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  1. In the future, pageant judges should refrain from telling a girl that she was their choice for the crown and not the actual top winner for it raises false hopes and create animosity.

    Judging is subjective so there are dissenting opinions but pageant results are and would be collective decisions.

    Expect a media backlash and a collective bashing against the protesting queen

  2. Suggestion ko lang when you make comments to the girls, aim to BUILD their personalities. Wag lang yung careless na puna. Turuan nyo…Isipin nyo na parang may bata na natututo pa lang…siyempre pag pinagalitan nyo ng husto…lalaki yang takot sa mundo…pero pag inincourage nyo…mas papatunayan nya na hindi tayo nagkamali sa kanya… although, she needs to find also in herself the very reason she wants to win…not only because of what others say….

  3. her legs go on forever ( same with Emma and Bea )… she is a very deserving Miss Photogenic… she might follow in the footsteps of Margie Moran … and she might also follow in the footsteps of Stefania Fernandez for the back2back MU crown …

  4. KF’s grooming-for-MissUniverse skills leave a lot to be desired. Just look at what happened to MJ and Rachel. Both broke the streak Venus and her camp so
    painstakingly and patiently started. If Jonas isn’t given a say on Gazini’s prep work for Miss Universe, I’m pretty sure she’ll barely make it to the semis.

  5. I hope Jonas and Rodgil help transform Gazini into one formidable representative of Phil in the coming MU…Gazini has a lot to improve on

  6. Nice to see her wearing classy high heels in the photo and not some tacky chunky platform shoes pageant girls tend to use 👍

  7. Ay day. Ayus ayusin mo substance mo. Tapos na ang “awra awrahan lang” era ng MU. Bongga ka nga sa prelim pero bagsak ka sa closed door interview. Ang substance ay di nakukuha in 6 months inday!

  8. WOW, she got the face, height and body…
    Beauty-wise, she is indeed the total package.
    I hope BPCI is spending good money on her advanced cerebral overhaul.

  9. Pareho sila ng awra ni Ms. Eco. Matapang ang features..If only Ms. Eco is taller, and less bitchy, I will root for her for MUP/MI 2020.

  10. Rumors are swirling that a top Bb 2019 winner is holding a presscon this week to question the MUP results. What’s your take on this Tito Norman?

    • The Queen you’re referring to has already signified her intention (check her IG account) to stay put in the title she got. Pursuing anything drastic will be detrimental to many parties in the process. CB, this is one of the reasons I have consciously avoided blogging about that issue.

    • Oh no…
      I hope just by publically instagramming her concern that it does not detract her own chances of doing well at her respective pageant.

  11. I hope that after the media week, our new queens will have a break that they deserve. And then start working and training for their respective pageants.

    IF, Carrie Santiago will dress Gazini, I hope that he’ll not make another boring “sarimanok” dress ala Mariel.

    Cat and her team raised the bar so high. But let’s give our new queens some slack and let their own “team” do their work and wonders for them.

  12. A day after coronation, nwala ang 2nd runner up..reason? We don’t know…tas 7 days after, BP-intl is nowhere to be also…anyare? Aren’t the media week is part of the duties and obligations? Sna may mag release na ng statement about these…

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Said Mr. Norman, 2nd RU might be enduring a difficult time, so we probably should cut her some slack. Said a commentator, ‘asa LA, daw. Ta’s, may American jowa, daw?

  13. if she could answer the question she would bring home the crown. more practice pa ineng,

  14. gazini at #balitangK..so sweet and grounded..nothing but love to her..love3.

  15. Sorry, Mr. Norman. Gold (and beige) does not suit Gazini, unlike Leren (previous Post).

  16. KF po ba so Gazini? Kasi baklang bakla po yung mga rampa at awrahan nya. Reminds me of MJ. Sana I-tone down kasi hindi yun ang branding ng MU. Alam natin kinahinatnan ni MJ. Si Albania last year hindi din nagwagi.

  17. Avahhh c Ateng Will ay di naghintay ng 48 years bago napost ang video nya hihihi.
    Anyways, may vulungvulungan sa kabilang palengke hihihi ay Mali, sa kabilang parlor pala😊
    Kasi maraming nagtatanong kung nasaan na c Bb. Magtanong at missing in action daw mga vecks🙄
    Ng dahil dyan kaya c Vv. Aya na daw ang bagong MI-philippines 🤗
    Well, all is well that ends well hihihi cherette lungs😆

    • Ay kufal ng fez ni Magtanong na magprotesta ng results eh mas MUP worthy naman si Sam Lo sa kanya no! Jusko makuntento ka

  18. If what you mean by “change the universe” is a b2b win for the Philippines, she could if she will play her cards well.

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