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  1. Congrats to all the winners!!!! I was hoping Ayamazing would get a crown but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I think Emma stole the Intercontinental crown from her based on the final answers.

    The future is bright with Galeria, Nicole, and Tolledo… I think those girls should take a break then rejoin in 2021…Gain more experience and life lessons and come back hungry.

    Patch for MI will be interesting. I think they need to soften her features and lose a few pounds for a slimmer body.

    • 4m her body now is already fit mi. Mas payat pa nga sya kay kylie at ahtisa. What her team should focus more are her pasarela. Styling and make up. After janicel now we will send again a more pinay facially na barbie doll din at matalino pa. So chances are high with the right training and experiment for patch. That is the only title na tumama ako. Emma should have sent in supra then rae bae as ist runner up or runner up muna si emma. Shes to good for mic baka ma christi at katarina yan lalo na pag sa ibang bansa ginanap mic. You know mic play their game. So aya or vickie is a good choice for mic for obvious reason. Aya para mairaos lang and vickie since last try na nya for bbp if im not mistaken. Dahil b2b s mic ay malabo kilala nyo naman ang mic. Ok na din ako kay gazini. Basta make sure wag baklang bakla sa mu inday! Wag magpa ka miss albania coz it not good in mu. Sa mgi pwede pa. Dapat effortless lang with more class just like the 4 img queens. Tamang landi lang, What she showed last night is papunta sa image ni albania. Good thing hinde napasobra.

      • Patch’s photos after the screening last March (where she was wearing the big yellow ribbon dress) actually screams Miss International. Sobrang dolled up sya during that time, almost tisay looking na nga. But I didnt pay too much attention to that because I felt that was a rare instance because she’s a natural morena beach babe, and I really wanted her to win MUP.

        And yeah, she’s actually too skinny now for MI. If anything, she needs to GAIN, not lose weight, much like how Kylie gained a little bit of weight in all the right places when she competed in MI

  2. Sam B back to back 2nd RU…di na pina semi si Nicole G at Julia kc bka umabot ng Q&A bubula mga bibig at cguradong magkaka crown…at the beginning I thought it’s Vickie’s night…kaso kinabahan sa Q&A…pero okay lang yan Vickie kc paldo k nman sa cash prizes mo sa mga special awards mo…ang lalaki p nmang ng mga dponsor cash awards

  3. Bakit wala na ang Binibining Pilipinas theme song? Raise the flag na? Hmmm

  4. Sam Lo for Caracas was GENIUS!

    I did not bother with Eva last year in Myanmar.

    But this year, I will with “Paulina Ashley Crawford”.

    • Lol
      Based on the coronation night performance , I feel like Sam Lo should have been MUP . She was very pretty and in shape. And her response to a very hard question was amazing .For she was the best at Q&A

  5. The two runners-up placements, I assume, were disappointing to the beauties that “won” them.

    I personally thought Aya would win a crown as did a multitude of others and because of her age this may be the end of the road for pageantry for this beauty.

    Samantha B’s second straight 2nd runner-up placement is bittersweet…more bitter than sweet, I imagine. Hanah Ruth Sison, another b2b runner-up finisher should reach out to Bernardo.

    Likewise, Charmaine Elima another favoried beauty where nerves upended her Q&A needs to offer a shoulder to lean on to Vickie Rushton.

    That’s all part of the BbP pageant competetion, I’m afraid.

    That said, I believe we have another potent group of six BbP beauties that will continue to uphold the Philippines’ continued success in International pageantry.

    Bravo to all!

    • Elima should give it another try….is she still eligible with age requirement??? Hannah Arnold should give it another try…..Nicole G as well, I was rooting for her…..hmmm, not sure if Vickie should give it another try, but she really beautiful and did place 1st before (remember Pia’s situation) 1st, unplaced, then the crown….it could also happen to Vickie, you may never know🤗🤗🤗

  6. Not bad….not bad at all. The winners are deserving and beautiful in their own rights! I haven’t seen the Q&A but from the evening gown I gave the kudos to Aya (orange is hard to wear but she nailed that segment), Ms La Union looks amazing (something about Pechon that is captivating…..she has striking resemblance to Mila Kunis????)……Galeria looks amazing as well but Laura Lehman already wore that dress (if you guys remember Laura’s Ms World dress), Leren’s dress was ok but she really wore it with ease. April short looks amazing, I hope she could have styled hair short hair like Vietnam, it just looks too short and too severe. I think if she angled it more or made it look wavier it would have looked better on her face. What happened to Nicole G????

