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  1. Patchichay is so overrated. Ordinaryo lang itsura nya, dito lang sa batch ng girls na to may at least 4 na mas maganda kay Chichay AND are good speakers. Pag sya nag nanalo, niluto ni Jonas bakulaw yan.

  2. Emma’s face hit the homerun!

    Cassandra’s form and bonestructure is excellent… Too bad her face doesn’t match.

    What happened to Nicole’s styling seriously?!!

    • With that nose…she definitely hit it….not a big fan of fake noses or couturing make up to make your nose thin or westernized🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Emma’s nose real??? Just asking coz its quite distracting. I like Nicole G’s glamour shot here, it looks vintage (that black outfit) just truly fits her.

  4. Let’s face it, Patch is enjoying the attention because of her credentials. And with what the current Ms USA has under her belt, people feel that Patch is the right girl to send to MU. While I agree that credentials matters and helps the candidate win, let us not forget that this is a BEAUTY pageant to start with. With emphasis on beauty. I am not saying Patch is not beautiful. She is actually one of the prettiest in this batch. With a striking resemblance to Pops Fernandez, you cant deny that she is indeed beautiful. A lot of candidates are also at par with Patch in terms of credentials, masyado lang focused ang mga tao sa pgpasa nya sa bar recently. Thats a great achievement indeed. Other girls have big achievements too, and mind you, articulate speakers also. In short, di lang si Patch ang may magandang credentials.

  5. You won’t cry Fab, but YOU will EAT your WORDS.

    Bon appétit mon chéri…

  6. Why why why Patch ?
    As I said I won’t cry if she wins
    But Hannah Arnold is right there . She’s our only chance to get a b2b or something close to that !
    Give me Sam Lo Gazini or Jessarie .
    But Patch ?
    Please !

    • Hannah Arnold’s greatest adversary should she win MUP is her Filipino-Aussie blood. Do you honestly think that IMG would crown a Catriona prototype? Highly unlikely. If they do crown a Catriona prototype, then I think that honor would go to Fahsai from Thailand (should she win MUT). I love Hannah, but she shouldn’t have joined this year immediately following Catriona’s win.

      • IMG doesn’t care if the girl has similarities to Cat. It is actually an advantage to have similarities and be compared to the current winner. IMG celebrates diversity… and what’s more diverse than being biracial? The fans and paid supporters saying “IMG won’t crown another fil-aussie” are the same group of people who told Cat that she should’ve waited a year or two because Pia just won in 2015. At the end of the day, it is the judges who will choose the winner. Hannah, like Pia and Cat, is very marketable and likable. The judges would fall in love with her.

    • @fabian I agree w you patch looks wise is not at par w gazini Jessarie and Sam lo

    • Fabian, there are already 2 lawyers competing in Miss Universe 2019. Colombia would definitely beat Patch if they choose to go with the prettier, and USA will win if they choose to go with the smarter and more experienced. Patch is also very polarizing. We are fighting not only for a back to back win but also for the other countries to finally respect us and acknowledge that we aren’t only sending “brainy girls” that win or place because of sash weight and manong chavit. We need to show them that we are capable of sending a complete package girl like Cat. We already started a new era with Cat, why should we go back to the dark ages of Philippine pageantry? Hannah’s greatest advantage is her kind, down-to-earth personality. In short, we won’t get bashed should she win the b2b title. The candidates, the judges and the fans would definitely love her. Back to back win, as much as a lot of people are saying that it is very hard to achieve, is inevitable and very likely to happen if we send the right girl. We need to send someone who’s win would not be questionable. Hannah’s perfect time is now. She is genuine, raw, endearing and very lovable.

      • @ Angela Reyes I will butt in.

        If I might say so (and I have said this before), Hannah gives me Iris Mittenaere vibes. Don’t get me wrong; of the four titlists since WME-IMG took over, French lass is my favorite for her easy, “not-diva” manner. But it is also true that of the four, she had probably the most tepid reign, ostensibly because the expected massive euphoria from her country would that buoy her popularity did not materialize.

        I know Patch – and Gazini – have enough following here and abroad to aid their respective campaigns. Does Hannah have the numbers that will make MUO sponsors and advertisers seriously consider her?

  7. I have a question, If Patch wasn’t a lawyer will there still be clamor about her making it as MUP? Coz that is the only reason I think these rabid fans are pointing out.

    • There’s no point wondering what if the lioness isn’t ferocious, as she’s already pouncing on you. The question is, are you ready?

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