33 comments on “Michelle Dee: MWP2019-bound?

  1. Nope. Not for Miss World Philippines. She’s definitely for Binibining Pilipinas.

  2. Forget Miss World! It’s a waste of your time and effort! She should join Bb.Pilipinas next year!

  3. Girls w/ Caucasian lineage or even connection usually clap in China:

    Katarina Rodriguez- has American dual citizenship

    Laura Lehman- top 40 – half-American

    Maggie Wilson- Half Brittish

    Czarina Gatbonton- relative of Fernando Poe

    But those w/ Chinese or Indian ancestry placed high

    Hillary Ang Parungao- more than half Chinese

    Queenrich Rehman- Half Pakistani

    Carlene Ang Aguilar- Half Chinese or more

    Mafae Yunon- More than half Chinese

    *Only Maria Karla Bautista of Cebu has no obvious chinese lineage placed TOP 5 in China…. but coincidentaly she married a Chinese.

    Therefore, if Miss World would be held in China… It is just logical that we send a girl w/ Chinese lineage…
    Michele Marquez Dee would be the one.

    • Scam pageant. Hahahaha. Pa-greet2x pa sa pagkapanalo ni Cat. Obviously, inunahan nila ang mga fans na tanungin sila ano reaction nila sa win ni Cat. They cannot take the heat.

    • @ Closer2Fame Si Filipina-French halfie na nag-1st Princess allegedly due to her being related to the Windsor British monarchs at una’ng ipinadala under Cory Quirino’s tenure, wasn’t in China?

  4. bagay sya sa ma earth..yan gusto ni shookt..mga tipong malapad mukha, at di kagandahan..think karen ibasco.

  5. She really is very beautiful…
    I agree with a couple of commenters…
    She is definitely MU material..

    With all due respect to our Filipina-meztisa beauties, how about a brown-morena MU soon!
    Please! 😊😁😊

  6. She’s MU material. Sayang kung MW. And look alike pala sila ni Gabbi Garcia.

  7. dapat natuto na tayo sa hulmahan ng
    fezlak ng mga current MW winners
    hanap tayo ng kahulma nung mga yun

  8. Since magpinsan naman sila ni Julia dito na ako hahanash. Julia should really stop posting cryptic messages and sour graping on her exclusion. Why? Pasarela mo girl during press presentation is not the best. Yung transition ng poses mo aren’t fluid. Yung smile mo, geez! 2nd, yung Natcos presentation mo gurl, parang napadaan ka lang while Emma, the best in NC, she moved and dance gracefully during her presentation. Next your free speech round, wherein you talk about body shaming instead of keto diet. Girl, we know your credentials but that isn’t enough for you to penetrate the top 25. Saka I guess, priority talaga this year and beauty of face since first and foremost, beauty pageant ang sinalihan mo and just any beauty pageant but Binibining Pilipinas.

    • I ghostwrote this I swear! Every little thing about Julia that I noticed and thought of is written here!

    • Julia and Michelle are not blood related. I was told that Melanie only trained Julia.

  9. I think the Philippines needs a few MW titles to keep up with Venezuela’s reign over Big 3 pageantry supremacy.

    However, I think this pageant will be more relevant to Philippine pageantry and Filipino fans if ever in the near future Julia Morley relinquishes all power and reign…however it may be…retirement, voluntary sale of the MWO or God forbid, death. How old is Julia anyways?

    That said, good luck and all the best Ms. Dee.

  10. If I was A BQ with great potential , I would gun for MUP …. only .
    But It looks like there’s bad blood b/w Melanie and SMA
    So good decision , Michelle

    • P.S.

      Bottom line is the MW pageant and its format really needs an overhaul and revamping.


  11. Masasayang ang ganda ng batang ito sa Miss World. Unlike Miss Universe, your Lola Julia will not allow The Philippines to win twice within a span of ten years. And unlike Miss U, feeling ko niluluto niya ang winners niya. What she says goes…wala siya care sa judging panel who are there for appearances sake lang.

    • Are you referring to MW sa term na niluluto? Coz the two fits perfectly.

  12. Considering her manager is Arnold Vegafria, who is the Philippine Franchise holder of Miss World. Michelle will win, kahit hindi siya umattend ng grand coronation.


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