  7. Even though I cringe every time I see Gazini talk , I admire her strength of character . Ang Lukas ng loob ni Ate . She lost almost every single minor pageant … only to win the crown that really matters to every single Pinay pageant enthusiast.
    I hope KF trains her really well because their participation at MU has been disappointing so far- 2009 2014 and 2017

  8. Leren and Resham fine for the crowns they won… I would have interchanged Emma with SamLo as Emma has higher chance of winning our first MGI than SamLo
    Gazini and Bea, oh just wish they were interchanged BUT I can see Gazini doing well. She should try to be authentic and passionate in MU, or else the latinas will try to overshadow her because she has definitive Latin facial beauty features. She needs to stand out as an Asian delegate.

  9. Got exact predictions on three placements of the winners: Sam Lo, Leren, and Samantha B.

    Whilst I am still wondering why Patch got the MI assignment, I’d say that it’s Gazini’s night because all the stars have conspired in her favor. I am still happy for Patch though, and I’ll support Gazini on her bid for the MU crown.

    My heart bleeds for Rushton. She almost stole the entire show, but nerves let her down. Shit do happen.

    In sum, it was a good show despite the super delayed telecast.

    That’s all.

  10. My heart truly goes out to Vickie Rushton and her supporters.

    Having won a Mutya ng Pilipinas crown in 2011, a first runner-up placement in BbP 2018 and then winning an abundant of awards, then dazzling in swimsuit and evening gown and enteried into the Q&A with seemingly unstoppable momentum. It really appeared that all the arrows were pointing her way and was a shoe-in for the MUP crown or at the “very least” winning BbP International as many experts predicted anyways.

    Wow! A dream turned into an unexpected devastating nightmare. She failed to even place as a runner up.
    So sad…😥

    I pray she uses this experience to bounce back in life.

    All the best Vickie! Life goes on, girl!

    • Multiple but minor/sponsor awards. But when Vickie did not clinch the Best in SS and EG awards, alam na na hindi pala talaga cya. When she choked sa Q&A, game over for her. Sorry Vickie. There is more to life than beauty pageant. Tuloy ang buhay, girl! 🙂

  11. Gazini is the best face for MUP. Patch face is too dependent on right make up , she did look good tonight . Vickie just too short , not smart enough so not surprised with her placement . Hannah and Isabela are young can do better in a few years. Isabela’s face was amazing tonight . She just needs to Milan and Nyc , modeling is her future maybe not pageantry .
    I’m the end Gazini is a good choice she has the face that can stand up to the Latina’s and to Fasai who will be MUT

  12. Gazini as MUP was a smart and strategic placement judging by the variety of beauties that we have sent to MU since Venus. Gazini’s look is different while Patch’s is too reminiscent of Ara.

  13. btw pansin ko lang..patimpalak ba ito ng PLDT o MUP..kung makasukat ng sash at billing, wagas..magkanu kaya binayad nila dito.at cnu kaya kumpit ng bayad, abs, bbpci, or mup.

  14. I am happy that Vickie and Hannah didnt win any minor titles coz I want them to come back next year and win major titles.

  15. I wish Bea M. and Gazini were interchanged … but it is what it is … I feel so sorry for Vicki, she deserves a crown !

    The silver lining for me is at least we can have April , Hannah , & Isabela join again next year and have a crown to themselves

    Not sure if Sam and Aya can join again next year … they could have done better last night

    Good luck to Gazini ! for Bea, we have a strong MI possible winner as we try to overthrow Venezuela as having the most number of MI crowns…

  16. Among the 40, Gazini is the only one that makes me cringe
    And she won The most coveted crown
    I will try my best to support her

  17. Though I am rooting for emma and patch, Gazini is also MU worthy, she has a latina vibe in her presentation tonight with her open mouth and wide smile, and playful moves. She also reminds me of South Africa last year, her hair down and skin tone. I also like morenas rule this time, with the exception of emma in the winning circle.

