19 comments on “She answers to the name “Gazini”, but just call her Miss Universe Philippines 2019

  1. I hope BPCI enrols Gazini in a short course in Geo-politics major in the middle-east just to make sure she won’t be tripping on a potential land-mine on the way to the finals… Our competitors are already brewing some black propaganda schemes against her… She better be well prepaired… I foresee some possible turmoil in the near future.

    • Sorry comm skills will not improve in 5m
      It’s a lifetime of preparation

      • Im sure there is a good reason why she was chosen by SMA for Universe aside from being pretty when there are obviously 3 or more girls who are more well-spoken

  2. Buti at liberated na ang Pilipinas! Congrats Philippines for sending the 2nd transwoman candidate to Miss Universe! Chereeeeetttttt

  3. Speaking of the runners-up format, should Gazinni and Patch be unable to compete at MU and MI later this year does Samantha B take over MUP and Aya BbP International?

    Or is there a pecking order amongst the BbP titles to where the queens just get bumped up?

    • Curious of who fills in a vacant crown in the rare case of one of the beauties not being able to fulfill her commitment, for whatever reason, prior to her designated pageant…that’s all.


  4. Like Tamaryn, I think Gazini’s best look is the middle part bone straight style as this enhances and highlights her striking features. Volume and/or curls somehow, to my eye, aren’t as flattering. I would’ve been happier had Patch won MissUPhilippines but
    Gazini won that right so I’m supporting her 100% all the way.

    • At least she made it as a runner up on her second attempt. Pia, on her second attempt didn’t even make it as a runner up! I would’ve broken down into sobs on that stage! But she persevered, showed real chutzpah and joined a third time. The journey isn’t the same for everyone and I think Samantha is going to lick her wounds in private and will make another attempt.

  5. Was I a little disappointed that my MUP pick Patch M. did not win the crown? Yes.

    Am I excited that Gazinni who did win the crown is MU worthy, is stunning and is yet another potential top contender for the crown? Yes, yes and yes!!!

    Congratulations Gazinni! Have a fantastic MUP reign!

  6. Her full name is Gazini Christiana Jordi EWAMER Ganados. She is using the last name on her maternal side. Ewamer is the surname of the father she has not cross path with.

    • Just for the information of pageant fans, we had had numerous Miss Philippines delegates internationally who opted to use their maternal last names, such as:
      Miss Universe
      1962 Josephine Brown Estrada (Real surname is Brown)
      1965 Louise VAIL Aurelio (BP-Universe 1965). Real last name is VAIL
      1994 Charlene Mae Bonnin Gonzales (Real surname is Bonnin)
      2014 Mary Jean Al-Shabrami Lastimosa (Al-Shabrami is fathers last name)
      Miss World
      1995 Reham Snow Tago (Hamdi real last name)
      2009 Maria-Ann Bonquin Umali
      Miss International
      1998 Colette Centeno Glazer

  7. Cary Santiago’s hot pink winged goddess has grown on me. Like something Galliano would have done at Dior. Puwede na rin.

    In contrast, Mak Tumang’s violet beached seaweed is HIDEOUS.

    I would like to see Gazini in an up-do a’la Cynthia Lander (MU-Venezuela when Oksana Fedorova won and an Edymar Martinez pre-clone). Just for Pre-Arrival “pasabog”. Wanna see neck, ears, & jaw TOGETHER. NEITHER EARRINGS NOR NECKLACE.

    • I beg to disagree on the Mak Tumang gown. It’s feminine yet avant garde on top of being nature-inspired and therefore meaningful. It screams silently like a love at first sight.

  8. Where is Sam bernardo? Did she resign? She’s nowhere to be seen…

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