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  1. Leren , advocacy is anti bullying? Sya mismo bully elementary palang because of her height. baka nakalimutan na nya sa MSI pa sya napasok. Oh well….

  2. The way she didn’t answer the question, pasalamat ka dhuy at nabigyan ka pa ng korona. Nagpalusot ka pa. Take it from Emma, yun ang totoong jubilant reaction!

  3. I have Leren and Sam B. for Miss Globe after their performance during coronation night. I am happy for her but I would have put Sam B. for Miss Globe and Leren as Supra … I know she will do very well in MG.

  4. Full name niya Leren Mae Magnaye Bautista. Kainis sa dami ng “e” sound diba? 😂 pereng tenge leng mge megeleng niye beket genyen pengelen keleke telege!

  5. Pangit ng name niya. Leren mae chona lae bautista parang bekle ne genete megselete. Bekle be mge megeleng niye et genyen pengelen benegey sekenye? Leren mae chona lae bautista. Seriously, sarap sampalin para dumeretso dila niyan. Lauren dapat bakit leren kaloka!

    • oh hello fake 4M, it’s been a while and why are you bashing her name! you little biatch! hihihihihih

  6. I feel she is tired wearing her high heels not necessary bec she was disappointed. 6 hrs wearing high heels is no feat

      • Julia is disappointed because according to her, the pageant didn’t go past its #beyondbeauty slogan (read her IG post and stories). I think she was expecting that she will be included in the Top 25 automatically given how her campaign ran which truly focused on issues.

      • I was disappointed that Julia did not make the top 25, but
        having sat thru the entire pageant, listening to the q&a,
        really listening, 12 out of the 15 girls did not understand the question nor did they answer the question. Samantha Lo and Patch were on target and we all know the outcome. I hope Boy Abunda will have a shot at helping Gazini with her speaking skills. If questions are given in advance she can have help with answers, she can memorize and then repeat. There is not enough time to teach her to think. So for Julia, add this event to your resume and move
        on. Trying to understand the logic will be a tear jerker.

  7. to catriona, i really dnt get it why u have to wear the mikimoto crown as if its justa head band..give it some dignity and wear it about an inch from ur forehead hairline..take the cue the way past winners wore it,demi, natalie, etc.

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  8. I think she’ll do very well at Miss Glibe.

    All the best Lauren Mae!

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