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  1. Gazini should watch out for USA, as she is I think the most dangerous candidate who can hide in the background and suddenly zoom up once she gets a hold of the microphone…

    My opinion only, if I were Stella M.A. and Richelle Singson, I’d have Bea for MU ( lawyer vs lawyer , Pinas & USA) but of course, it is all said and done and I did notice that Bea has less energy on stage than Gazini. Her advocacy for elderly care would have been impressive for the Japanese judges and audience. I wish Emma was MGI, for 1st Pinay MGI crown. I hope to see back next year(Apri, Hannah, Isabela, Jessarie, Jessica). I wish Sam B. won a crown instead of SamLo(1st ru), Aya(2nd ru)

  2. Congratulations to the winners!

    Gazini you deserved the crown. You had the strongest stage presence. Practice your Q and A and get down to action as far as your advocacy is concerned so you can have a good shot at MU.

    Patch I’m very happy for you. You had the best answer and you deserved the win, although MI the pageant would not be able to see you beautiful mind so much. But you have a sweet demeanor that would fit in with the Japs. I had wanted you to be MUP so we could showcase once more the intellect of the Filipina, but well, you have another destiny.

    Resham, happy for you too. Don’t know if Supra is the best for you but I know you would give it your best shot anyway and have an impact there. Your speech is very good.

    Sam Lo I’m happy for you too. You impressed me in the Q and A and you showed your soft side in the evening gown segment.

    Emma you certainly deserved a crown. I thought Supra would be better for you because of your bubbly personality and strong stage presence. But happy for you just the same.

    Leren, well that was a surprise. You did well but to get ahead of so many others was a certainly a surprise. Your experience helped you a lot. And that gown performance. Congrats and Good luck in Miss Globe.

    Hannah, I was rooting for you to get a crown. But that is probably good for you so you can prepare better for next year. Just a piece of advice – dont be too self assured that you would not consider the help of a camp or a support group of trainers. Its the constant training and preparation that would help you, not your convictions or self image. Just like in sports, you win in pageantry if you practice with a coach or coaches non-stop. That is the only way nowadays. But if you joined this year just to get the experience, well good for you. Now you have learned your lesson.

    Vickie – what can I say. You got all the special awards but goofed at the last minute. If you had only said thank you gracefully instead of just turning your back in obvious frustration when the time was up, you could have gotten Leren’s crown. You lost it completely really. What a shame. Remember that it is not just the answer, its the way you handled the question and the situation. But, that’s pageantry. You can now relax, forget about it, and get married to Jason Abalos. He probably prayed that you would not win. You have impressed a lot with your pretty face, that is without a question. You were the prettiest, and that’s it.

    Sam B, well, Im sorry to say that that is really as far as you could go. I am impressed with your advocacies and your cause oriented mind, but you are very careless with your speech. Consistently careless, and often incoherent. I suggest you pursue your advocacies with NGOs, and you will shine there. And modelling of course. Forget about pageants already. The same with Aya Abesamis, sadly. These too started strongly but didn’t have tthe total package really.

    Speaking of package, Gazini you were passionate and intense and your projection is MU worthy. Almost complete package save for one- your weakness is your speaking and thinking skills. You didn’t really answer the question, but at least you did not come out as incoherent. You are a mix of Miss Africa and Miss Venezuela in the last Miss U, and that means a lot! But please, practice your Q and A. Read, listen, learn. I am afraid that when the questions becomes deeper, just like what you were asked, you would detour and answer a different question, really. But time is on your side, you can go for it.

    Overall, while I was really impressed with Patch, Resham and Sam Lo, in the Q and A, I thought overall that the pressure got to the girls this year and they had less inspiring answers than those of Ctariona and Ahtisa last year.

    And that closes another BBP competition. Good luck girls.

  3. Vickie Rushton – halatang binenta na nya kaluluwa nya sa demonyo, hanggang 6 special awards lang na consuelo de BOBO pa, well…excuse me as in LIGWAK in the Q&A!
    Buti pa si Aya Abesamis, nasungkit niya yung placement ni Vickie Rushton last year na 1st RU.
    Sam Bernardo duplicated her feat from last year, literally a B2B 2nd RU placement, not bad at all, better than none.

