problem with her (kaya di ko siya ginawang MUP) is.. yes, she can speak pero nakukulangan ako sa depth pag sumasagot siya. i mean, yeah, sinasagot niya pero mas ma eenhance pa.

    Personality wise – i feel naman that she’s fun to be with, down to earth, bubbly and bakla. LOL malay naman natin, mas ma enhance pa ang depth ng answers niya sa trainings and media guestings.

    I hope Cary pa rin ang isusuot niya. like what she wore during the BBP or MDL (2017) natcos – i know Cary can do something big and fabulous. sana lang, hindi siya pabayaan ng KF and matulad kay MJ na same everything from start. Sana KF can make new approach.

    • Since gaz is no mj/rachel peters in terms of public speaking. Q&A. Parang bagay sa kanya yung sagot ni pia sa dulo na that i am confidently beautiful with a heart. For sure yan ang magsasave sa kanya to have a spot in top 3 or even wins. But depende aa question kung ma iaapply yan. Kaya lang hinde na pwede gamitin if ever. since nasabi na ni pia. Pero kung iisipin mo bagay kay gaz yung line na yon. Para bang sinasabi nya hinde man sya magaling sa pag iingles pero she is a confidently beautiful with a heart. I hope if she enter top 5 at ang question sa kanya is something related sa line ni pia i hope masagot nya in a different words ung line ni pia. Yung macoconvince mo pa rin ang judges. Maganda ung advocacy nya but she need to explain every details in a convincing ways. She can use her advocacy on top 20 short speech para makapasok sa top 10

      • Go is no MJ
        I don’t think they are that far apart when it comes to comm skills

  5. Fresh from the kitchen mga Vecks hihihi at mainit init pa😄
    Divah nawawala c 2nd RU at ang ipapalit daw at c Vicky Abalos divah Bonggahhh hihihi 😊
    Now, ang tanong ng karamihan ay kumusta naman c Bb Magtanong.
    Divah maraming nagtatanong kung Vahket nagpapaimportante cya(Oo, nagpapaimportante ang nagmamaganda at nagmamarunong na abogaga hihihi).
    Ang last verdict ay nasa kamay ng matandang vanyaga na kilala nyo naman kung Sino cya hihihi.
    Ibinulong nya sa akin kanina lang na c Vicky Abalos na ang vagong MI-Philippines ☺at c Bb Magtanong ang 2nd RU(nademote hihihi vutingah saveh ng tsismosa kung neighbour)😎
    Eh, c Vv. Aya Vahket Hindi cya ang gawing MI-Philippines. Huwag nyo ng itanong kung vahket kc may masasaktan kung sasagutin ko fah divahhh hihihi😉
    So, ayan at mas maliwanag pa sa liwanag ng buwan ang news update ko divahhh mha vex hihihi 😆😀cherette lungs.

    • Patch had to go to guam as requirement by her green card. nag exit muna siya. in fairness ha, green card holder ang lola mo.

      SamB – yung issue ng hindi siya nag sign ng contract – sabi ng iba tama lang so she can join again ek ek ek ek.. pero that says a lot sa commitment niya. baka sasali siya ng MWP kaya di siya nag sign ng contract.

      • Wow! Greencard holder pala sya…. Sayang pang Miss Universe! But it also increases her chances of winning Miss International.

    • Chismosa ka talaga bong 😆. Its crystal clear than the water na impossible na magpapalit si vicki at patch 😆. No way! Ok na din na mip si patch so she can have an experience and prep for possible separation of MUP sa bbp soon. And FYI pakisabi sa neighborhood mo nasa guam si patch and pauwi na din sya. For sam b naman she was in a wedding. Well she have rights not to sign contract if ever ayaw nya and join mwp if gusto nya. For vickie impossible na sya ipalit kay patch if ever. Hello daw sabi ni aya hihi. Consult her first. Kung ayaw nya aba si sam b papalit or possible jessica marasigan or hannah. Pero for vickie she better join mwp this year.

      • If hindi talga pipirma si Sam ng contract or “resign” siya. the one after her base sa ranking ang magiging 2nd Runner Up. i wonder who is she.

  6. I think she is really pretty. An upgraded version of MJ Latimosa. Again, she just needs to enjoy the full experience as her chance of b2b is very slim for a myriad of reasons. Unfortunately, I dont think she can be a good spokesperson at all. She may be able to learn the technical aspect of speaking but she really lacks substance and depth when she talks. I cannot fault her for that. She will defo be in the top 10 with her looks and sash factor. I will still cheer for her as I have no doubt that she is one of the prettiest faces weve sent in the last 10 years. But post- Trump era will tell us – winners are both face and substance. The reality is she struggles on the latter. She is a classic example of strong form but ‘wobbly’ substance. I think we can just cheer for her and she cannot pressure herself too much. Enjoy the experience Gazini and make the most out of it!

  7. Sincerity. That is her greatest weapon. Pag nakita ng org yan, lightning could strike.

  8. The only one person I want to return to Binibini is Wynonah Buot
    Sayang sya
    She could be our MUP MIP MGIP or MWP

  9. she does not have that same level of confidence that catriona has, perhaps due to her family struggles and less access to resources as a child. but i do sense that she is strong inside. i hope that translates into ambition and drive to learn the ropes and acquire the skills needed to give us a respectable performance in the miss U pageant.

  10. Maka tough 3 ang reyna ko just like when I said she will get mup/mip crown
    Maganda na mabait pa

  11. I have no doubt in my mind The MU crown will go to another country
    Many people wil say it’s too early to tell
    Well, I have seen enough to make this conclusion
    I just hope she make past top 10 or top 5

    • She’s stunning even without make up on
      And she also seems really kind and humle

  12. Catriona as a spokesperson is a tough act to follow but Gazini based on beauty is the hands down winner… I hope she get more interviews for her to gain more and more experience in public speaking. So far, I see Ms. Albania as the only one who is as physically stunning as her but based on facility of the language and pageantry, Gazini is miles ahead of her.

    • According to a video made by Tita Lavinia of Pilya, Gazini only had 9sessions of public speaking prior to the BBP competition. I think she could do a lot in 6months. She seems to have grit. I just hope she has the right team.

    • I also saw Miss Albania Universe 2019 interview … she is a U of Southern CALIF student , absolutely gorgeous barbie doll type … reminds me of Miss Earth 2012 from Czech Rep … we should also watch out for the Caribbean queens Curacao , Jamaica or Haiti… it could be their year this year …

      • OMG Miss Albania studied in California?! No way?!!! Meaning she can speak English well!!!. She’s actually prettier than Miss Earth 2012… I hope and pray that she is dumb as a rock just to make sure she won’t reach the TOP 5.

        Jamaica has one of the longest placement streak while Curacao is bubbling up and last is Haiti… I bet they are sending their best girl this year. They would be a huge threat in the Top 5 if the venue is Brazil.

      • Both Albania and Puerto Rico are fluent English speakers… as native English speaker as Miss USA

  13. Honestly, I wasn’t completely sold on Gazini, but this interview and knowing her backstory made me root for her completely. I think she has a very strong fighting chance for a back to back win or at least a top 3 or 5 placement.

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