6 comments on “The last batch of Glammed-Up Binibinis for Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. puerto prinsesa
    negros occidental
    and Launion in this photoshoot

    also 1st 2 in top.15 and 3rd in top 20

    jesarrie for Supra para syang lastbuearv1st runneruo.from.US. di sya pwede.masayang this year!
    though #24 nicole sana bet ko sa supra.

  2. Beyond…beyond…beyond.

    Yung video did not work well for the glam effect.

    But the photoshoots, grabe! Making Asia’s Next Top Model (photos and models) look amateurish.

    So proud of you.

    The team has definitely set up an international, rather and universal standards!

    Super galing!

    Proud to be Filipino. We don’t need to look up to other countries for standards. We have the best talents in our own shores.

    High respects!

  3. Jessarie nailed it… Close-up her face is gorgeous… her whole bonestructure is beautiful.

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