10 comments on “More Glammed-Up Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. daraga

    in this set.

    daraga surprise.me!
    pasig is miss asias next top model look at her eyes!

  2. Wow they all look beautiful…
    I expected a bit more from Andrea but not bad…

    Isabela nailed this… her look is already perfect for modelling but if she want to win a crown on her 2nd try at BBP… Pin those ears, fix the teeth, tone that body and hone those comskills… A couple of years of modeling, hosting and traveling could resserve her a crown on her next attempt.

  3. I would like anyone of the following to win MUP :
    Sam Lo
    Patch Sam B

  4. Isabella G really needs to get into international modeling . I think that suits her better than pageants . That face and those proportions are very much in demand especially in high fashion

  5. Denise is like a diamond in the rough. Sobrang laki ng potential pero kailangan pa ng rigid training and more exposure. I don’t think she will get a crown this year but it’s okay, she can join again next year. By that time, she has gained more experience and training that will make her one of the top contenders. I hope her styling improves also, minsan okay, minsan hinde kasi. Then konting ingay pa sa socmed para maging intersted sa kanya ang mga tao. I’m not sure if she is under a camp, if not sana mg join sya either KF or A&Q para mas ma train

      • Universe – Leren Mae Bautista
        1st RU – Samantha Lo
        2nd RU – Hannah Arnold
        International – Maria Isabella Galleria
        Supranational – Abesamis
        Globe – S. Bernardo
        Grand International – Patch Magtanong
        Intercontinental – Vickie Ruston


        Iline De Vera – Globe
        Jessarie Dumaguing – Supranational

  6. I like Hannah’s and Julia’s photos the best. Hannah’s hairstyle suits her. It must be because the bangs cover her forehead a bit. As for Julia, that make-up makes her eyes pop up more.

  7. Gusto ko si Ilene here…in the free speech, she also looked beautiful…and delivered very well…Julia n Denise…Hannah…I like Denise…

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