15 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019 Emma Tiglao finally gets her due reward in pageantry

  1. I was hoping for BbPilipinas International for Emma. She could be our 6th MI. But anyway, she was very happy and grateful for the Intercon crown.
    Congrats cabalen Emma Mary Tiglao!
    Mayap a oras queca. Proud to be capampangan!

  2. She actually was one of the top and consistent performers all throughout the competition, and I guess she was serenely calm in the competition because like tito Norman said, she earned her stripes from all the failures she’s faced. Her entire journey of a quest for a crown was what shaped her to be the woman she is today and I think that was why she seemed genuinely happy with her first ever win. Very admirable.

  3. Beautiful Emma! She is so happy with the results. She is very grateful. I hope this winning doubly inspires her to get the international crown. Anyway, she is already a beauty titlist and this will be written in history.

    Congrats, Emma! Stay positive. You brighten other people’s lives.

  4. She will do great at Intercontinental!

    All the best, Emma and congratulations!

    Well deserved!

  5. the best stage walk, Emma is topnotch… she could have easily ran away with the MUP crown if not for Gazini and Bea and could have landed in top 5 in MU. I just wish another title for her , not the Intercontinental because they might not give it to her even though she is truly deserving , just to avoid a back-to-back win after Karen.

  6. emma is a sentimental favorite of mine..i was looking at youtube just now and saw how she has grown confidenlty beautiful from a 19 year old tourism, or was it hrm, srudent at holy angel, pampanga to mutya, to bbp, to mwp, then back to bbp. she really deserved a crown.. goodluck emma, reprenting PH internationally. win or lose, is a perfect ending to ur pageant journey.

  7. Damn, this gurl would have done wonders in Miss Supranational, and (at some point during the night i felt) even in Miss Universe. No offense meant, pero medyo nakakadala na kasi ang Intercon especially medyo hindi maganda ang start natin with them as part of BBP (with Kris Janson). Regardless, I agree that Emma was genuinely happy when she was called and crowned. I hope she maintains that happiness all throughout because I think that will be the key to her winning a back2back, politics aside ofcourse

  8. Good for her. I think sensed her hunger and determination to win this time.

  9. Kuya Norman,Si Ms. Joyce Ann Burton po ba yung nagvovoice over?Ang galing niya.

  10. Sobrang saya nya coz finally she will going to represent our county. She was my bet and more fit in supra but rae bae got the supra ph which is i think fit din talaga kay rae bae. Pero sana si emma nalang ist runner up para maka join ulit and aya sa intercon. We all know how intercon play their cards. Remember christi and katarina? Baka maganon sya or ma unplaced lalo na kung sa ibang bansa ganapin. So i think b2b win mic or b2b win in Asia continent is medyo malabo. Even how emma stood out and deserved the mic title. I think this is where sma should be practical. Sending a representative like emma for mic is not a good idea. Dapat yung mairaraos lang. aya or vickie sana. Para maka giveway na din sa ibang asia. And imagine if hinde magampanan ng kahit na sino sa mga winners ang responsibility nila eh si aya ang papalit.

  11. Setting aside Gazini’s reaction (of course, who wouldn’t be dramatic as hell if you get crowned the top plum), Emma had the most authentic reaction when she was crowned. I felt genuine happiness in her unlike the other winners. Although it’s a normal feeling naman especially when you settled for less that what you expected ‘di ba? Pero iba talaga this lady. I would love to be her friend.

    • I hope mic watched her crowning moment. So plus point yon dahil they will think gusto ni emma ang intercon title. We are aiming for b2b pa naman sa pageant na dinaya us twice.

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