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  1. Julia Saubier: Changing the way we think about beauty pageants

    The pageant industry has an established uniformity for aesthetic taste. We may have told ourselves at some point that “This is the kind of beauty for Pageant X, Y and Z”. There is always an expectation and pressure for a pageant-crazy country like ours. We have the whole universe expecting from us and we can’t blame them.

    Julia Saubier, my favorite delegate, has redefined the ballgame for what it takes to be a Binibini. She revolutionized the perception of beauty in “Beauty Pageants” and ingrained new ways of thinking for pageant aficionados by leading important, difficult and challenging conversations.

    For so long, the key driver of pageant discussions has been on physical beauty. Most of the aficionados are driven by it. Julia has changed the conversation from “Who is beautiful” to “Who do you see as important, inspiring and worthy?”. Her facial features may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she represented an impressive magnificence of diversity in an age where standards of aesthetics have been long-defined.

    I take pride in seeing Julia’s journey in Binibini. Her message is something that I’d actually be proud to be part of.

    • I agree with you 100% on the issue of changing the conversation on beauty. For indeed, pageant enthusiasts have been stuck on the narrow antiquated one-dimensional concept of beauty– the physical. The concept of beauty all over the world has now changed to include the cerebral and character dimensions. And even if we insist on physical beauty, there is no universal standard as it is culturally defined. Unfortunately, the standard in the Philippines seems to be the Caucasian prototype (with matching English fluency to boot). Unfortunately, too, pageant fanatics seem to enjoy hair-splitting each and every physical attribute of a candidate, from the hair to the face to the nose to the chin, to the forehead to the teeth, to the waistline and so on and so forth.

      I am well aware that Julia’s participation may redefine the Filipinos’ perception of beauty, along with Patch and a few others in my list. Her credentials are impressive! Why I did not choose her for this MUP edition is basically the lackluster advocacy that she brings to the table. It strikes at the heart of your question “Who do you see as important, inspiring and worthy? Advocacy mirrors character; it defines one’s moral and mental qualities that make one a positive influence in society.

      I have intimated in my previous comments that I wish she joins MWP because her credentials perfectly fit the requirements of the various challenges in MW. With just a little more polishing of her advocacy project, I am confident she could bring to the Philippines our second MW crown.

  2. Mula tatlong pag pipilian, for ME gusto ko ipadala sa MUP si Julia… 1st runner up si Magtanong to prepare for next year.. and Arnold for MGIP.

  3. Gurmeet prediction of a rose points to rose-loving Gazini (check her Instagram) as the winner

  4. Hannah Arnold shines really bright on stage and should be the MUP
    Julia and Sam Lo are my next in line because of their exemplary verbal skills .
    Ok na rin si Patch . To those who say mayabang sya , u may be mistaking her for Shamcey who is absolutely full of it . I think Patch ‘s humility will be endearing to the MU judges.

  5. 2nd runner up – Jessica Marasigan
    1st runner up – Ilene Astrid de Vera
    Bb Pilipinas Globe 2019 – Samantha Mae Bernardo
    Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2019 – Gazini Christiana Jordi Ganados
    Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2019 – Jessarie Dumaguing
    Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019 – Leren Mae Bautista
    Bb Pilipinas International 2019 – Maria Isabela Galeria
    Miss Universe Philippines 2019 – Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton

  6. It seems as if no contestant could tick of all the boxes that Catriona has set. But remember, they shouldn’t be emulating Catriona, they should be setting a path of their own. Some may have a deficit in one area, but there’s still time to improve on whatever that is. This batch is so exciting in that its so unpredictable. My only hope is that the judges understand what it is IMG is looking for and send the best girl who has the foundation that can be improved upon. Remember, Philippine pageant gurus has a knack for transforming girls. Have faith in the process 🙂

  7. I’m excited with this edition. I’m feeling na merong manggugulat come Sunday. I’m feeling yung time na ginulat tayo ni Ariella Arida nung 2013 in a field of 50 candidates. Whatever the outcome will be (kahit may mga bet ako), I’ll support them kasi iba talaga ang ganda ng mga Filipina. VENEZUELA WHO?

