15 comments on “Lo and behold, Samantha Lo is now Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2019

  1. Girl should have won MUP
    She’s the best speaker along with Julia and Patch

  2. not a big fan of SamLo but she is good in interviews… she is listed at 5’9 but she is as tall as Aya(5’7) and Aya has a very curvaceous body, small waist while SamLo does not appear to be so. I hope she gets the first Pinas MGI crown. Good luck !
    (Gazini is listed as 5’8 but she looks as tall as Catriona; I think Gazini is much taller than 5’8, we’ll see when she competes in MU)

  3. If MUP is already a separate pageant next year, I hope that Sam Lo returns in a year or two.

  4. I dont know why I feel SamLo deserves MUP. I guess they BBP MUP want to send a gorgeous face so avoid any bashing and comparison with Cat. And i tend to agree. After all, it is still physical beauty that we see and judge first.

    Gazini is engaging and decent conversationalist in English.

    I think gone are the days where the mahiyain and introverts are sent to pageants. If girls want to win, they need to learn how to be sociable in general and i think that’s what happened to Aya and Leren. You can be reserved and introvert but you need to learn how to turn on the social side in you when needed.

  5. Yes, Mr. Tinio. Please inform Mr. Itsaragrisil that our bet this year is, like I said before, mature and professional enough to put up with a difficult boss. 🙂

    Also, please recommend to her the YouTube channel “China Uncensored” to enable her to get some grasp on to the root of the current civil disobedience – the war and violence – plaguing Caracas.

    C2F can fill us in on the nitty-gritty.

  6. No doubt that only Samantha L., Patch, and Emma answered the final question. I think MUP was awarded to any of the said three ladies.

    • @ Lireo Rewind to BBP 2016. What were probably the three best speakers – Hammond, Cordovez, and Versoza – also met the same fate. The orally-shaky Medina was assigned the burden of a home court back-to-back. to Wurtzbach. History repeats itself, now three years later! The common denominator? SMA. Go ask her to never ever do this again.

      Don’t get me wrong. I was among the literal handful who insisted Gazini be a Runner-up for now so she could polish her talk sans the pressure of a back-to-back with Catriona. But I relented when I heard her somewhere midway through the race. She exhibited the ability to calm her crickets.

      Pang-ilan’g post na’to since that one dedicated to Gazini. As Blogger said, unconditional love and support daw for all the new queens. Move on na tayo, siguro. Madame S simply trusted her instincts. Next year, baka stand-alone title na ang MUP. And who knows how the selection process will be? 🙂

  7. Samantha Lo who’s literaly an Asian-Latina should rock Miss Grand International… She got the beauty, background and comskills… I love that her projection and pasarela has highly improved… Just imagine how much more she would transform in a few more months.. she just needs to level-up her national costume presentation… Learn some dancing skills… Her team should start working on a more Avant-Garde highly innovative yet authentic Filipino costume that would wow the judges.. You know how much Angkol loves gorgeous costumes… and so does the Latino community. I have high hopes that she would slay in Caracas, Venezuela!!! I can’t wait!

    • I do agree with you on this one…
      The crown shouldn’t be too slid back…
      It loses it’s value as a crown.

      • @ Closer2Fame Baliw kasi ‘yang si Cat, ‘eh. Sasayaw-sayaw sa motorcade. ‘Yun! Nalaglag, nasira..

        Accept the fact that Cat is LEVITY personified. She is a FUN queen, with well-honed EQ.

        And that’s why young people love her and rush to her defense.

        WME-IMG risks reprimanding her at their peril. Kuyugin sila ng #TROPA.

        PS I am not, nor was ever, #TROPA. 🙂

      • Hahaha. Nakakatawa talaga pag near perfection ang reyna. Kung ano2x na lang naiisip ibato kay Cat. Hail Queen Cat!

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