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  1. Remember PIA WURTZBACH during 2013 edition she was 1strunner-up, then came 2014… with nothing…. and guess what happened 2015…. she went home with the Miss UNIVERSE crown.

  2. I think Sam can bring her #beatmalaria beauty with a purpose project to another platform like Miss World. Like other beauties who failed to clinch one of the BBP crowns, they found their fate in MW.

  3. I think it is telling her that she has to come back still…. but SOMETHING needs to be changed.

    I was surprised at how unraveled she became the home stretch to the pageant.

    If anything, medyo parang overthinking laging siya. Including her interviews. She doesn’t speak from the heart, but parang from a political candidate’s script. KF’s interview style leans towards maarte & OA.

    Look at how Atty Sigulanon teaches the A&Q girls to answer – SHORT and SWEET. At MU, they have 20-30 seconds only. Get in and get out, or else you will get lost. Sure puede mahaba sa MI, which is KF’s forte, but Miss International is a scripted speech – not an onstage Q&A.

    Even Cat had to learn how to get to the point and say more with less.

    Like Cat, I think Bernardo’s return will be most successful if she takes a step back and retool her approach. Na overwhelm si Ate with who she was trying to be. Maybe a year off?

  4. Enough is enough. For she was and will always be pageant patty. She is not that beautiful to begin with. Her nose is kinda distracting. Aside from those, laging canned answers. Economy? Ano daw??? Buti na lang times up na kundi lalong gumulo sagot nya.

  5. I’ve always liked her – pretty face, amazing body, excellent pasarela, strong presence. But Q/A is hit or miss, and it wasn’t a hit this time when it actually mattered. You can’t win a crown that way. I also noticed her makeup wasn’t good. Don’t they do their own makeup? Her makeup made her face look flat(on TV), an obvious mistake. I thought she looked better than that. As for getting successive 2nd runner up finish, it is obvious in the eyes of BBP that she’s not a crown material.

  6. awat na teh..kulang ka sa ganda, kulang ka din sa pagbabasa..but i admire your pasarela…malinis..reminds me of kiara ortega..killer walk.

  7. what’s this is telling her is that she was robbed of a better placement 🙂

  8. Unless there was a penalty for going over the “bell’ sound in the Q&A, I am not convinced that she did so terribly that she should be last among the top 8. Her hunger for a crown as well as her nerves were evident during the pageant night. I would give her Miss Globe. She truly deserves a crown, but perhaps if she is allowed to be able to make a comeback, she can even get a crown as major as MI.

  9. It wasn’t meant to be. I was hoping she would win Best in National Costume at least.

    Unfortunately, her poor showing during Q&A coupled with ok facial beauty were not enough.

  10. She was my bet for any crown including MUP and MIP ….. until the Free Speech . It was downhill from there .
    If she really wanted it , I would join again. She is in a very good position since she will be out of contract by next yr . No more Binibini as MUP is what she really wants . She has beauty of face and body already . All she needs to do is improve on her make-up ( she looked so fake on finals night) and Q&A . She had an American boyfriend who can help her .

  11. I was hoping she will be crowned any of the minor crowns. But unfortunately, based on the final q&a, there are finalists who did better than her. Still thankful for being a runner up than nothing just like Rushton.

  12. Move on perhaps open a gymnastic or dance school. Still a runner up finish is an achievement

  13. It was a disappointing evening for last year’s two runners-up.
    I dont know which beauty experience was worse;

    a) Sam B’s “win-but-non-win” result of repeating as 2nd runner-up again or
    b) Vickie R’s nerves at q&a, sealing her fate, and knocking last year’s 1st runner-up right out of the winner circle altogether?

    The runners-up position is truly a double-edged sword.
    Again, this comes with the territory in competing for a BbP title.


  14. No thoughts…even the other regular followers of this blog has nothing to say!!!

  15. Had there not been a bigger emphasis on eloquence this year, I’m sure Samantha B would’ve snatched a crown. Sadly, there were other candidates who did better than she did. My heart really breaks for her, you could just see how much she wanted the crown.

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