  4. At least, Samantha Bernando got B2B 2nd RU 2018/2019 placement while Vickie Rushton-the hakot special awards queen didn’t place at all. Another tisay front-runner Hannah Arnold also didn’t place at all nor bagged any special award. Aya Abesamis best placement as 1st RU is her last hurrah as she will be over the age limit by next year. Her only chance is if one of the 6 winners won’t be able to fulfill their duties, then she’ll have the opportunity to fill-in and be a contender for the 🇵🇭 abroad.

  5. Only Sam Lo’s answer made sense! April Short should go back next year! Great decision on the bob cut pero sana slick back ala Vietnam.

  6. Congrats, Gazini!!! Baklain mo ang MU!!! Hahaha Support na lang din kita! Yay!

  7. Congratulations is in place for Gazini Ganados, our new Miss Universe Philippines 2019. She’s got the face, the sex appeal, the body. There is something so Miss Venezuela in her.

    Good work, Patch. Much as I want you to win MUP, I think you will represent us well at Miss International.

    Resheam Saeed at Miss Supranational, a Muslim woman? Interesting.

    Emma Tiglao have a tough act to follow in Karen Gallman at Miss Intercon.

    I got it right. Leren Mae Bautista as Miss Globe Philippines.

    Samantha Lo at MGI??? : ( ( ( (

  8. I ♥️ the lady with a short hair and gold gown.
    She’s pretty and tall.
    Medyo kabado nga lang, sayang.

  9. Catriona made me cry!

    I dont like her gown… but her speech was was… I’m speechless… goosebumps everywhere…

    We love you Cat!!!

    • Cat is ❤❤❤❤. Best MU ever!!! Honor and excellence at it best!

  10. I forgot Resham. She deserves a crown. MGI or Intercontinental.

  11. Winning all those awards perhaps added and unwanted pressure.

    Just sad for Vickie.

    I hope she still makes the inner circle 8…

  12. My winners after the Q and A round:

    Universe – Patch
    International – Samantha Lo/Hannah
    Supranational – Gazini/Emma
    MGI – Emma/Gazini
    Globe – Aya
    Intercontinental – Hannah/Samntah Lo
    Runners Up
    Sam B.

  13. Galeria has the strongest stage command . That FACE!!! Poor little white girl Vickie. She has an easy question she couldn’t answer . At this point it’s Patch , Sam Lo ,AYA for MU

      • Gazini is screaming Miss MGI Albania!!!

        Btw, pansin ko pala si MJ Lastimosa, ang damit niya! Juice miyo! Ayos ayos din!

  14. My last guess:

    MU- Patricia Magtanong
    MI- Emma Tiglao
    MIC- Samantha Lo
    MS- Aya Abesamis
    MG- Leren Bautista
    MGI-Resham Ramirez-Saeed
    1st Jessica Marasigan
    2nd Isabela Galleria

  15. For me it’s between Patch and Emma… Though I like the fluidity of Emma and her aura for MUP, but her total looks seemed to fit MI more.. she looks like a barbie..

    Some of them were not able to hit the nail on the head during the QnA. Though they can speak fluently, but perhaps due to pressure they couldnt articulate their thoughts that are more specific and straightforward.. the answers sounded sweeping and blanket statements.. but they are gorgeous. they could all fit the other crowns.. though for me it’s going to be head to head bet patch and emma. 🙂

  16. Q & A:

    Vicky Rushton – tsk tsk tsk. The nerves took over. What a shame.
    Patch Magtanong – the best answer overall. Simple, direct to the point, crystal clear.
    Isabel Galeria – wow, wow, wow. She’s brimming with confidence in the face of pressure.
    Jessica Marasigan – her answer is perfect for Miss Earth pageant lol.
    Samantha Lo – she can talk all right but she needs to nail her point as soon as possible, it’s a time pressure situation.
    Samantha Bernardo – read Samantha Lo.
    Hannah Arnold – generic answer. A Runner Up position for now.
    Marianne Marquez – a brave answer !!! she can be a spokesperson for LGBT rights.
    Resheam Saeed – I think she will clinch a crown.

  17. Q and A responses (PART 1):


    Patch Magtanong – very good answer; She mentions an identified empowered woman, mentions her work, and reflect it back to herself. I think she will win.

