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  1. PHILIPPINES MABUHAY GAZINI!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👧

  2. Re: Miss Universe Puerto Rico.

    Interesting article regarding the new MUPuerto Rico!
    She truly is beautiful but has been criticized by the fact she was born in the US, raised in Florida and does not speak fluent Spanish…but defends her victory as part of the “new generation of Puerto Ricans who do not have to live on the Island or speak Spanish.

    Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US and all Islanders are US citizens at birth, so she may be pioneering a new trend.

    This blond, blue/green eyed northern European looking beauty truly is bold!
    Very intriguing to say the least.

    • @ just saying Thanks for sharing.

      Interestingly, too, island nations seem to be ideal genetic incubators of beauty, where the average woman or man on the street is appealing at the very least – Puerto Rico, Malta, Cyprus, and Curacao come to mind.

      Are there so few viable employment options that kids prefer the Mainland? Just my impression.

  3. I’m more worried abt PR Thailand and Colombia than Brazil .
    PR is very pretty youthful and feminine… and articulate in both English and Spanish
    She is also very experienced
    I don’t care what happened to her at Grand International . It won’t have any bearing on her MU journey .
    She will be tough to beat

    • @ Fabian Reyes We assume that by “Thailand”, you are assuming Fahsai has MUT in the bag.

  4. Cge, compare nyo na c Gazini sa lahat eh compare lang naman yan😄hihihi.
    At least very visible c Gazini sa Universe pageant at malulungkot tayo kapag walang pumapansin sa kanya kahit bad publicity pa yan dahil ang pagbabasihan naman dyan ay kapag nasa Final competition na si Gazini Divah mga vecks hihihi 😆
    Hello mga vecks sa Universe😋hihihi ☺

  5. Ano na naman etong kaek-ekang pagkukumpara ng mga candidates sa napakalayo pang coronation night na di nga natin sigurado kung saan at kailan. Papahingahin nyo muna mga isip nyo about beauty contest at sa halip gamitin ang utak sa pag-aaral kung ikaw ay estudyante at kung graduate na eh gamitin ang utak for job hunting. Kung sakaling may job na, gamitin ang isip para makapagtrabaho ng maayos para tumaas ang sweldo at ma-promote pa. Hindi yung comparison of candidates ek ek para sa napakalayo pang finals. Puro kaek-ekang lang talaga! Mas marami pang kapakipakinabang at importanteng bagay sa mundo ang dapat binibigyan ng oras at panahon!


      • TANGA ka! Hindi pa rin po ako empleyado, estudyante pa po ako at baka 2 years from now maka-graduate ako…kaya di ako empleyado at lalong walang amo, kaya di ako alila gaya ng idinikta ng TANGANG utak mo….bwahahahahahaha.


    • Ako gagamitin ko time to research para maging bulba talaga ang lawit ni pabyan. Yong nakangiwi pwerta nya just like the way she makes ngiwi sa mga gurls na hamak na mas maganda at matalino sa kanya!!!!

  6. … And over at MUT 2019, Patraporn First Wang is channeling Emma Tiglao. LOLZZZ. 🙂

  7. Guys, let’s support Gazini. Grabe mga latino and indogs, talagang unite sila para ibash and gigil sila talunin tayo kaya notice niyo ba lahat ng latina winners todo hype sila. Pati yung indog rep. hinahype nila and todo compare sila kay gazini. Support naten si Gazini kasi Philippines ang hawak na flag niyan. She is so down-to-earth and has a great story coming from humble beginnings. Reminds me of Venus Raj. My bet didn’t win BBP, pero ready to support Gazini kasi super bait pala niya and kaantig story nung mother niya. Deserving si girl ng love and support naten.☺️

    • @ Anawindang Thanks for bringing this up.

      I just saw that comparison video made by “Pageanthology PH” between Horta and “Fred” Cull.

