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  1. Like Bernardo, iniisip nila paano pahabain ang sagot nila. Kasi eh, you know, the more words you use the smarter you are, right? The more words in an answer, the better? Pag pa-English English na mahaba, galing diba?

    Old school approach na yan. Direct and to the point dapat. Hindi ka mawawala.

    I feel for her though, she was poised to get a crown.

  2. The video of her making excuses made me like her less. Own up to it girl ! Instead of blaming the audience . She seems to expect to win and didn’t work as hard as others. Sorry you didn’t prove to the judges that you are just a pretty face.
    So glad Someone humble like Gazini won .

  3. Despite many people seeing her as a front runner, I never saw Rushton as such. Pretty face, yes(so are many of the other candidates), but everything else is lacking – weak stage presence and bearing, unremarkable pasarela, not-so-impressive body, and weak communication skills(not much substance). The only thing you really remember about her is her face. What good is that? She’s lacking in every department where Pia Wurztbach excelled in to even try for a third time. It’s obvious that her cumulative scores in the preliminaries were not enough to overcome a disastrous Q/A, despite what several sponsor awards she bagged would let us think.

  4. If she can still join, I think she should. Last night, she proved that she’s an MU material physically. She’s the prettiest. Maybe if she delivered her answer the way Gazini did, it could have been her.

  5. its not about someone distracts her from the audience , she really doesn’t have gasp of what and how she will answer that simple question. it’s not her first time, you know , why blame it to the crowd.

  6. I still prefer to have one common final question, parang sa MU. Yang ganyang klaseng q&a may kasamang swertehan kung matapat sa yo yung madaling question na alam mong kayangkayang sagutin.

    • Yes i totally agree. There should have been one final question for all. If you are lucky, then you would have a simple question. Some questions were just so easy to answer, others have memorize their answers. I think it’s time to chnage the q n a already.. let the finalists answer one question para magkaalaman talaga kung sino ang may ibubuga. I was really disappointed that Julia didnt make it. The girl has a lot to say, she’s very good in communicating her thoughts. Gazini is okay but i think nkatsamba lng talaga ng sagot. She joined Miss Bohol and she didnt win because aof her answer. Patch is much better, she can really deliver as well as Sam Lo.

  7. FUN FACT: If you could go back to the coronation night (during the announcement of the Top 15), the question given to Aling Vickie, was Maria Isabela Galeria’s advocacy.

  8. I reviewed Vicki rushton’s answer. It wasn’t the worst. The substance was there. in fact her answer was more on point than the answers of resham-, Sam B, and gazini. What made her lose is her delivery, her body language showing how clearly frustrated she is with herself.

    With Aya abesamis, her reputation simply precedes her. Coz judging by her answer alone, she deserves better than a runner up position. Maybe she could have gotten resham’s crown if it’s all about the q & a. Of course, I like resham- too just pointing out that her answer wasn’t as on point as Aya’s in this round.

    • Rushton got nowhere with her question. In a very round about way, she tried to answer and never got there. It was never clear what she was talking about. Resham’s very articulate answer was spot on. Her answer showed she understood the gist of the question which is the despair that Filipinos experience with their country and the desire to leave it. Resham’s description of Filipinos as steadfast in the face of difficulties and adversity is profound, and then to add faith in God to help them find their way back is amazing, all in the span of 30 seconds. Resham was instilling hope in many Filipinos who desire to leave the country for a better life.

  9. Vickie is more beautiful with lesser make up. But last night, her face looks a little bit horrible just like her q&a. She didn’t shine last night which was absolutely opposite of the other girls especially those who snatched the crowns. Sayang si Jessarie Dumaguing. Her bid was thwarted earlier. She looked so stunning na parang Venus Raj sa MU2010 ang dating!

  10. Hindi ko pa rin magets why Patch won Best in Swimsuit when it should be Gazini but thankful na ako at hindi nauwi kay Patch ang MUP.

