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  1. Just curious.
    If MUP cannot fulfill her duty to represent our country in MU, who takes over? Is it MIP? Or is it the 1st runner-up?
    Who takes over to represent Phil if MIP cannot? Is it any of the 4 other queens or the 1st runner-up?

    • It can be at the discretion of BPCI, but in this case, the people of MUP might be significantly involved in any event of that happening

  2. So happy for Patch! Although I was really hoping she would get the MUP crown. She has an impressive resume, she’s beautiful and very well spoken. I mean yeah, she may not be a kabogera on stage like Gazini but I do think that can be learned. That’s why I wanted her to win MUP cause I wanted to see her amazing transformation.

    I do think this is kind of like 2016 again, wherein Kylie got International even though she was the best candidate that night and Maxine got MUP. It’s impossible to get a back to back win sa MU this year not because of our rep but because it’s still too early for IMG to be pulling off shit like that. I do have faith in Gazini though. The girl command attention on stage. She just needs to hone her communication skills and Im sure we will achieve a great placement with her. And now I have a feeling that Patch will pull a Kylie this year. I feel like she will be a very strong contender sa competition. I almost see a Lara Quigaman vibe from her. Patch’s is very sweet and demure, she definitely fits the MI prototype.

    • I agree with this. BBP2019 is BBP2016 all over again. But I would like to point out one minor detail. Kylie was a perfect fit for the MI crown even as far back as her first attempt in 2015. If meron mang universally accepted template for Miss International, si Kylie talaga yun no doubt. During BBP16 she just repackaged herself to become fiercer and sexier because she was targeting MUP, but even then she still screams Miss International. Patch is a different story in that, most people saw her potential for MI only after she won BBP-International. Yes, there were a few (Hi Tita Lavinia) who saw this potential even before BBP19 finals, but they were a rarity. In fact mas common pa nga yung nagsasabi na bagay si Patch sa MGI kesa sa MI. And remember MGI is an MU copycat. Which brings me to what I also commented in Ana’s post below, Patch fits the (IMG) Miss Universe template. And to me her journey to the MI crown is closer to that of Edymar Martinez (MI2015) than that of Kylie. Edymar was also the perfect MU candidate back then, but had to be repackaged to fit the MI mold

  3. Hi to kokey! Kaway2 naman dyan..di Hamak, mas maganda si abogada Colombia, at mas matalino si abogada USA..

  4. Presenting Bea Patricia Magtanong, our very own Pinay 7th Miss International winner ! Go Bea Go, I know you will do it ! … for the Philippines!

  5. One of the biggest unspoken test is the school visit.. Patch is naturaly kind hence I know MI org would be able to see that. I just hope you master the fan dance during the national costume presentation… think Megan Young during the “dances of the world” and Bea Santiago during her national costume presentation. And last but not the least… the speech. I know you can slay them all.

  6. I believe Patch best fits the MU template of a confidently beautiful person. With her appointment to MI instead, the pageantry world will no longer be able to witness a rare MU spectacle of a 3-cornered battle between the USA, Colombia, and the Philippines where three lawyer social advocates, all with high scholastic honors and sterling achievements, will vie in the high-stakes game of crowns. Even though MI is not particularly known to promote a defined social advocacy, I am sure Atty Patch Magtanong will continue to pursue her empowerment message to those who have less in life and in law. Her economics and law background will certainly enable her to easily find a good platform for her advocacy. And we’ll never know if by fate she may be the one who can transform MI into an advocacy-driven pageantry organization.

  7. I am not expecting anything but let us hope for the best and let us see if she will bring home the crown on November 12, 2019. Good luck Miss Philippines!

  8. Honestly, I never thought that Patch would fit the Miss International bill. Hence, at the onset, I believed she could snatch the MUP title because her beauty, grit, and wit scream Miss Universe. No other than this blogger and Siera Bearchell have rooted Patch for MUP. And I joined them.

