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  1. Mukhang i handpick ng miss india universe si minashi. Ang sinayang ni angkol last year. Hmmm. Over all she is mu material and possible the one to beat also like fahsai if she win mut. Jusko. Gazini really need to work hard especially in comm skills and Q&A. That girl is a trump era winner. Pero hinde na po trump era ngayon. So a top 5 finish in mu is okay na. Very small chance sa b2b. Also prepared a winnable intro speech para makapasok ka sa top 10 to have a chance to awra at makapasok sa top 5. Pero feeling ko kahit mala catriona pa ipadala natin they will give the crown to other country.

    • @ Jed Thanks for mentioning Fahsai. Now I can say what has been bugging me.

      I support Fahsai, too, as many of us do. But I wonder if this new entity behind MUT, TPN, might opt to crown a new face instead of recycle one from the previous organization. If so, then I wish she at least be given an upgrade – 1st Runner-up. And not a “Palawan” (2nd Runner-up,, again).

      This attention to MGI alumnae – Claire Parker, Madison, and Minashi – bodes well for Angkol’s brand. And whether deliberate or not, his pageant’s stock INCREASES as a “test flight” for MU-caliber bets.

      • @ bonsai hater No. MUT is a STAND-ALONE brand, not like Puteri Indonesia.

  2. numerous occasions VOTED not to become independent nor become a full-fledged State..

  3. Puerto Rico is like Guam. They are US territories, the Island inhabitants are US citizens, their currency is the US dollar, their Commander in Chief is the US President and their national anthem is the Stars Spangled Banner. They continue to remain a territory and have in numerous occasions not to become independent NOR become a full-fledged State.

    Madison, born and raised in the US along with 5.7 million Puerto Ricans living on the mainland and whose first language is English, has been criticized for not being a “real Puerto Rican.”

    Please, whenever their people, 3.2 Island inhabitants, vote to become an independent and sovereign nation with their OWN currency, OWN leader and painstakingly forge a national identity and all the hardships that come with it, then the notions of her critics bashing her is weak.

    All the best, Madison!

    • Puerto Rico does have its national anthem as other US territories have their own anthems depending on sports and government activities.

  4. So ito palang si Madison ang nag training sa Silver Linings Academy. 🤔

  5. She was 1st runner up in Miss Florida USA. The winner is a stunning blonde.

    So in the eyes of IMG, by default, she is second to Miss USA.

  6. Mehhh… she’s ok… but she’s not pretty enough.. Catriona Grey and last year’s Ms. PR are far more superior facialy… Possible top 15… but Ms. Brazil and Colombia and even USA are far bigger threats. Gazini is still the prettiest among the pageant powerhouse nations.

  7. She is former MGI third runner-up (2016) and the reigning Miss Florida USA 2019 first runner-up (behind Nicolette Jennings Miss Florida USA 2019 who should have been in top 3 or top 5 in MUSA)

    She is obviously fluent in English. Beauty-wise, I believe she is not in the same caliber as Gaz , so hopefully she does not make the top 5. If she makes top 5, danger danger , she can out-speak Gaz.

    • Agreed. Nicolette should have been in the top 3 rather than Cheslie Kryst.

  8. Ariska’s facial expression upon realizing she made the Final 3 was priceless.

    I regret my error with the height (previous post). Mistook MG-USA for her.

    Excellent male host!

    If Kiara Ortega made Top 6 last year, sure, why not Madison?

    For now and if the MU pageant were to be held tomorrow, my Top 6 (Question Round) would include Puerto Rico, Indonesia, and USA. And FYIG, Mexicana Universal atm (pero magkakamukha, sigh).

  9. Is Madison Anderson Puerto Rico’s answer to our Catriona Gray?


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