    Aya – ohmygod, swerte niya! maganda ang sagot!

    Marianne Marquez – she delivered a popular and non-offensive answer; just the unsure face at the end

    Sorsogon – just a bit too strong delivery, but good response


    Samantha Bernardo – good response, however she said something along the line “speak for sexual harassment” instead of “speak against sexual harassment

    April Mae Short – good beginning, just lost me towards the end

    Leren – bullying again and again, it’s an old “line” in pageantry, it’s a losing answer i think; i hope other segments will carry you through

    Jessica Marasigan – good enough, but her delivery was too strong

    Resham’s answer: okay na sana, bakit may “turn back to God?”

    Emma Tiglao – good delivery, good answer!

    Sam Lo – good answer, she didnt shine enough though.

    Hannah Arnold – nice delivery, but what is your “message”?


    Ms. Dumaguete: over the top responses

    Gazini : strayed from the question; didn’t respond appropriately
    She could have said “empower women, educate them, so they can better be equipped at workplaces”

    Vicki Rushton – gosh, the delivery was so stuttered! Is “inner being” a part of mental health, or more comprehensive than that?

    • Sorry wrong type.. Jessica Marasigan nailed it… not Gazini

      Leren Bautista had substance but her delivery did not end with a bang.

  18. How did Jessarie not make the 2nd cut ?
    I just noticed Gazini’s head is too big
    Galeria impresses

    • Nope. Fair and square sila. Nagkataong magagaling ang nasa KF ngayon. Di kagaya ng AhasAndKweens na iginagapang ang alaga. Nilalakad backdoor. Ewwww.

  19. Aw Aling Vicky just dropped the ball. Cebuanas breathes fire in QnA.

  20. In BBP history not all hakot of special award won the top titles. Most of the time it’s the best in swimsuit who gets the top plum.

  21. Vickie did not win Photogenic, Swimsuit and Long Gown…three definitive awards.

    The suspense returns.

  22. S. Lo looks like Janine. 🙂
    Gazini looks like MGI Albania. Grrr!
    Hannah has half-baked advocacy. Haaay

  23. Q and A responses (PART 1):


    Patch Magtanong – very good answer; She mentions an identified empowered woman, mentions her work, and reflect it back to herself. I think she will win.

    Aya – ohmygod, swerte niya! maganda ang sagot!


    Resham’s answer: okay na sana, bakit may “turn back to God?”

    Emma Tiglao – good delivery, good answer!

    Sam Lo – good answer, she didnt shine enough though.


    Ms. Dumaguete: over the top responses

    Gazini : strayed from the question; didn’t respond appropriately
    She could have said “empower women, educate them, so they can better be equipped at workplaces”

  24. According to wikipedia, the list shows that the five BbP crowns will be announced first.

    What is interesting is the runners-up titles have been promoted to MUP 1st runner up and MUP MUP 2nd runner-up and will be announced “after” the BbP titles are announced and “before” the MUP titlist is announced.

    • Yuck! Progress can be enticing but not all progress are really progress. #CorruptedMoney #GalemaBackdoorDealing

      • Oh nagkatotoo ba yan?? Di naman di ba? React ka kasi ng react, hindi man lang iverify muna. Basta you see an opporunity to bash, mangbabash ka talaga no?

  25. I noticed the runners-up titles changed to MUP 1st runner-up and MUP 2nd runner-up.

    Will they announce the five BbP crowns first, then the two MUP runners-up and then MUP 2019?

    If so, the MUO is truly making a bold statement of the inevitable reality of its eventual separation from the BPCI flock.


  26. Universe = Magtanong
    International = Rushton
    Supranational = Gazini
    Grand International = Abesamis
    Globe = Bernardo
    Intercontinental =
    Runner Ups = Arnold, Bautista, Marasigan

  27. It looks like Patch is poised to win
    I’m ok with that
    Sobrang Ganda ni Ate Hannah

  28. The girl’s back story & advocacy:

    Reshaem Saeed – her story as a Muslim woman.
    Patch Magtanong – her goals as a budding lawyer.
    Samantha Lo – literacy.
    Samantha Bernardo – battle against malaria ( it’s sooo like Tamaryn Green )
    Maria Isabel Galeria – education about mental illness.
    Gazini Ganados – care for the elders ( surprise, surprise )
    Hannah Arnold – it seems like her advocacy is a half baked idea, I am not convinced she is passionate about it.
    Aya Abesamis – read Hannah Arnold.

