12 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2019 Resham Ramirez Saeed can now shout at the top of her voice: “Philippines!”

  1. I don’t like her make-up and hair during the finals, it looked messy bordering dugyutin. You can see that some inches of her hair from the roots are straight while the rest were curled and her make-up sucked. I honestly don’t know why she got a crown. If they wanted a darkhorse win, then they could have chosen somebody else.

  2. So happy and proud of Rasheem.
    Under the radar then bolted right into the winners circle’s top-3-tier BbP titles.

    She will shine at Supranational, baby!
    Go get em’, Ms. Saeed!

  3. Sobrang naaakit talaga ako sa kanya.
    Natuwa ako nung nanalo sya ng Supra dahil Supra din yung unang crush ko, si Mutya datul.

  4. I am SUPER SUPER SUPERRRRRRRRRR HAPPY for Resham! I always believed in her, and she did it! Here’s a proud Indian fan of Resham supporting her unconditionally!

  5. Among all the girls of this batch and the past Supra reps after Mutya Datul.. Resham has the highest chance of winning… Her racial heritage alone + her powerful passport is more than enough for her to win but the girl also has the beauty and gorgeous personality… I suggest that she learns singkil and the history of it… and the figure 8 fan dance move.. it would be a huge advantage for her if she could portray that during the national costume presentation.. learn some classy burlesque moves and that would totaly seal the deal… To be honest I think she is over-qualified for this pageant… she is already a great spokesperson… Miss Suprapersonality award is in the bag… She could really win Miss Supranational!!!!

  6. Resham is my mgip thinking she looks like mgi 2018 Ist runner up. But I’m happy she is hailed as miss supranational ph. @flor, c2f bakbakan 2 half palestinian sa supra

  7. She is the 3rd Muslim Binibini to be crowned. First was Ava Quibranza Ms Maja Philippines 1979.

  8. here’s the deal, I really like her, love her speaking skills… but during that night, her chosen gown was underwhelming compared to the others ; Resham and SamLo gowns leave much to be desired but both are good speakers; I just feel that Aya and SamB deserve the crowns , even though they are not as good speakers , more than Resham and SamLo, so I would have rather place them as runners up.
    In any event, good luck in Supra !

    • I also thought she was supposed to be tall… she is listed as 5’8 but I think she may be 5’6 or 5’7

      • She’s 173cm… Even Miss Supra posted that on IG..
        Have you not seen the height difference between Anne Curtis(5’4) and Resham?… She is even taller than Jheza Huelar-who although is 5’7 but can wear 5-6inch stilletos due to her long legs and big feet.

  9. Last year, SEXY “Mary Jayne” Dimaranan was 1st Runner-up in Poland.

    Resham is athletic HOURGLASS voluptuousness!

    (yummy) 🙂

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