  8. I agree… I believe Patch is the best girl this year to win..

    There are super diverse girls this year… Each of them either excell or are lacking in 1 aspect. like personality, comskills, cultural awareness, advocacy, facial beauty, bone structure, modeling skills, etc..

    All the girls have minor flaws but which one is the most moldable to become Miss Universe ready by december?

    I see that Patch is the total package…. The only minor flaw I see in her is that she does not have the strongest walk… but then if Shamcey was able to master her pasarela in just a few months… The more I have higher hopes for Patch who is a PMAP model. I believe she would be more than ready by December.

    • Check out Patch’s walk.

      To be honest, I think the pasarela can be fixed in a couple of months before the actual Miss U pageant but comm skills takes years to master, and even then sometimes you either have the gift of gab or you don’t. This is why I have always been more partial to candidates who can speak with substance because then the rest (styling, pasarela, projection, etc.), with all the camps and the masters and gurus of pageantry in the Philippines, is an easier fix.

      • Exactly!… If we crown the girl w/ the most substance.. she doea not have the strong face that could compete based on beauty… If we crown the prettiest.. adding Substance can take years.

        Patricia is the most balanced well-rounded girl in the competition… Catriona may have a bubblier personality and stronger pasarela… But Patch’s total beauty and modeling skills are still a huge improvement compaired to the academic achievers we sent during the Trump Era…

      • Does this point to Gurmeet’s prediction of “rose” , and white light? Look at that dress. My god, MGA ateng!

      • @Catriona Fan

        I like Samantha Lo.. but her bonestructure does not permit her be beautiful in motion… Although her stoic face is gorgeous… her smiling face needs some work… And I don’t see her trying or expressing to promote each individual aspect of our culture, maybe due to the lack of knowledge and experience of it.

    • excel po single L lang

      compaired – compared po dapat
      excell – excel po dapat

  9. Sana may pa-predict the winner contest ulit si Norman.

    MUP – Ganados. Walang B2B na mangyayari, so send the most gorgeous one, NOW, para magmarka pa rin ang Phils. Gusto kasi kasing articulate pa rin ni Cat, my goodness.
    MI – Arnold. She can’t be a runner-up, hindi makatotohanan na walang korona to unless mag-back out sya before the finals. Sana nga next year na lang sya sumali para MUP.
    MGI – Magtanong. So we can now have our first MGI crown. Kung wala pa rin, wag na magpadala sa MGI sa sunod.
    MSupra – Abesamis. Basta.
    MIntercon – Rushton. International sana pero andyan si Hannah, not unless she will really be favored to get the MI crown. Or, Sam B.
    MGlobe – Bautista. Dalagang Pilipina.

    Kahit sino pa man ipadala sa kung saang pageant, I think MGI lang ang may chance iuwi this year, so so with MI. The others will surely be finalists/runners-up.


    • Anonymous, your “basta” is guided by gut feel. And your reasoning for Gazini and Hannah are PAK! Galing! I think this is the list I would go for nang walang isyu,

      except, Sam Lo as MUP? Ganern? Pwede kaya? Or Rashem as Ms. Globe maybe?

    • @ Anonymous Hi! 🙂

      Feeling ko, kilala kita. Just from your choices and tone.

      I hope all is well with you. ‘Yung friend natin, medyo sad, ngayon. ‘Pag-pray, natin.

