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  1. Ano ba yan, kakaumay na at parang mutation na ang drama nila sa pagandahan.
    Nag-iisang formula lang ang ginagamit that is pagiging mukhang buwaya hihihi.
    JawzKuh, dafat upgraded na ang chemicals na ginagamit at drugs na iniinject😊
    Di na uso ang cloning, parang mas maganda pa c AYA sa kanila divah mga vecks hihihi😆cherette.

  2. It’s fair to say they all might look better in person…or…the majority of these ladies are not photogenic.

    After all Venezuela is Venezuela!

  3. PR has what it takes to be in the top 5
    Now whether she makes it into the top 3 and win will depend on her Q&A
    I have seen enough of this girl to make this consclusion.
    People say she’s just one of those blondes . But wasn’t OLivia J also a thank you girl at MW ?

    • Olivia J is puno ng personality. So wag ikumpara sa MGI thank you girl na yun. Yuck! MGI is kadiri.

  4. Everything u say abt this set of pics is not impt .
    U need to see them walk and talk to make a decision .on the girls .

  5. Lahat sila mukhang bakla! Magaganda pa ilang bakla sa miss q&a. Puro sila pangit kamukha ni masyondang bading na si fabian.

  6. If you’ve seen the raw pictures, as in walang maganda!

    Ngayong wala na si Abeula Osmel sa poder ng MVO, ewan ko lang kung ano na mangyayari sa kanila! Stephfany was his last protege at naka-2nd runner up pa! Kung hindi pa pinaretoke ilong niya, I don’t think magiging ganun siya ka-confident?

    Back to Binibini,

    Patch left for Los Angeles kaya pala wala sa mga media tour? Which make me wonder, pumirma na kaya siya sa Binibini before she left? Because if she did, hindi siya papayagan umalis kasi part of their obligation is to be present in the media tour. Flashback to Katarina, 1 day lang siya nawala for the group activity post-coronation, hindi pa siya pumirma kaagad ng contrata and there were speculation she might refuse the title. I hope that is not the case for Patch.

    Another thing na naglalaro sa isipan ko is, bakit hanggang ngayon hindi pa posted sa MGI page si Samantha Lo as the official rep of the Philippines. Either nambubwisit lang si Pong Pagong or considering na wala si Patch, will there be a reshuffle of titles? I Hope not kasi lahat naman sila pinaghirapan yung mga nakuha nilang title and I am just overthinking!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Di ba nakasama naman sa UKG interview si Patitay? For all we know, nagpaalam siya ng mabuti sa BPCI/MUO, prior. After all, baka family vacay. 🙂

      As for MGI, one possibility is a pending re-negotiation of the License/Franchise.

      Yes, not really so pretty at MV this year. BUT, come to think of it, this may be a good opportunity for them to go #beyondbeauty., as well.

    • As per her posts, Patch has already publicly declared her willingness and determination to win the MI crown this year. Not signing the BPCI contract (and refusing the title) would tarnish her credibility not just as a beauty queen but also as a lawyer, and Im sure she’s very much aware of that. Isa pa it’s not in her personality to do such thing, so sure ako na hindi totoong irerefuse nya ang crown.

      As to her whereabouts, well di ako sure kung sya ba or si Sam B ang lumipad pa LA, but if ever si Patch man yun well I wouldnt blame her. Imagine, nailing a BBP crown and passing the Bar in a span of weeks, kung ako sya aba magsecelebrate talaga ako with my fambam privately abroad!

      • Idk how not signing a contract will have any impact on being a lawyer .
        If she does not want a sign a contract because she feels like she can represent the country better to a different

      • Pageant , what’s wrong with that ?
        If she changes her mind after signing the contract , then it maybe a totally different story

  7. I only see 3 girls who are facialy stunning… but none of them could hold a candle beside our own Binibini frontrunners who looks far more symetrical, feminine and with beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips. Their only edge is their height.

      • Yes, I am well aware that they would all go under the knife during the process.

    • OWS? feelingera. tulad ng sinasabi nila hind porket maraming corona ang isang bansa ay pinakamaganda na sa lahat. Lahat ng rep nila magaganda wag kang kupal. lols ambisyosa! Ano kayang maging hitsura mo pag katabi mo sila.. ahahahahaha

  8. nobody is here is stunning … just a repeat of faces from prior year MV pageants

  9. gone is the latina hairdo trademark of big curls..wla akong bet, except may be ung hawig ni molly..first pic…and 9th pic first column..pero in fairness, ang tatangkad nila..ung 5’8, bansot na sa kanila

  10. We should envy Venezuela because theirs are towering ladies…

    BUT, facewise, I think they run out of beautiful ladies. Mas marami pa ring magaganda sa Binibining Pilipinas.

  11. Aragua and Miranda. Both raven-haired. The lone two in the video with their hair up.

  12. From the pictures, mas marami mukhang transgender! Parang nakikita ko si Angela Ponce. Sorry po.

  13. I’m more curious of how Miss Universe-Venezuela will do at the MU pageant, and at MW & MI for that matter, in the post-Osmel Sousa era over the next five years.

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