16 comments on “First outdoor photoshoot of our new Queens

  1. just look at Emma’s photo , without a scintilla of a doubt , Gazini & Bea & Emma are the very top three , miles above the others, delegates of this year’s Bb 2019

    I just wish Emma was anything but Miss Intercontinental Philippines among the 5 non-MU titles because given that Karen won last year, it will be difficult for Emma to win even though she might be the most deserving delegate. I feel that Miss Intercontinental is not that nice to Pinas… but I am still hoping for a back-to-back win in Miss Intercontinental 2018-2019

  2. I don’t want to hear any more advocacy this advocacy that in next year’s pageant.
    Parang napilitan lang magka “advocacy” para extra points eh 🙃
    Masyadong Miss World ang dating ✌️

  3. With BbP 2019 uncharacteristically conducted so late into the year, it will be no time when the grind of the pageant seasons begins…September, October..?

    All the BbP queens look lovely here.

  4. I like Resham but she has some shots where her nose is really distracting. The kind of shots that makes me think if Jolina Magdangal and Mr. Squidward had a beautiful daughter, that would be her.

  5. Where is Raymond Saldana, Owen Reyes or Bruce Cassanova? The Official Photographers of Binibini, they could have done a better job than this.

    Para lang sila nag photowalk sa Novotel. #AllTeaAllShade

  6. the crowns look more like a tiara than a pageant crown..nonetheless, i find the one worn by sam lo as elegantly designed and crafted among the 6..mukhang mas bagay ito gawun as MUP crown..kung bigger lang sana size..anyhow, the old MUP crown last worn by Rachel, or was it Maxine, is still the best crown of all.

  7. Tito Norman may I ask bakit wala po si Samantha Bernardo sa Group FB Live ng mga Binibining Pilipinas. All the 6 Queens and 1st runner up Aya Abesamis are all there except her. She is also not in the Group photo and interview with the reporters after the coronation night. Is she disappointed and mad because she is again 2nd runner up. If she is It is not a good attitude to show and not a attitude of a Queen. A Queen should be poise and always in her best mood and right mind even of disappointment and anger. She should still be thankful for she became a 2nd runner up in this competitive batch considering that she is a returnee, has a not great answer in the free speak and Q and A portion. Any of the other girls in the Top 25 and even the girls who did not make the cut would be happy to take her place so she should be grateful to BPCI for placing her in that position. Jehza Huelar did not even place on her 2nd attempt but became triumphant on her third try and became Binibining Pilipinas Supranational.

    • I was rooting for her… but her Q&A was impossible to tolerate… A minor crown was hers to lose and she did lost it as soon as she rambled w/ an unsubstantial answer. She could have at least answered the question, but she didn’t. 😦

    • Good point Marife!

      She must rise above her feelings. However, it must extremely difficult to experience being awarded 2nd runner-up in 2018 then prepare a whole year only to be awarded 2nd runner-up again in 2019.

      Psychologically, Sam B. must feel there was no improvement to her hard work. She is a winner and must remember she made the elite top 8 winners circle…again.

      • Sam has improved from last year. There were just girls this year who are more deserving.

  8. Sam looks EXPENSIVE!

    Looking at Resham brings back memories of initial excitement for the also-dusky beauty of Joanna Tolledo. Then attention waned when we found out she was short. I believe she is A&Q? Now that Jonas Gaffud is no longer formally connected with them, I hope she will try for Earth. Or RH (if at MWP) because Latinos like Pipe and Hector Cemeno ADORED her.

    @ unorthodox PLEASE tell Patch to put out Pre-Arrival “pasabog” in kimono enriched with Japanese maple leaves in Fall colors – scarlet, violet, and old golden-yellow.

    • … because that white-and-green print on the black dress is aging. Arigatou gozaimasu. 🙂

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