26 comments on “Aya Abesamis: Does she deserve to place higher than 1st Runner-Up?

  1. 1st Runner up placement for Her is high for me. She should be grateful, alot of girls in th e top 15 showed more promise that her… April Short( lovely with her short hair, gabriela and Marianne of Marikina i think deserves a placement in the top event as runner up( 1st r up). I wish Aya all the best to what ever future endeavor she may take. I guess she just waitef to long join Bb. I mean beating the age limit, just the same with the daughter of a former Bb. Universe Chiqui Brosas Han whom joined when was 26 and was guven a first runner placement that year…

  2. What Aya TRULY deserved was the Best in Swimwear award!

    Patch? Du-uuhhh…. 😦

    That ALONE would have justified the Runner-up finish.

  3. Kung puwede lang sana na silang lahat na lang mananalo pero ganyan talaga sa patimpalak. Kahit sino pang pinakamatalino , maganda at pinakamatangkad kung ang suwerte naman ay hindi sa kanya. Kahit 1st Runner-up lamang si Aya sigurado na maraming biyaya pang darating sa kanya. Marami pang trabaho ang naghihintay sa kanya. Sabi ng bolang kristal ko hindi daw papabor ang suwerte ang taong 2019 para sa mga pambato ng Pilipinas. Dalangin ko na lang sana hindi nagbibiro ang kristal na bola.

  4. Tito Norman, why Julia failed to make top 25 . Could it be because SMA hated Melanie ? I don’t remember seeing her at the judging table of Binibini

  5. After her performance, her placement is fair.

    My shortcoming for Aya is that she is just not naturally a beauty queen. Talagang forced siya. By herself and by her team. Her personality, her demeanor, her marketing, her hype. Ginagawang MUP-level beauty queen when it’s just not who she is.

    She’s a phenomenal model and artist, but it’s evident from her two BBP stints that wearing the Philippine sash on an international pageant stage is not her calling.

    She is free now to follow her hearts’ truest passions.

  6. Nag-leak na nga yung tanong ni Nadine kay Aya, hindi parin nasagot ni Aya. She should really apply her answer to herself, read more. Well, this is her last na kaya no need to read na.

    • I did not think that the question was specifically written for Aya. Remember each judge needs to pick out of a bowl.

  7. maganda awra ni aya nung coronation…I like her dueing the swimsuit…so so on the evening gown…yung Q&A na magpapanalo sana sa kanya into having a crown di pa naitawid ng bongga…ang dali na nga ng tanong sa kanya ang weak at birin ng sagot nya

  8. Aya was surprisingly weak in her evening gown and made questionable movements that shouldn’t be done(only amateurs tend to do those). It was baffling because she has one of the best catwalk skills in the group and is a professional model. Her Q/A was good, but not remarkable. Leren did much better with her walk and looked radiant in her evening gown, and had a more substantial answer in her Q/A. As a result, Leren slipped past her to secure a crown.

    • I didn’t know who came up with the silly cape brouh hahaha. Aya thrives in simple, elegant gown. I think her gown without that cape would have been good enough.,

      • I think the design and her actual ‘execution’ is a homage to her mother’s stint at Mu.

      • Karen Galman’s simple modern white gown w/ a huge split in the middle would have looked better on Aya w/ sleek brushed up hair ala Charlize Theron and Gigi Hadid.

  9. I agree with the results. The 6 crown holders are all deserving. They are all beautiful and gave good answers to the Q&A. The magic six either gave better responses on Q&A or looked and presented themselves better than the rest. Let’s support them and avoid bashing them, as they’ll represent our country internationally.

  10. I had high hopes for her but I’m disenchanted by her lack of initiative
    to hone her communication skills which was her waterloo last year. She
    exerted so much effort into polishing her physique and pasarela that she
    clearly neglected to improve where she was most vulnerable at. I sense this
    sense of entitlement which frankly leaves a bad taste in my mouth,

  11. naku naku shoeses ko definitely deseving sya koron
    at di ko informed na sumali pala si Pops Fernandez at nakasungkit pa ng korona akalain mo nga naman.

    eniway mga vekhlas, ito ang aking sariling winners at sa akin lang to at wala kayong pakialam
    MUP – Gazini
    International – Isabela Galeria
    Supranational – Aya Abesamis
    Grand Intl – Resham Saeed
    Intercon – Samantha Bernardo
    Globe – Leren Bautista
    1st RU – Samantha Lo
    2nd RU – Emma Tiglao

    So tinanggal ko si Pops at pinalit ko si Isabela Galeria na bagay na bagay ang boses sa speech sa bansang hapon.
    so yun shoes ko kung may reklamo kayo bahala kayo

    • Sana tinago mo na lang sa panty mo yang choices mo bakla. Nag post ka pa rito ayaw mo naman palang mapakialaman. Gaga! Ikaw pala ang tonta.

  12. i will give credit where credit is due
    she was the most improved
    and she looked exotically beautiful
    this year compared to last

  13. Among the top 8 , I would rank her as 8th or 2nd runner up. I am not sure if she can still be allowed to join next year or whether she still has it in her to make a comeback … (note before the pageant night, I wanted her to be among the top 6 except fhe MUP crown)

  14. My personal fave 5 list, heading into the finals included Aya….along with Patch, Rasheem, Ilene de V., and Julia S.,

    So, as a fan, anything less than a crown for my faves is a little let down for me.
    A runner-up result for Aya is still something to be proud of.

    She will be successful in life nonetheless. Crown or no crown.


  15. Sana nagswitch na lang sila ni Leren so Leren can still join next year. Very Ann Colis kasi si Leren e.

  16. Tito make a write up for the super dark horse of zamboanga! April short . Was surprised with her look. Not ur typical kween.

  17. Yes she deserved better.

    The problem with this batch is that there are a lot of girls to choose from but there’s only 6 titles available. So even a minor slip up could cost you the crown.

    Aya made the right decision to stop the answer as I felt that she could have bombed it. Unfortunately, her closing by saying “that’s all” wasn’t good. I wish she could have said, Education is the key to confidence ek ek…
    At least hindi sya nagkalat like Vickie hihihihih

  18. All the best yo AYA . Tito Norm will you do a feature on other standouts among the final 15? Like Isabela G please?

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