  29. Memorable spiel during the top 15 pronoucement:

    –Patch Magtanong
    — Sam Lo
    –Gazini Ganados

    Weakest spiel:
    –Vickie Rushton (no elaboration)
    –Leren Bautista (so unoriginal)

  30. As expected, the sleeping beauty Aya Abesamis nagpasabog na naman sa Evening Gown, hanep ang pasarela niya, sya lang ang umarangkada sa rampa ala 1972 Armi Barbara Crespo at 1975 Chiqui Brosas in their respective MsU Evening Gown Competition.
    With regards to Vicki Rushton’s 6-time hakot awards, hindi pa rin sya nakakasiguro sa top crowns at stake for tonite. May Q&A portion pa. And her height is another issue. Matindi pa ang laban ng ibang front-runners.

  31. Gut feel ko Resham will be mgi. 2 tisay skintone favorites sumemplang sa q and a

  32. The gown of cebu city is the same color of cebu’s Yedda Marie Mendoza when she won BBP International.

    • I just noticed one not-so-small detail in Patch Magtanong’s gown! A red rose in her bosom! She is gonna win as per Gurmeet’s prediction!

      Im pretty sure Vickie is going to struggle in the Q & A portion.

      I also think that the next set of casualty would include the rest of the best speakers of the batch: Sam Lo, which will leave us with just Patch (or maybe Jessarie) and Arnold.

  33. Vickie Rushton is winning the majority of the awards…

    These numerous awards kind of takes the suspense out of the final results…

    Oh well…

  34. Vickie Rushton is winning the majority of the awards…

    These numerous awards kind of takes the suspense out of the final results…

    Oh well…

  35. Evening gown presentation:

    Vicky Rushton – she’s killing it, the gown, the sultry look, the turn.
    Patch Magtanong – I like the way she presents herself here, understated elegance + the smile.
    Aya Abesamis – uhmmm, she acted like a drag queen, it’s so over the top.
    Jessica Marasigan – you will not win anything with that Bessie Besana gown. A disaster.
    Samantha Lo – much as I like her, her gown looks like a prom dress.
    Leren Mae Bautista – I love her silver fringe gown + sultry eyes.
    Gazini Ganados – wow, that gown. Pasabog!!!!!
    April Short – that Francis Libiran gown??? Disappointing.

  36. Vickie and Larah consistently look fresh. Others look haggard. Vickie, Larah, Leren, Gazini, Aya, Maria, Sam B did well in evening gown competition. Me thinks that if there will be top 10, Hannah may not make it. She seems to have lost her touch in the finals.

  37. Anya’s looks similar with her mom during miss universe long gown with that long flowy train.

  38. Malaki po ba donation ng Sorsosgon? At mas marami pa pong exposure si CHIZ at HEART.

  39. kala ko tapos na eleksyon..me nangyari kayang pa budots kaya mega hakot sa awards si inday vickie..just wondering.

    • @ Will Good to see you again, Will. 🙂

      ‘Ala, Mr. Tinio! Bigla’ng naglabasan ang mga kabute!

      Admin, take note of who’s who.

  40. Wala na uwian na mga Vaks may nanalo na, sure na yan Vickie Rushton MUP 2019 humakot na ng awards.. so sad 😔

    • She will bomb in q and a . If not she will fade at MU . Just another white girl, pretty but will fade against fierce latinas and Asians

  41. Ang linis ng pasarela nila Leren, Sam. B at Gazini kahit muntanga angles ng camera.

  42. Aya Abesamis nailed the pasarela swimsuit with her exotic looks. Watch out…she might pull a surprise tonite! She registers very well live and in print.

  43. Puro men ang judges mga amigos at amigas expect that looks will prevail.

    • What with those sashes na sumasabit-sabit. Panira eh.

  44. The first casualties of the night : Julia Saubier & Nicole Guerrero. Both articulate, both have impressive backgrounds. Not enough for the judges. And it seems like Vicky Rushton is being positioned to take the MUP crown.