    • Mas maraming deserving sa MUP title. Ibang crowns for Gazini not MUP. 🙂

  10. My Picks:

    MUP: Patch Magtanong
    Aya Abesamis
    Julia Saubier
    Jessarie Dumaguing – Beauty wise. she’s giving me Venus Raj vibes!!! grabe lalo na sa NatCos

    International : Vickie Rushton
    Emma Tiglao
    Leren Bautista – if gusto nila ng morena this year
    Hannah Arnold
    Cassandra Chan – ang syala niya kumilos. Ballerina e. so feeling ko pwede rin siya

    Supranational: Emma Tiglao
    Aya Abesamis
    Samantha Bernardo
    Martina Turner Diaz

    Intercontinental: Sherry Ann Tormes
    Samantha Lo
    Jean Nicole Guerrero
    Cassandra Chan

    Grand International: Gazini Ganados
    Resham Saeed
    Joanna Tolledo
    Martina Turner Diaz

    Globe: Resham Saeed
    Samantha Lo
    Alanis Binoya
    Leren Bautista

    Runners Up: Hannah Arnold
    April May Short

    • @ MrManila Thank you for mentioning Cassandra Chan. 🙂

      I think Angkol will utterly adore her, and so will Venezolanos.

      So, switch ko sila nina “Tina Turner” (for brevity).

      • i don’t think she will be “adored” by angkol. gusto ni angkol trophy winner. trophy queen. yung kahit isang malaking scam at keme keme ang pageant niya, susubaybayan pa rin dahil sa ganda ng nanalo. so Gazini. LOL

        Masyadong delicate ang aura ni Cassandra. Actually, bet ko din siya for International. pero pwede rin siya for supra kung sayawan lang din ang labanan!

      • Cassandra Chan is almost the total package…
        Too bad her face is not her strongest asset…
        In my opinion, even Nicole Cordoves is much prettier than her.

  11. To be honest, i also have Aya as one of my MUP bet. the overall beauty.. surely, pansin agad ang gandang pilipina niya.. but then again, i won’t say na hindi siya magaling in terms of comm skills or being a good speaker.. siguro may iba lang na mas speaker sakanya and hindi masyado na eexpect or na ri-reach ang expected comm skills ng Pinoy for an MUP winner. but then again, i think she’s super beautiful now. she has this queenly aura. mas malaki chance niya magka crown. she can be Supra.

    Julia – my gad. itong babae na ito na surprise ako. di ko siya bet nung una, she’s beautiful din naman. but may angle na sakto lang. haha maybe she can work on those. and her projection. but girl ang bibig ni ate.. panalo. pwede rin siya sa Ms. World.

    Patch – she’s like nicole cordovez. beautiful.. amazing credentials.. but kailangan ng matindihang push pa. parang andun na.. konti pa.. pde na. Her look reminds me of Ariella Arida – who i super love. now i wonder anong look ang pwde niyang ibigay aside sa long straight hair.

    Hannah – di ko pa rin magets. hilaw na hilaw pa rin ako sakanya. parang sayang ngayon siya sumali. parang dapat nagpa hinog pa siya. plus, she has resemblance kay Jessy Mendiola na ang lakas maka nega ng dating saken. HAHAHAHA.. sana runner up muna siya..

  12. Awww that’s so sweet of you, Tito Norms, for mentioning me in your blog. 🙂 ❤

    Just like to share my personal picks for BBP2019:
    MUP – Gazini
    International – Hannah
    Supra – Emma
    Intercon – Vickie
    Globe – Julia
    Grand – Patch
    1RU – Sam Lo
    2RU – Sam B.


    May the best Binibini win!

  13. Ang daming mga experienced and loyal pageants fans dito. Kung kailan nanaig na tayo sa pageantry masyado tayong gigil kumuha kung sino ang papalarin when in hindsight, whoever will be the queens crowned on Sunday, we will back them up (walang crab mentality, walang reklamo, suporta lang). It’s because they are bring the PHILIPPINES sash on the plate of international pageantry. Sana nagegets niyo yun hindi yung hindi siya bagay, ayaw ko sa kanya. ANG NEGA LANG KASI SORRY.