    I have to say that, perhaps, it is Patch’s sweet personality that made BPCI arrive at a decision assigning patch for the MI title, notwithstanding her impressive answer during the Q&A round.

    I have high hopes that Patch can do good in Miss International. Good luck, Patch! Also, enjoy the legal profession!

    That’s all.

    • Hi Ana!! I never Thought Patch would fit the Miss International mold to. Well, I still dont even up to know, even though yeah I can see the sweetness and the possibility. But Patch for me always will be fit for Miss Universe only. Many people might crucify me for these two things, but while I will give my all out support for Patch towards her journey for our 7th MI,
      1. There’s a part of me that kinda hopes she doesnt win MI2019 and that
      2. The Miss Universe Philippines finally establishes itself as a separate pageant from BBP

      in this way, Patch could still join and possibly represent our country in Miss Universe. Of course, given that she still wants to give pageantry another go by then. Im sorry, but for me Patch is a once in a bluemoon opportunity to win another MU crown, so at this point medyo wild na mga ideas ko haha.

      • @Unorthodox: I agree with you. Patch is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to win another MU crown. When again can we have a beautiful, brainy, highly-credentialed empowered woman who is native-born Filipino?

  9. With her very impressive credentials, eloquence and that mirena “Barbie-like” aura, I will not be surprised if she becomes our 7th Miss International. Patch was 1 of my 3 choices for the MUP2019 title, but, it looks like God🙏 has set her destiny for the MI2019 crown and I believe she can do it and will make us all proud 👍. Wasn’t she 1 of the 3 that the MI organization was interested in and eyeing for the BB International title (besides Vickie and another 1) ? The best of luck to you, Atty. Patch Magtanong👑💍💙❤💫. You can do it.
    P.S. Sir Norman: Have you talked to or heard anything about Julia and Hannah after the coronation night to see what their future plans are ? I hope they both prepare and plan ahead of time and join future editions of MUP. I can see why they did not make the final cut. They joined too soon and prematurely at that. Both are diamonds in the rough but have great potential to win MUP. I hope they sign up and join again 💙💚❤

  10. Sino ba yung nagturo kay Bea at Kylie sa Japanese Culture, Mr. Tinio? Sa Canada na daw naka base yun. Sana maturuan din si Atty. Patch.

  11. Patitay, tandaan mo : “konnichiwa” is informal and from sunrise to noon. “Kunbanwa” is for the evening and more formal. I forgot the one for afternoon.

    UP Diliman College of Law should have linkage with Law programs of the best schools in Japan. Use that to know the important issues of the day, to impress your hosts come November.

    Understand Shinto, wabi-sabi, and the poet Basho. And send us a photo of yourself with Fujiyama, if possible. 🙂

    • They have to make sure her face looks healthy for the competition . She cannot look gaunt …. or she will not be successful
      Indonesia has a great rep for MI

      • Yes & don’t forget that Indonesia’s representative will most likely also have training in Manila for the Miss International, with additional help in her speech from Bea Santiago, like Kevin Lilliana did. So the competition for Patch is formidable especially since a Filipino team lead by KF will be supporting Jolene Marie, who has already scouted the capabilities of one of her rivals by attending Bb Pilipinas. Who is in charge of A&Q now? Jonas has left for Miss Universe Philippines, Arnold Mercado is now leading Miss World Philippines, Bessie Besana’s results for MWP were mediocre so I’m not confident in his ability to prepare a delegate for international competition …

    • una, she was predicted to win MUP..ngaun. panalo na naman daw sa MI..i predict, sya ang susonod sa yapak ni bianca guidoti .ligwak.

      • Marvin, whatever you do or say, magpatama ka man sa kidlat, you can’t be prettier or smarter than Patch. This fact is even harder than your face. Just shudup sshhhh shudup shudup… 🎶

  12. I hope next year the crowning will be much earlier so our Queens will have longer period of training.

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