    • oh this is just pure straight-up bashing. Poor soul, you must have been ever since

  11. Those horrible fake eyelashes, horrendous make up, weak pasarela, no aura/fierceness, styling is like catriona 2.0 on evening gown…so many to list aside from not getting to answer the question. Maybe rumors are right that gurl isn’t training.Even if you won a runner up last year it won’t guarantee you a crown this year. 💅🏼

  12. I was almost sure when she got that question from Daniel Padilla that it will be within her comfort zone given her advocacy but I think the applause in the middle of her interview rattled her. I heard that Vicki and Jason Abalos are going to wed after the pageant … if she can still be allowed to join next year, wow, a monumental decision to face. I truly believe she deserves a Bb crown.

  13. Speaking of Q&A, few days before the coronation night, I left a comment here that Hannah reminded me of Pepsi Paloma. Then Hannah got a question that mentioned a politician’s name. Uhmmm feeling ko tuloy me nagparamdam?

    • It’s a political pop culture Question.. to ensure that she would not win a major crown. Hannah and Nicole are both handicaped in this aspect due to the fact that they are the 2 girls who spent the least time living in our country compared to Resham and Sam Lo.

      • The question was very generic what message would she give to the newly-elected officials? Hello how about govern with responsibilities and put people’s interests first before theirs? I thank you! hihihihih

  14. To Vicky, I feel you and hear you. You were shining brightly last night, after the introduction, I really felt that winning aura surrounds you. Everything has a reason under the sun. Believe in God, and we love you. Don’t give up, kung si Pia in her second try, she was empty handed, ikaw marami ka nakuha award. So whatever your next step will be, don’t be so hard on yourself. Laban lang girl. I saw how you performed in 2018 and during the free speech you nailed it. Kapit lang gurl! At least may one last chance pa, or may MWP if feel mo mag Miss World!

  15. Catriona won both minor and major awards. Vickie, on the other hand, only got minor awards of Filipino Sponsors. She has this typical beauty that Filipinos adore: mestiza but not globally attractive. Not to mention her physique. Case in point: Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown did not land on her but thankfully to deserving girls who in the end were the last two standing.

  16. Catriona won both minor and major awards. Vickie, on the other hand, only got minor awards of Filipino Sponsors. She has this typical beauty that Filipinos adore: mestiza but not globally attractive. Not to mention her not so stunning physique. Case in point: Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown did not land on her but thankfully to deserving girls who in the end were the last two standing.
    I’m glad that 4 out of my 5 favorites: Gazini, Patch, Samantha, and Resham won. The other one who I rooted for who did not end up fortunate was April May Short. She can improve and try next year. She’s also a stunner.

  17. I don’t know if it’s just me but the moment I saw her at the screen something is different. I couldn’t help but remembering her fresh mestiza aura last year, to where I fall in love and had this feeling she ticked all the boxes of becoming BBP International. My point here was, I felt that her glam team push so much taking away her real beauty! Those eyelashes was too much! I couldn’t even see her eyes, too much eye make up, bit tanned and the countour made her face smaller which she doesn’t need at all! They lost track making her into someone that was totally way out of her league! Her swimsuit round and long gown was so “malamya” and again those lashes kung umaura man sya sa camera, well no one notice it because if was TOO MUCH! So even if she nailed her Q and A I would rather see her old self last year which is so FRESH, Maaliwalas, malinaw ang mukha sa camera. That’s all!

  18. When Vickie did the hakot awards, I thought she’ll get the MIP or MUP plum. But when she failed her Q&A, I thought she will be getting a crown still or a runner-up placement because of her awards. But I was shookt because her answer caused her placement neither the crowns. I feel sad for Samantha Bernardo as well because she had the Hannah Ruth Sison effect. But overall, walang mawawalan ng ganda ng Pilipina dahil sa Binibining Pilipinas. Congratulations to all the new queens and good luck sa mga international competitions nila. 🙂

  19. I already stated she doesn’t attend trainings no surprise her non inclusion
    Since taga Street ako NG kf training base ang palagi nag train si Resham gazini Emma at shane

    • Why wasn’t Vicky training? Any reason? If she didn’t like to train why even join a pageant for the 2nd time?