    • The term “being positioned” sounds like there is some backdoor conspiracy going on.

      Truth is, social media, and this blog is an enclave of readers/enthusiasts reinforcing each other’s opinion – seldom contradicted.

      At least blogger has connect on the ground, and so he prolly knows that Vickie was really strong from the get-go, on the ground most importantly, in the decision-makers’ circle. Though this is not easy to discern from mere pics, and vids. For one, Vickie’s eyes look spark in vids, and in her 2018 bbp pics, her bustiness makes her look matronly even.

    • Vixkie Rushton? What did she finish in college? What’s her degree?

  45. Shit! Magwawala si Tita Melanie Marquez niyan! Lalabas nanaman ang pagiging Inglisera niya! Panay pa naman ang post niya several days prior to the coronation night that Julia deserves the MUP crown!

    • Hi Claire…. She needs to undergo some chin reduction.even she makes the top 25 puro men ang judges. Dyosa ang mananalo looks will prevail

  46. No Julia Saubier and Ilene de Vera?

    They were in “my” winner circle short list.
    I’m stunned.

  47. No Julia Saubier and Ilene de Vera?

    They were in “my” winner circle short list.
    I’m stunned.

  48. Upon seeing Vicky during the introduction, it feels like she will be the MUP. It’s surprising Julia and Ilene didn’t make the first cut. Those two for me have the goods for the universe.

  49. If Vickie tops this, MIP is in her bag! (Just like the usual after Oh wins Miss Universe)😊

  50. Bring home the MUP crown, my cabalen, Emma Mary Tiglao!

    Luid ya ing Pampanga!

    • I thought this year’s binibini is hashed “beyondbeauty!” or is julia “no beauty?” mmm seriously, this conveys really not a very positive message to young girls. that a well-spoken candidate who is bashed for her looks will not even go forward in the top 25.

  51. Don’t be too greedy ABS CBN.. We’re now in the era of social media. You can incorporate technology and business at the same time. Innovation is the key!

  52. ABS CBN = Mukhang pera! 🤮
    It doesn’t even post full version of any Bb. Pilipinas pageant online even after the TV telecast.
    I’m glad napag initan yan ni Duts, although I’m not a fan of Duts.

  53. It looks like Vickie is being favored to win MUP
    Unless her Q&A sucks big time , she’ll prob go home with the crown
    To Roxie etc, pls do not compare her to Eva . Their body proportions are different .

    I love all the candidates . The only one that makes me cringe is Gazini . She’s prob. A nice person but the way she talks really irritates me.

    • Fabian. They do have the same body prop. Only viki is more endowed. She is my mic. I’m just pointing out the obvious

  54. Vickie wow. Beautiful face but shes short for MU. She’s definitely getting a crown for sure.

  55. MIss USA and MIss Universe allow result updates as they happen

    • It’s not abs cbn’s call. It’s BPCI and MUP, they are the client, they are the owner, it depends on them on how they want their show will go.

  56. Ewww so 80’s abscbn. May mga livestreams na ngayon. Tsk tsk.

  57. My gosh abs cbn needs to catch up with the times. The delayed telecast should not be an hour late. And where’s the live streaming????

  58. 2nd runner up – Jessica Marasigan
    1st runner up – Ilene Astrid de Vera
    Bb Pilipinas Globe 2019 – Samantha Mae Bernardo
    Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2019 – Gazini Christiana Jordi Ganados
    Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2019 – Jessarie Dumaguing
    Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019 – Leren Mae Bautista
    Bb Pilipinas International 2019 – Maria Isabela Galeria
    Miss Universe Philippines 2019 – Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton

  59. any livestream of this? me too – out of town. can’t find any as of the moment.

    • It’s not abs cbn, its BPCI and MUP actyally. Since they have co-presentor that place ads they need to show it during breaks. Unless BPCI and MUP will incorporate the co-presentor in the show like Chi backstage lounge.

  60. i hope norman will do a live blog, first cut, to top6..plus special awards..im out of town.

    • Restrictions are fully enforced inside the Smart Araneta Coliseum. ABS-CBN made sure that nobody will spoil the results until the TV telecast goes simultaneous with the live proceedings. 😕

  61. Blogger, please post result asap. Will rely only on you. Thank you for always loving us all.

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