    Aside from the results, I like this year’s edition from prod to music… bbp, really paid tribute to our Filipino culture with a modern and current take. I definitely wanna raise my flag with you, that filipino song with a reggae rendition is so cool, reminds me of bora and baguio. Nakakaproud maging pinoy. The rounds are also smooth and clean as well. Sana tuloy-tuloy na ganito ang prod.

    Well done bbp 2019. and congrats to all the winners.

    • Except for the weird, nakakahilong camera angles and shot changes. And can someone tell the production to not suddenly go from the contestant onstage to the audience/supporters? Limited na nga ang oras ng contestants onstage biglang sisingitan pa ng shots ng naghihiyawang audience members. The focus should be on the contestants.

  18. I am happy with the result. I think Gazini reeally exudes with confidence and beauty during the evening gown and swimsuit competition. During the Q and A portion when I watched her answer and Patch I changed my Miss Universe to Patch because her answer is really the best tonight. I feel that if they said they will give more weight in the Q and A then Patch will surely win Miss Universe Philippines. But then again this is still a Beauty pageant wherein Beauty and Aura prevails over good and articulate answers. When they crowned Patch as Binibining Pilipinas International. I knew at that moment that Gazini will win the Top crown of Miss Universe Philippines.

    I feel BPCI made the right choice Gazini’s Beauty and stage presence really exemplify Miss Universe. I think we will surely place again high this year in Miss Universe. I feel also that Madam Stella made the right choice to put Patch at Binibining Pilipinas International. She is already a strong contender for the crown of Miss International having not the typical Japanese beauty but her beautiful face, dimples and beautiful smile will be loved by the Miss International Organization. Plus that she is a lawyer that she can use in her speech in Miss International. She just need to rebrand her beauty because she is competing in Miss International.

  19. Catriona is ❤❤❤. Eto ang totoong reyna. May purpose. Busilak ang kalooban. May dignidad. May paninindigan. Di nagpapagamit. Di nanggahamit.

    Philippines! My heart is overflowing with gratitude, because here, on this exact stage, I was given the chance to pursue this dream. This journey has been made even more meaningful, because every single step of the way I felt each and every one of you right there with me.

    I am so humbled and immensely grateful to each and every one of you who has given true meaning to feeling the love and support of the Filipino people. I knew I had a big role to step up to once the Miss Universe Philippines sash was placed across my heart. Along the way, I had to surmount 3 mountains, to conquer 3 Mayon Volcanos.

    The first one was conquering myself. Like every single person, I had to overcome the fear that comes from within. The fear of falling short, the fear of failure, the fear of not measuring up. But I conquered my fear with faith – faith that God purposely set me on this path and that He would not give me a burden too heavy to carry. And faith in myself, because I knew that I was not perfect. But I knew I’m determined. And I knew that out of all 95 women that I was to compete with in Miss Universe, I would be the one and only Filipina, and that gave me strength.

    The second was conquering others. There were so many times that people told me that I would fail. I was told that it was too soon for another Miss Universe from the Philippines, I was body-shamed, and I was put down. But I conquered others by surrounding myself with people who uplifted me, supported me, and mentored me. My Team Catriona were my backbone and my safe place. I wouldn’t be standing here if not for every single one of them, and for all of you. And as an only child whose family was away for the entirety of this journey, they also gave me a home.

    The third and most important was conquering for a purpose. What was the point of all this? Who was I doing this for? I looked down at the lettering over my heart, and it said Philippines. I felt its weight, knowing the history, challenges, and triumphs of the Filipino people, I thought of the children of Tondo and of my country.

    I may only be one person, but now I have the opportunity to serve 104 million Filipinos, and I knew that I was doing this para sa Pilipinas. Inside each and every one of us is a king or queen with the ability to conquer the universe, whatever that may be for you. But we must first conquer ourselves, conquer what others perceive of us, and finally, conquer with a purpose.