  20. sad for aya too. at least, she was sent off with a runner up crown.

  21. Ako lang ba pero i feel bad kay sam b din lol. After niya magpromise ng back to back and next catriona daw siya with the pa-video and pictorials like Cat ayun back to back nga. Pinasa niya korona sa sarili niya kaloka hannah ruth sison awardee si mumshie. Last na rin ba niya this year?

  22. I’m still shaking my head.

    I don’t think it’s rocket science of what went wrong
    The explanation is simple. Vickie lost her frame of thought during her top 15 q&a thus losing focus in her words and sadly succumbed under pressure.

    Her frustration was evident as she immediately turned her back and walked back to her place on stage.

    Now, did winning those six awards “add” to the pressure? In my opinion, the answer is yes.

    Early on, in winning six awards, the momentum was clearly in her favor It appeared as though a major crown was being handed to her on a silver platter.

    It was heartbreaking to watch. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory.
    Sad really. 😥

    • I agree with you about the pressure of getting most of the awards got to Vicky. After learning she won 6 awards, I thought she’d win either MI or MUP like Cat did last year. So sad!

  23. Jason Abalos must be devastated. But at least now, they can get hitched. Ever forward!

  24. She just should’ve cut her answer short and it would’ve been acceptable. That “because” prior to the bell was the culprit.

  25. Vickie’s mental health is not at it’s best last night…she had a mental block when she was asked about mental health 😆 sayang…she’s a shoo in p nman for one of the crowns…napaka crucial p nman ng Q&A sa bbp…kung baitawid sana nya bongga sya…kahit MUP masusungkit nya

  26. Gazini ang Miss Albania ng miss universe 2019. Gogogo excited na kung paano niya babaklain ang miss universe 2019.

  27. yes.
    no need to complicate things..at awat na inday vickie..simply, u are not destined for a crown..stick to acting and be good at it..and to the sponsors, there go ur money ..investing for somone who failed to snatch a crown..time to re assess how pick ur brand sponsors..

    • The sponsors played it safe by picking a well-known celebrity already like Vickie… They forgot there’s 39 other beautiful girls they could have gambled on had they paid closer attention. Tsk tsk tsk…

  28. i was kinda convince na that Vickie will be MUP. Jusko naman, mga bakla, hakot awards? very catriona. I mean. Cat also humakot ng awards noon.. and that hakot award moment says something. she’s a strong MUP contender.. but then again, she fell short sa q and a.. me thinks that she deserves kahit minor crown. considering she was a favorite of the sponsors and recipient of special awards.

    Kala ko nga maski globe or MGI makukuha niya. pero.. mukhang may something tlaga kasi di tlaga siya pumasok. kahit she gave a strong performance.

    Haaay.. ang sad sakanilangdalawa ni Sam. Samantha back-to-back 2nd RU. she also fell short sa q and a. contradicting ang sagot niya. haaay

    • She could be a good representative for Miss International. Walang stressful na Q and A, pagandahan effect lang. She only needs to hire someone who can draft a powerful and moving speech for her final message. Memorize lang ng bonggang bongga ang line and deliver with matching emotions, win na siya! Patch Magtanong pales a lot in comparison with her beauty. I will not complain if they awarded her the Binibining Pilipinas International crown because I know for sure she will make it to the top 10 or even win the crown.

    • Catriona got both minor and major awards. Vickie did not get Ms. Photogenic, nor Swimsuit, nor Evening Gown. All she got were minor awards decided by Filipino businessmen.

    • Catriona won both minor and major awards. Vickie, on the other hand, only got minor awards of Filipino Sponsors. She has this typical beauty that Filipinos adore: mestiza but not globally attractive. Not to mention her physique. Case in point: Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown did not land on her but thankfully to deserving girls who in the end were the last two standing.

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