      If indeed the 19-year old is as good as she is claimed to be, I would not mind her reaching up to the Question Round just to be able to hear how she tackles her question. Then we will see.

    • That’s exactly my concern about having Gaz. She’s Venus 2.0. I hope she proves to be a better version and doesn’t bomb at the QnA like Venus.

      • Oh no. Gaz is much better than Venus, Ara, Maxine. Its more on the accent but may lakas ng loob itong babaitang ito. Buhay na buhay ang back to back quest ng Pinas! Bravo Gazini! 🙂

  8. Nicole’batch at Grand International won MIss PR
    She has s very good chance st MU

    • @ Fabian Reyes She was 3rd RU to Ariska, right?

      Isn’t she shorter than Nicole Cordovez?

      But taller than Kiara Ortega?

    • IMG won’t crown a basic latina-americana blondie, let alone an MGI cheapangga runner up. Vietnam and Puerto Rico are benefiting from the recency bias of placing in the previous year’s top 5. I couldn’t imagine IMG giving the win to either of those two.

  9. I really don’t like Gazini’s lasing walk
    I prefer Venus’ Miriam’s and Jessarie ‘ walk .. very GP

    • Bilatan ka talaga na masyonda na bukang buka ang pikpik at nakadungaw na bulba. Lahat na lang may pintas. Eh mukha mu parang orangutan! Baklang twooh! I castrate kita jan eh!

  10. Finally found a Latina I really like! And just a few hours fresh from the conclusion of her Nationals.

    Fabiola Valentin of Camuy, 2nd Runner-up at MUPR 2019. A slender-limbed mash-up of Catriona and Ahtisa.

    I hope she is appointed to represent. She is LOVE. 🙂

  11. What is all the hoopla over Horta?
    Gusto ng mga Latinos kalahi nila ang maka sungkit ng MU crown kaya ganon na lang sila ka aligaga mag promote o mag ‘market’ ng candidates nila. Yes, magaganda naman din talaga sila pero ang daaaaming magaganda, hinde lang sila. Horta is one of them! Relax lang tayo. May laban yang si Gazini. Hwag natin sya ibash. Pipik-apin lang ng kalaban yang pangbabash natin to Gazini’s disadvantage. Lets support her. After all she is a Filipina.

  12. Is it true Sam bernardo left for LA na? Isnt it as 2nd runner up she still has duties and responsibilities din? Will they appoint someone in case she cannot fulfill this? Best would be Hannah Arnold para ma-train na din for next year!😚

    • Hindi daw ho pumirma si Sam b.
      So much for advocacy eklavu bye bye si Sam b
      Si aya she honor her contract even she can go mwp if she wants to

    • I do not know where she is. But STRICTLY speaking, if she has not yet been presented with the Contract and there is no Court Order limiting her movements, then she does no wrong traveling.

    • I’m glad she did not sign her contract
      Let her move on
      She may come back next yr and join the MUP contest …
      Or get married and let her daughter complete her unfinished mission

  13. Bakit kailangan pa bang ikumpara si Gazini sa ibang kalahok. Sabi nga nila ‘what you see is what you get”. Bakit hindi na lang kaya tayo maghintay na kanyang pakulo. Malay natin bihasa na siya sa English at Korean pagdating ng patimpalak. Baka maimbiyerna pa si Jonas sa pakikiaalam ng mga inggiterang palaka.

    • @ Bellona Three points for your rumination.

      1. THEY – the extranjeros – made the comparison. Not us.
      2. I doubt Jonas et al have time for envious frogs.
      3. Though H’Hen Nie lacked English proficiency, she was not lacking in substance (#metoo). Perhaps what Gazini needs is CONTENT? If so, what is the fastest/easiest way to get that? 🙂

    • Jonas touch will definitely improve her. Jonas’ training is still the most superior. While others seem to be patsamba tsamba lang or not quite there.