  14. Miss Universe Julia Saubier
    Miss International Hanna Arnolds
    Miss Supranational Patch Magtanong
    Miss Intercontinental Samantha Lo
    Miss Globe Resham Saeed
    Miss Grandinternational Jessica Marasigan

    1st runner up Leren Bautista
    2nd runner up Gazinii Ganados

  15. Lmaooooo Si Magtanong girl talaga ha, do you know why the lawyers we’ve sent before didn’t do well? Because them being a lawyer doesn’t amount to anything, and the same could be said about this girl. May kayabangan sya when she answers questions and on her interviews na kala mo gamay na gamay na nya but the end result was as you can see in the free speech, she started strong but ended meh because she tried to go beyond the question. And most of all her beauty is common, average, mediocre, plain etc and all those similar adjectives. If she gets sent to MU, balik dark age tayo cuz ganon yung tipo ng kandidata si Patricia Magtanong. I’d take Julia Saubier over this girl any day, even if Julia is not typically beautiful she still has this cosmopolitan vibe unlike Patricia M who you can mistake for any girl you see walking the street. Even Aya is a better pick, beauty-wise, since she at least has a hint of being not plain.

  16. Lmaoooooo Si Magtanong girl talaga ha, do you know why the lawyers we’ve sent before didn’t do well? Because them being a lawyer doesn’t amount to anything, and the same could be said about this girl. May kayabangan sya when she answers questions and on her interviews na kala mo gamay na gamay na nya but the end result was as you can see in the free speech, she started strong but ended meh because she tried to go beyond the question. And most of all her beauty is common, average, mediocre, plain etc and all those similar adjectives. If she gets sent to MU, balik dark age tayo cuz ganon yung tipo ng kandidata si Patricia Magtanong.

  17. Wala akong paki kung c Aya Kaayayaya Verdadero Abesamis hihihi.
    Sa Q&A nlang ay KaAyaAya talaga si ni Aya Divahhhh☺

  18. this is one big prediction gamble largely influenced from the current selected miss usa..nonetheless, pia, us, and the rest, will continue to cheer for hannah for mup. goodluck hannah. may ur stars align on the eve of june 9.

  19. Nice choice Norm, and high five! I am also a psychology student (just completed my Masters). Point to be noted is that, MU 2019 already have 2 contestants with a law degree: USA and Colombia. So, from that perspective, Patch is a good choice. (Although I wanna see Resham winning this title) but still, I’ll be happy seeing Patch take the title too because her advocacy is really unique!

    • Wow! May pa-credentials pa. Lol! Push mo yan! Mag-PhD ka na rin tapos ipangalandakan mo. Lol.

      Tornado 50X.

      Essential lang? Lol

  20. Seems like the inclusion of Aya in Norman’s infinity 8 for MUP is like a “palubag loob” to Aya and her fans as he already stated in his prediction of Miss Intercon (or MGI) that that would be the highest place he can give Aya. Thats why I’m surprised to see her name on the MUP list.

    • I guess tito had her on this list because Aya definitely has the aura of a Miss Universe candidate. In his heart she can be a potential MUP but in his mind there’s someone who is better suited for this title.

      • Ah okay, its just seem odd that if Intercon is the highest
        placement you can give, then why still consider to a higher crown. Anyway, different views, different opinions.

    • Norman hit it in the bullseye when he said that Aya’s personality just isn’t fitting for the current needs of the MU. Having the ability to speak to media and defend her causes and speak on issues with clarity is very important.

      Unfortunately, Aya is an introvert just like Maxine. They are not great at speaking in public but I’m sure they are ok in smaller settings.

      I just wished that she tried improving that aspect of her personality. But que sera sera.

      • @ 4M That being said, I realize pageantry is probably more suited for extroverts.

  21. Patch looks great up close especially when she talks and smiles . She is long and lean with fairly good comm skills.
    Would I be sad if she won MUP ? No
    Tito Norman , u r very gutsy . You have possibly alienated 80 % of your followers and more than 97% of the candidates . Bumping into a candidate from here on is prob gonna be very awkward .but I admire your courage.l
    Have u been snobbed by a national pageant candidate because of your predictions ?