    To conquer our dreams. Philippines, I will forever our raise our flag.

    Thank you for choosing me as your queen. Forever a Miss Philippines, forever a Binibini.

    Love, Catriona Gray, your Miss Universe 2018.

    • @ CatrionaFan ‘Na_mpu_ha! Pa-105 million na pala tayo….

      Sobra’ng bog-li pala natin. 🙂

      • Nope. May corrupt government (lahat including Duterte) lang tayo na di kayang tumugon sa sex education needs ng bansa. PopEd anyone?

  20. So happy for the results hihihihi if I could change something tho, I’d switch Emma and Potch’s titles.

  21. It was a great presentation
    Pang MU At MIss USA dating
    And thank God for Anne. I love PIa but she needs more training at hosting

    • Yes. I thought Anne delivered well, especially during the announcement of our new queens.

  22. I wonder what Flor Tula is gonna say when he hears Cat’s final speech ?

    • @ Fabian Reyes Please see my reply to CatrionaFan. 🙂

      (Shout out to “Jet ski”)

  23. Can I just say how incredibly happy I am with the results?!? A lot of latino and indonesian pages on IG are already quaking with so much hate because we are sending another MU-worthy beautiful girl this year. Gazini’s only weakness is her public speaking skills. 6 months is enough to improve that! A back to back win is highly unlikely but a top 3/5 placement is enough to keep our title of being the best performing country of this decade in Miss Universe. Let’s support Gazini and all our queens!

  24. 2nd RUp- Sam B -… again same placement…. she nailed her answer last year… this year… she didnt…. 3rd try perhaps? Twice 2nd RUP… is this a 1st time in BBP history?

    1st RUP- Aya… Good alternate…. if she delivered w/ a bang… She could have won Universe.. too bad she ddnt.. hence her placement…

    Globe- Leren— No surprise… there…

    MGI- Sam Lo- well she does have a good passport… Cuban-Chinese-Filipino is ideal for Venezuela politics wise… someone did mention that Angkol prefers a Latina…. only now that I realize that its only Sam Lo who has Latina heritage….

    MIC- Emma Tiglao… She did give one of the best answers.. the next venue most probably is an Asian country… and we’re not expectinga B2B.. but beautiful enough to land as 1st RUP…

    Supra- Resham… ddnt expect her pageant assignment but again I remember that the owner highly favors South Asian heritage…. I forgot that Pakistan used to be North India…and if she wins.. she’s an Asian who has a powerful Canadian Passport..

    International- Patch Magtanong… I was expecting Universe… I did thought before that her alternate pageant assignment would be International… and her features big eyes long neck would be loved by the Japanese… not surprised that the best girl was sent by SMA to MI. I guess BBP is aiming for another MI crown.

    UNiverse- Gazini!?!… that was a surprise… but she did win best in Evening gown.. her being half Palestinian would be a double edged sword but I guess venue-wise Koreans love middle Eastern beauty… due to the fact tht Korean king has a persian prince for an ancestor… Iran favors a new Palestinian state to be buily and thus Korea as an alie echoes that.. this seems so crucial… Gazini needs to prepare for this topic.. her sash factor is enough to give her a TOP 15 placement… the rest would be upto her. Congrats!

    • Bitterer ang hitad hihihi best girl kuno daw si Patchichay lmaoooo that face could never! She had a good answer to a very easy question but that was all she had. Gazini was everything this night, she deserved the win and her q&a was one of thr best!

      • i dnt find gazinis answer that responsive to the question..what she did was picking a piece of here and there from her arsenal of pageant ready answers cheat sheet…fortunate for her. she was able to weave a sensible answer..come to think of it, how does does one really get more women in the workplace. .but she was lovely as usual.and she was my MI bet.. as to patch, she will be an epic fail in MI..a nosedive for PH this year.

    • You are expecting Patch for Miss Universe when her face is her waterloo. Kakainin sya ng buhay ng kung sino man manalo sa MUT as she is NOT BEAUTIFUL. Nagpupumilit pang maging fierce ang ate mo pero napaka awkward ng mga poses at pafierce nyang ganap. BEST IN SWIMSUIT??? HELL NO. I do believe that Gazini or Emma are more deserving for that award.

