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  1. Speaking of comparisons, our Indonesian friends are simply ADORING Resham! They are playing up the commonalities with Puteri Jessica Fitriani. Supranational is “Indo-philic”. What Indonesians like, Gerhardt Parzutka Von Lipinski will very likely like, too. And Missosology (heheh). 🙂

    • True.. the only reason why Indonesia has not won yet is because their delegate is always surpassed by other delagates when it comes to beauty and pageantry… Their closest to a win in Supra is Jenny Kim who although represented Korea but was raised in Indonesia.

      Resham is technically the closest we have sent of a Miss Supranational prototype next to Mutya Datul who’s name alone is already screaming ancient Indian heritage. Another girl who could’ve won a Supranational crown would have been Teresita Lacsamana Marquez who’s ancient Indian heritage is hard to miss. Therefore, I have high hopes for Resham.. she could at least be 1st Runner-up.

      • @ Closer2Fame Nanood pala ng BBP si Jolene! Would you know kung nasa bansa pa siya? 🙂

      • Yeah saw that and she’s pegging maxine medina styling. She knows Miss Philippines is her biggest competition specialy here in Asia.. No arrival pics in Indonesia… I guess she’s still here trainning w/ our local beauty camp KF.

  2. I am more nervous about USA. If she makes the top 5, she can talk her way and snatch that crown away from Gaz… beauty-wise, USA is nowhere near the top tier of the so far elected MU delegates.

    I am also concerned that MU IMG might be looking for a black MU winner since they have both a black MTUSA and MUSA , and it will be such a history-making thing and good publicity for them if they end up with black trio queens in 2019. We need to watch out for the delegates who will be coming from Jamaica, Haiti & Curacao. They have been performing really well lately and with MU, this kind of thing always spell momentum for the countries involved and it might just finally be the winning year for Jamaica or Haiti or Curacao in MU 2019 …

    • I agree, looks-wise… a black girl might win again if the venue is Brazil, in Korea, a big-eyed Eurasian might win.. but in Dubai, Gazini would have the biggest audience impact and fanbase… Let’s all pray that the venue would be Dubai.

    • Let’s not forget the delegate from Trinidad and Tobago. They have two MU crowns under their belt and have been under the radar in recent years.

      • I think Trinidad Tobago has lost its umph in MU

        Very much likely it’s one of these countries who had been 1st ru in the past and have been performing very well recently , Jamaica , Curacao , Haiti (has been 1st ru twice)

  3. Facially, Gazini has the more striking features. Her slight
    edge is her experience as a model. Emotera yan…she knows
    her best angles and how to play up to the cameras. The difference
    in height is irrelevant. Magkakatalo na lang sa interviews!! Let the
    games begin indeed!

    • The lawyer may have more substance under her belt… but luckily, Gazini is more fluent in English than her which is more advantageous in Korea or Dubai.

  4. Twist of fate:
    2014: Colombia
    2015: Philippines (1st RU: Colombia) – Philippines prevented Colombia for a b2b win

    What if:
    2019: Philippines
    2020: Colombia (1st RU: Philippines) – Colombia will prevent Philippines for a b2b win

    • @ Jazzi According to Alvin Sebetero, and he makes perfect sense, it is unwise for WME-IMG to give the title to the same country three times in (just) the last five years of its assuming ownership of the brand. We should be happy with a Finalist placement. No, I don’t think Tafur is necessarily stronger…

      • @Flor Tula, Cindy Marina of Albania will be one of thetop contenders of this year Ms.Universe!

      • @ Mydin Cindy Marina affects many the way Hannah Arnold affected us. The American transplant to Tirana is NOT without kinks in her armor, as per Sebetero’s assessment, even though she is an improvement to Trejsi Sejdini’s bawdy image. She reminds me of MU-Lebanon last year, who was regarded as a serious threat but failed to make even the First Cut. I do not know if WME-IMG is interested enough in her; we need to see if she can garner as much global fascination as H’Hen Nie and SUSTAIN that until December. And bear in mind that France’s tepid reception towards Iris Mittenaere and Europe’s failure to penetrate in Thailand last year suggests pageantry reaps scant returns in that continent in the immediate future.

  5. Attorney Gabriela Tafur, Miss Universe Colombia 2019
    5′ 11″ 23 years old, Lawyer

    Gazini Ganados, Miss Universe Philippines 2019
    5′ 7″ 23 years old, Model

    Let the fight begin!

      • I am not sure which side I have to believe, some articles saying she is 5′ 7″ and somebody saying she is 5′ 8″. I don’t trust the measurement done by Bb. Pilipinas.

  6. COL has 3 MI titles. Don’t forget Madame Stella Marquez Araneta (1960), the very first MI. The other 2 are:
    1999 – Paulina Margarita Gálvez
    2004 – Yeymmy Paola Vargas

  7. Both beautiful!

    The only thing that matters to me, personally, are these comparisons;

    MU titles: Phil-4.. Col-2
    MW titles: Phil-1.. Col-0
    MI titles: Phil-6..Col-2
    ME titles: Phil-4..Col-0

    Let the games begin, baby!

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