  22. Agreed, Tito. For real. Patch Magtanong is not exactly my favorite but objectively speaking, i feel like she’s destined to win MUP2019–this is really her year, with her Bar exam success and all. She’s tall, pretty, and accomplished. I just wish she wants the same thing for herself and actually show it, perform it. Medyo kasawa na yung Beauty Queen from UP portrayal—quiet confidence bordering on nonchalance na—parang di na nag-ttry? Hard to explain. But to provide a contrast example, Idol ko si Pia at Catriona not because they won the crown/Filipina representation but because they never rested on pretty, they never got complacent, and they really fought well. Panalo na sa mata natin, ginalingan pa talaga. Sana ganun din itong batch na ito..yes, maganda kayo, yes, sexy kayo and y’all can speak well.. pero asan ang personality, asan yung sincerity, asan yung inspiration? Ayun lang. Be somebody that people look up to not cos you were born pretty and went to a good school. Be somebody that people will admire cos you exemplify hardwork and efficiency, on top of being pretty & smart.

    Anyway, can we all agree that Hannah Arnold must come back next year? I don’t want her to compete in minor pageants this year. Sayangggggg! Haha.

    • Plus, MU already has two contestants with a law background: USA and Colombia. Keeping that in mind, Patch is a nice selection…

      • Yeah but MU is not a court trial… They’re not exactly after degrees/profession. I mean it’s a good story, yes. Pero at the end of the day, they crown a spokesperson with a face that can sell hair products, makeup, clothes, a certain lifestyle, and an advocacy. Lawyer or not.

        Patch Magtanong’s strength? Her followers. Yan talaga ang kanyang panlaban…

  23. Why is Patch the Philippines’ hope for a b2b crown?

    MUO is on a business expansion mode. When in it was bought in 2015 by WME/IMG, a merger of a Hollywood talent agency and a sports and marketing empire, one can at once see the motivation behind the acquisition: the business opportunity of obtaining the huge global audience of pageant enthusiasts that can also be the captive markets for its increasingly convergent business worlds of entertainment, sports, and fashion. With events marketing as its new DNA, MU soon realized it can no longer afford to be a “once-a-year three-hour TV special”– it has to “modernize and grow the brand” via a business operation that can leverage its massive global community 365 days a year. How could its marketing/ business development arm build the brand that will induce demand pull from corporate sponsors and institutional supporters? I can only conclude that this time they will make full use of their titleholders to effectively speak to potential sponsors and supporters to fund their advocacy message to their billion-strong global fan base.

    Under WME/IMG, the business of MUO sharpened its goal: to “empower women to realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success”. Towards this end, MUO intends to establish the MU brand as a leading authentic women’s empowerment platform. With that as the guidepost, it is easy to see that its titleholders Miss USA and Miss Universe will increasingly play a strategic role in its brand positioning and architecture.

    Nowhere is it more evident than in the recent choice of a lawyer social advocate with an honors business administration degree as Miss USA. Her credentials seemed to be cut out for the task of empowering women and raising awareness on women’s issues and other challenges confronting human beings everywhere. Moreover, as the brand spokesperson, she appeared to be most qualified to enlist the much needed support of the Amertican business community in sustaining its women empowerment programs. If the Miss USA is indicative of things to come for this year’s Miss Universe, we may as well expect that the crown will be clinched by one who is capable of talking to decision makers in corporate boardrooms in the Wall Steet as well as to street vendors in the Main Street, to academicians and students in universities as well as to the village women in some remote farming communties as well as to the street dwellers in some dingy city corners. In other words, someone who can talk legalese, business buzzwords, as well as street slangs. Yes, she has to be beautiful, but not in the antiquated sense of superficial femininity. She has to be confidently beautiful, i.e, she has to be liked, listened to, and followed. This means that her worth is not just measured in terms of physical attributes— face, hair, teeth, complexion, vital statistics, walk, elegance. It is also gauged in terms of brainpower—intelligence, knowledge, judgement, abilities, insights, eloquence, lucidity. Finally, it is gauged in character, that distinctive mental and moral qualities that make one a positive influence in society.

