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  1. Really? In Dubai? Hihihi
    Pero dapat Miss Earth ang mag Dubai para nagkamal ng maraming salapi c Mama San hihihi 😆
    JawzKuh, kalokah talaga☺
    Hello to all my fans. I’m back.
    Congratz Gazini🤗
    Madam Stella made the right choice kaya B2B is very possible mga vacklah☺hihihi
    Magtanong will win MI2019 Divahhhh Country of the year na naman tayo mag Vecks + our first MGI crown fa.
    The B2B ang Miss Intercon.
    Miss Supra is Philippines too.
    Kaya clap clap clap mga vecks hihihi😄
    Hello Madam Norman. I miss U😊

  2. I cannot think of a good reason for Dubai to be considered a possible host for MU other than financial. There is no Miss UAE or Miss Dubai to act as host delegate. As with other Arab countries, the emirate traditionally places women in an unequal status as men, and therefore MU would not be able to proclaim its avowed women empowerment advocacy. It is in the Middle East where Muslim extremism may put any international spectacle showcasing the human body as an affront to Muslim values. Finally, it is along the Persian Gulf where current military maneuverings increasingly put the world into the edge of a devastating war. Certainly, the cash-rich Gulf state can underwrite the expenses of hosting the event, but I think the cons outweigh the pros in this plan.

  3. If Dubai does host MU19 it would be a wonderful experience for all the MU candidates.

    The video captures the country’s great economic wealth and a utopian setting of a desert paradise.

    So, is South Korea out of the picture as the host country?

  4. She is already well-spoken humble and very feminine . They just need to soften her look And make it more youthful .
    Indonesia is way ahead at this point .

    • Pansin ko lang, dami mong kuda pag non-#AhasAndKweens ang reyna. Why? Ayy. Bakit pa ako nagtanong. #AlamNaThis

  5. So will Cat wear a Furne Amato creation since the designer is based in Dubai? That would be an exciting collaboration.

    • i feel like she’ll still wear Mak Tumang. Don’t get me wrong, Mak Tumang creations are amazing.. but when she said na she’ll showcase Filipino designers during her reign, it seems like she’s only wearing 3 people – Mak Tumang, JearsonD and Ulysses Caragayan. When she said she wanted to be an independent candidate so she can work with different people – including designers.. I am still waiting for her to showcase other Pinoy famous and upcoming designers.

  6. Hmmmppp im kinda not buying the State of Dubai UAE being a host .

    The gulf is not a pageant crazy fan . Audience will be mostly , Thais and Filipinos . Some westerners perhaps but not the local . Although , money wise , hostung will be a peanuts for the Arabs.

    If the “Royals“will approve , the ladies will be lucky to be concubines of the Sheiks . Protest will be all over .There are still conservatives in the region. Just saying !

  7. If it is going to be in Dubai, I hope there is a Miss Iran because Miss Iraq is already confirmed to go

    If it is going to be in SKorea, I hope there is a Miss NKorea

    NO TO BRAZIL !!!

  8. Which is easier? To train a girl in pasarela or to train a girl for politics?

    I hope and pray that Dubai is the new venue…
    Only there would Gazini be a potential force to reckon with.. I highly suggest that she start studying the politics in the middle East specialy her Palestinian connection ASAP… Your TOP 5 question, if you do make it would surely be a controversial one. It would surely be geo-political related.. Thrown in some medicinal and industrial Marijuana awareness incase it pops up during the pre-pageant. Please be prepaired.
    I know based on beauty, modeling and pageantry, Gazini is the motha f*ckin tea… but based on politics IMO, she’s a double-edged sword… I’m sure SMA consulted w/ MUOrg in choosing her, but I really wonder what kind of pot-stirring sorcery they are upto?! Do they want to create a newsworthy controversy in the next few months to create a huge publicity for the pageant? I just hope Gazini would study well enough not to trip on any landmines on the way to the finals.

    • The convoluted Middle East geo-politics and ethnocentric wars will be a perilous road to the crown for anyone with a Palestinian connection or even Israeli, Iraqui or Iranian ties. Yes, Dubai has established itself as an Open City, being at a strategic crossroads between East and West. But its being an Open City may also make it vulnerable to radical elements who may find a much-publicized “anti-Islam” event “stain” the Arabian Peninsula. I think to hype on someone’s ethnicity to drumbeat publicity for MU maybe dangerous. Remember, despite the defeat of the ISIS Caliphate, it is still very much around worldwide as witnessed in Sri Lanka this Easter.

      • Yes, exactly!… That is why I wonder what IMG owners(Some are allegedly Black & Jewish) are upto? I can feel that they want to make a statement somehow. It seems they havn’t crowned a Black girl yet hence, Brazil is also a huge possibility.. Specialy now that we see Miss Teen USA Miss America and Miss USA are all proud black women… Either Jamaica, Haiti and Aruba could possibly win in Brazil.

  9. No, Mr. Blogger, sorry. Can’t say that I can. Closest would be my visit to splashy Shanghai in 2012.

    Time was when the only way to get moving aerial shots was on helicopters. Watch now Mary J. Blige’s music video for “Everything”, and spot the chopper’s shadow preceeding it. 🙂

    Nice music! Reminds me of the track mix used for one of Saint Laurent’s haute couture shows back in the 1990’s. The look was inspired by the cobra : soft-yet-structured pantsuits, the models sporting serpentine headpieces. So Dubai!

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