      • Hahaha ang funny mo everytime you say Patch’s face is her waterloo, when in fact if you look at the group shot of the crowned queens it looks like Patch is the big winner of the night. In that group photo she’s really standing out for good reasons

  25. They picked the right pretty prototype delegate like Ganados for Mu and delicate beauty of Patch for Mi….I’m not surprised at all. Sad for Vickie she didn’t get any title or Hannah for placing runner up….try next time….I’m not sure if Vickie will try and it might be her 3rd charm like Pia’s.

  26. I am extremely happy with the results. Best part for me personally is Resham becoming Miss Supranational Philippines, thus proving that she was the one who came from behind to snatch up one of the six crowns. Hail Queen Rae!

  27. Happy with the results…

    In retrospect, the right girl was chosen for the right pageant.

    Gazini looks MUP.

    Patch is MU and MI worthy. She was my pick for MUP.

    My girl Rasheed surprises and wins Supranational! How about that!

    Vickie Rushton was the surprise disappointment. Silver lining? Pia won on her third try in BbP. It may be time to move on, love.

  28. Back to back to back MWP alumni for MUP! Hannah Arnold.. train ka and balik ulet please. So sad for Vickie though. Ano na Cebu bakit kayo ang favorite ipadala sa paygeant ni uncle? Rasheem is the biggest surprise but she has the biggest potential to win internationally. I just wish binigay na lang ung globe kay Aya para makasali ulet si Leren.

    • Palestinian papa nya. Taga Loon, Bohol mama nya but grew up in Dapitan City, their family residents. Moved to Cebu for studies and modelling career.p

  29. I got it right. Gazzini is really the goddess of beauty and far superior from the rest of her competitors. A strong representative for Miss Universe 2019.

  30. Wow my pick for MUP actually won! Go Gazini!!! I was teary-eyed when Patch was called for International as I knew it would be Gazini.

    Patch I believe is also MU material. I believe shes disappointed. I hope she’ll do well at MI.
    Emma and Sam Lo can also be MUP.
    I feel sad for Vickie. I thought she could at least land a runner up position
    Surprise surprise for Resham! You go girl! Deserve!
    Hannah was so raw. It was evident tonight. Please come back next year.
    I also feel sad for Sam B. Same place as last year.
    A runner-up position is the highest I can give to Aya. Great that she didnt end up with a crown
    I still dont know what happened with Julia’s non-inlcusion.

    Overall, we got a great set of queens and I wish you luck on your respective international pageants!

  31. Yes, I’m more than satisfied. Having lived in Japan for almost 20 years, I think Miss Bataan fits the mold of what Japanese perceive as beautiful and Miss Talisay, Cebu deserves to win the Miss Universe crown. I don’t feel Miss Laguna though as Miss Globe. On the other hand, it’s great to see somebody representing the Muslim minority of our country in the person of Miss Maguindanao. Good luck to all the winners and raise our flag higher!!!

  32. oh hannah wer u..nonetheless, crown or no crown, u are a winner..hapi gazini got the mup and not patch..and hapi no vickie..yan kasi nangyayari sa sakim na mga kapitalistang negosyante..nagpapadala sa bulong ng merkado..

  33. Totoo ka, the diosa prevails. Im so glad Gazini wins. No contest there. She just have to be the winner. Coz she EXUDES the aura of one.

    No contest kahit her answer in the Q and A is less impressive than Ms. Bataan’s answer. Good thing is, maybe half of the judges were equally impressed not necessarily by the content of Gazini’s answer but by her delivery!

    And Resham – the other goddess, what a surprise victory!

    The non-white haffies are prevailing!

  34. What a show tonight. There were certainly a lot of surprises. Most of all, congratulations to all of our new queens!

  35. I knew it na mananalo si Gazini. Kinabahan lang ako sa boses bakla nya nung before prelims. I did not see Julia, ummattend ba sya ng pageant?

    • @ Mori Yes, Mademoiselle Saubier was gracious enough to see it all through to completion.

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