18 comments on “The day April May cut her hair Short for Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. She should place at least a runner finish. She won the heart of the supporters of the other candidates during q and a.

  2. One of my bets even before the pageant! The short hair worked for me but could’ve been styled slick back and she had to control her smile. She answered quite well that could merit a runner up finish. Go April!!

  3. Cutting her hair this short didn’t work. It made her look old, her natural freshness and sweetness just vanished. It was a glaring error. The cut itself didn’t even look good, like it was haphazardly done, done without a lot of thought. Because she’s tall, she needs those long straight locks to frame her pretty young face and balance her long torso. I thought she looked amazingly hot in the jag fashion show(my vote for the jag award). But not in this evening gown(Libiran), which made her look matronly, the styling of which too heavy-handed. It did not suit her. Another mistake.

    • I agree, Francis Libiran should get some tips from Leo Almodal when it comes to creating patterns that enhance the hourglass figure…

  4. I love it when a girl fights well without much hype. I though she was relatively impressive during the finals night. Looking forward to seeing her again, but more polished and more ready to win one of the crowns.

  5. Masyadong malaki veneers neto tapos nagpa ganyan pa ng buhok naging kahawig tuloy ni GMA.

  6. Cutting her hair short was a big mistake…
    Now all I see is her teeth… Braces please…
    She did standout though… but not in a good way.
    And I have seen way better versions of this gown.
    Sorry… not sorry.

  7. I hope she could change her veneers coz it’s so big. Practice more on pasarela and never cut her hair short again.

  8. Her not so perfect teeth became more obvious with the short hair
    Sorry not a fan

  9. I hope MUP gave a standard TWO (2)-year contract to this batch, like what MUT does. So at the earliest, we will see her 2021.

    Para next year, mostly fresh faces.

    Blogger, sabihin mo sabay sila ni Magbitang. Para, “twin towers” ang Runners-up.

    ADORE the mane (puso).

    Next feature : Sorsogon’s First Couple (#chizzyheart) all-out support for Galeria, BBP-International 2023!

    • Not a fan of Galleria’s beauty
      So u will be under contract even if u don’t win?

      • @ Fabian Reyes Yes, that is my understanding. This is why Fahsai is rejoining only now. And this also means Praveena Singh and Valentina Ploy-Giardullo (Sophida’s “crew”) can return 2020 at the earliest. IF they are still interested, that is.

        Puteri is even more rigid. NO REPEAT. So every year, it’s an all–new group.

        Imo, Galeria’s symmetrical brown freshness can fit the classic tropical maiden image. She should go for the Tahitian-French Polynesian vibe. Then show up in Tokyo in a tres chic wardrobe in white, gold, and beige. First Lady of Sorsogon can help her put this together. And yes, YARDS of pearls!

  10. She’s my favorite of the night actually.
    She has a fresh pretty face that doesn’t need to rely on heavy makeup.
    Kung naka finger waves lang sana ang short hair niya, she would’ve looked so high fashion.
    She still lacks finesse and drive though.
    With proper training, she’ll be a top contender in future pageants.

  11. a definite contender for next year… and she sounded so natural, unrehearsed and sincere, love her !

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