      Gazini will be more disciplined, classy and her speech will have more conviction and substance. She should read more or perhaps a person should be reading alongside with her and hone her to elaborate issues based on what she thinks about it. She also needs how to learn how to answer in a politically correct way. If not she will end up memorizing prepared speech. She needs to be challenged to exercise really deep introspection.

      Ang sabi mabait raw yan si Gazini kaya napapamahal sa trainors. Btw, she has the vibes of Angelia Ong.

      One thing I realized is that stance when posing – looking to the left then seducing look to the front then smile which is very rampant in ME then Gazini’s is probably a KF trademark. This act is also done by Miss Russia 2017 who became ME Fire. Well, please stop it! It is edging towards praning! You can feel that they are following a certain pattern which is not authentic.

      Gazini will be more classy and not just feminine under Jonas.

  14. we all know by now that Gazini can go mano-y-mano with the latinas… She just needs to hone in her public speaking skills and personality.. That’s all.

  15. I don’t understand the hype with Miss Brazil. She sure is pretty but not the friendly, approachable, disney princess IMG prototype beauty that we’re used to. She has this bitchy latina vibe that is not appealing. I don’t know if it’s her strong and intimidating facial features or her aura but I’m not entirely convinced that she is “it.” Gazini… I have high hopes for. As of now, a top 5 placement is what I can see. If she can transform to 180 and fit into the IMG mold, a back to back win could definitely happen. Nothing is impossible. She is every inch a Miss Universe material. Question is… is 6 months enough to improve her communication and public speaking skills?

  16. I wish we also compare contestants in the context of the avowed mission of Miss Universe Organization.

    The Miss Universe Organization is in the business of empowering women to “realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success.” It provides women who participate in its annual search for MU, MUSA and MTUSA an “international platform to effect positive change personally, professionally and philanthropically as inspirational leaders and role models”. It celebrates beauty in all its forms and “provide the tools that help women feel their most beautiful selves”.

    Given this mission statement, I still cannot reconcile the obsession on hair-splitting physical attributes between aspirants. We seem to talk less about one’s capability to talk about issues and capacity to bring change. Is this disconnect caused by the disparity with what the MUO declares in its webpage and what it does in actual practice during its annual search?

  17. I’m still not a fan . Gazini is humble but personable and aggressive at the same time . So she may do better than MJ ( who was just hanging in there) or Rachel ( who was uber shy) . She is also prettier than the 2 in my opinion .
    Question is lack of English proficiency … which is understable . She just needs to know that the questions are all the same . They are just worded differently. If she perseveres, she will do just fine.

  18. When Gabriel reminds that he will delete offensive comments, then so shall Norman Tinio. 🙂

    Cool. But I still say Mak Tumang’s for Catriona is what I said it was. (Admin is so frothing in the mouth right now).

    Brazil over Philippines, for me. But only slightly; Horta’s answer was also shaky in parts….. muito obrigado!

  19. Even latin pageant fans are mesmerized with Gazini, which rarely, if at all, happens. Malakas talaga laban nya hihihi

  20. Wow, I got to admit… Gazini is indeed the prettiest compared to Brazil, Colombia, USA, Indonesia & even Vietnam.. Her only downfall is her lack of substance compared to some of the other frontrunners..

  21. It’s going to be a great pageant season in 2019.
    All the best Philippines!

    Peace y’all!✌

  22. Brazil’s BIG 4 crowned history.

    MU – 1963, 1968

    MW – 1971

    MI – 1968

    ME – 2004, 2009

    Brazil’s last 8 reps at MU have placed and its last win was in 1968. Their pageant fans are hungry to say the least…


    Curious how Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil fare this year in pageantry.
    If Venezuela fades into mediocrity will Colombia or Brazil fill the void of supremacy in the region..that’s a big IF?

  23. Julia is more candid and more spontaneous and exudes a more youthful aura. Jordi however is more earthy, sultry and a woman of the world. Good luck to you both

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