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  1. I don’t understand what the grading is for
    I find this very childish
    But it’s your blog so you can write whatever floats your boat

  2. ilang oras na lang magkakaalaman na sino mga newest reps natin sa larangan ng pagandahan.

    I’m excited. Ano man ang maging hatol, 100% natin suportahan ang mga pambati ng TeamPinas2019!

  3. Is there livetelecast for tonights grand coronation?🤔

    • TV telecast will start around 10pm. Slightly delayed but the actual announcement and crowning of the winners will already sync as live.

  4. Mr. Tinio, I appreciate this attempt to measure BBP’s Performance in 2018. And I read some laudable recommendations from commenters that we include relative weights of each international pageant. I’m sure this initiative of measuring team performance is borne out of your Psychology/ Human Resource Management background. As a Corporate Planner, I’ve been trying to search my analytics tool kits of similar or appropriate metrics to recommend to you. I know there must be some pragmatic ways to measure team performance that reduce subjectivity. Or we may have to research on existing literature out there in the business and academic community.

    Initiatives like this indeed set your blog apart from others. We may even expand the analysis to include other pageants so that we could measure the performance of the entire Philippines. By applying the same formula, we can then have a comparative chart on country-by-country Team Performance each year.

  5. I think Miss Universe “score” should be multiplied by 1.5 (one of the two BIGGEST pageants)
    Muss International by 1.3 (one of the BIGGER pageants)
    All others remain the same (the lesser known ones)

    So my rating for the Class of 2018 is 86.88, higher than Tito Norms’, but not that much.


  6. Pipe picked Gazini Ganados.
    My pick mup and mip Gazini and Hanna pwede mag palit
    Supra Emma tiglao
    Intercon Sam lo
    Mgi samantha bernardo
    Globe Nicole guerero
    Ist runner up patch
    2nd runner up aya

    • The Rappler article weighing on the potential winner favours GAZINI GANADOS. And her’s a headturner of a beauty na hindi na kelangang magsalita. Maganda ka’gad. Her educ background need not carry her to win an award, unlike Patch. We have better chances at MU, if we go for the bombshell, the old soul, and the universal beauty that Gazini Ganados is.

      • @ orangeandapple2017 Your description of Gazini is so Laura Gonzales-Ospina! I mean that in a GOOD way. Up there, along with Taliana Vargas and Carolina Gomez. She must really be prettier in the flesh.

      • @Flor, no, Im sorry. Gazini is much prettier in photos than in real life. Dyosa sa kung dyosa sa personal totoo naman, pero i feel her photos exaggerate her real facial beauty too much.

      • @unorthodox really. Since day 1 you don’t like ms ganados. Sabi ng mga bakla her face is like Tamaryn and chalita level. OK ok si patch na pinakamaganda as if patch face can hold a candle beside ms. Ganados. Face wise gazini leads the pack. I saw her in samar Ave qc near kf camp where I reside

      • Patch is pretty but not a goddess okay. Nakakahiya kay Ganados na i-compare siya kay Patch. Please.

  7. Tito Norms – while I agree on the percentage given per placement, I think weight distribution should be laid down according to the pageant. Miss Universe – 10, Miss International – 9, Etc.

    Baka sabihin ng tao dito gumawa ako ng sarili kong blog. Lol. Peace out.

    I think that’s the better way to put it. Imagine winning the other crowns without winning Miss Universe? Same score pa din ba un? Aminin natin na we always look forward to winning Miss U, World (outside BBP) and International plus Earth (outside BBP, if others will consider it big 4) Bonus na lng ang iba.

    Bottom line is Miss Universe should be given more weight.

  8. Speaking of MEGALOCEPHALY (this time), a (current) KF front runner clearly has it. Guess who. 🙂

  9. Eva was treated unfairly in MGI18. If she still can, she should join ME19 or MW19…

    • The owner should not have said what he did after the pageant
      But Eva got what she actually deserved int terms of placement .
      Her head is was too big for her shoulders and she did not do anything abt it . It was obvious she did not work out for the pageant . Her tripping could have been an accident but it’s possible it was from lack of prep .
      She’s kind and smart and I hope she does well in law school
      But encouraging her to join another pageant is a bad idea … unless she wants to


      • I agree with Fab on those points. Eva was mediocre and out of shape. I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t make the cut.

      • Roxie , see how Eva’s head sits her shoulders … then look at Vickie’s … big difference there

      • Idiot hater ..compare Eva before Binibini and after MGI .Tell me if u notice any change physically or otherwise . She probably got ready for the monologue and the Q&A but she did not get that far
        Let’s leave her alone
        Maybe something better awaits her in the future . Laban lang!

    • No EVA was a mistake….she is ok with light skin, but not pageant material. Very robotic when she speaks….calculated and predictable, and has this weird body proportion.

    • @jaret whether Eva was treated fairly or unfairly was a different issue. Her loss was due to her mediocre performance and unsightly body proportion.

      From Day 1 of their respective pageants, i could tell that Cat would win, Karen had a big chance, Michelle and Jehza would make the cut and Eva wouldn’t even place and that even the sash factor wasn’t enough to save her. That’s how badly Eva performed, but I’m not blaming her because that’s her body and who she is. She was just not up to the standard.

  10. LOVE Michelle, Eva, and Jehza BUT Cat and Karen winning and Ahtisa placing first runner up show and prove that it is still a BEAUTY pageant and having a beautiful face and being likable are an important key factors to winning. You can be the smartest and wittiest… you can have heavyweight credentials under your belt… if you are not likable and/ or beautiful to the majority of this world’s standards, you won’t win.

    • I’m having a tough time appreciating Aya’s and Patch’s facial beauty .At least , Patch’s face lights up when she talks especially when she shows her beautiful new teeth

      • Patch and Aya are both beautiful and are clear standouts internationally. If only Aya could speak fluently.
        Not a fan of Eva too. How I wish Vicky can speak with depth and substance. Sayang ang ganda.

    • Ohhh woh woh…the best comment I’ve ever read. You said it right baby! The magic word is LIKEABLE for a girl to win!😀😀😀

      • Patch yes. Aya no. Puhlease. Pag manalo yan, galawang #AhasAndKweens

      • @catriona. Why hindi ba galaw an ahas pag nanalo si patchinko? Her facial beauty is questionable.

  11. Thank you, BbP Class of 2018.

    It was another banner year of continued excellence.

  12. Speaking of forcing a rating for Grand International, Pipe is mulling Patch to be our “representante”. So, maybe he is thrilled by the prospect of meeting her? 🙂

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