    I cannot Ithink of any person who fits today’s MU template except Patch Magtanong whose credentials serendipitously resemble that of Miss USA– a lawyer social advocate with an honors business economics degree. Moreover, Patch has a winning edge: a commanding presence shaped by fashion modeling experience.

    • Sorry Patch is not gonna be good for IMG’s business
      She will probably do fine at MU … but she will not win the crown

    • Scorg, your description of a fine spokesperson sounds more like Julia Saubier, or even Hannah Arnold. Patch Magtanong is really “pilit”, and our perception bias of her intelligence actually makes her sound more intelligent than she really is (compare her answer to the free speak to Chan’s underrated response in Robato Viewz). But in the MU battle per se, no one has the same perception bias, the sash factor might work and is in itself is a bias, but then, she will be surpassed by the really articulate lawyers and nonlawyer contenders.

      • Both Patch and Cassandra got Latin honors in their respective bachelor degree at UP. Patch took up Business Economics and Cassandra took up Visual Communications. I would not be surprised that Cassandra has a “better” impromptu answer than Patch on the same topic drawn. If your forte is Visual Communications, Photoshop is a subject matter you should have mastery of. I’m sure if the topic drawn by the two is related to economics or business, I would not be surprised if Patch’s answer will have a slight edge on Cassandra’s. Nonetheless, I also love Cassandra to be in the winning circle.

      • I think “Photoshop” is a very general cue word. Non degree specialist with good comm skills, say Saubier or lo, could potentially answer it well. In this case, I think it might be beyond the cue word: just plain and simple comm skills.

        But whoa, up grads with Latin Honors in bbp!

  24. Safe and sensible choice. After all, she needs to be MU-PHILIPPINES, first and foremost. The adulation she enjoys SIMPLY stems from our people’s putting premium on finishing school with honors and the law profession. Aminin! And it does not hurt that she seems to be humble. So “Marimar”! And Blogger will portray loyal and wise Fulgoso. 🙂

    Mademoiselle Saubier’s outspokenness (and before, I used “cerebral” and “self-righteous”) and Hannah Arnold herself admitting she could learn know more about her mother’s land do them few favors. In the end, they are STILL TOO FOREIGN.

    Patch is the most relatable. So was Pia (broken home) and Cat (“kalog-kulit-jologs-baduy” na ka-tropa ng mga beki’ng empowered). Good for her!

  25. My choices for MUP from this list
    in this order:
    1. Julia Saubier
    2. Patricia Magtanong
    3. Hannah Arnold
    4. Sam Bernardo
    5. Leren Bautista
    6. Gazini Ganados
    7. Aya Abesamis
    8. Vickie Rushton

  26. Great conclusion, Tito Norms. We both have the same raison d’etre.

    Patch is the only BbP who can pull off a back-to-back victory for the Philippines or can match Tamaryn’s fate in MU. She has stunning personality, excellent credentials, and above satisfactory communication skills.

    BPCI might also choose her as its last MUP would the franchise be removed from them by IMG.

  27. Tito Norm, will you write about a column about a possible spoilers on June 9, or those under the radar?

  28. agree but what I am waiting for is to see Bea’s stage projection and hopefully , it will be something good , or more preferably , something great !

    Emma, Sam and Hannah have good stage projection

    Julia lacks stunning facial beauty … Gazini has it but lacks solid speaking skills

    My spoilers coming from behind I say again are Resham and Jessarie

    • That’s a great observation @jaretwrightlover. Am sure here team will focus on these if Patch becomes our MUP 2019.

      Also agree on your comments on Julia and Gazini and the other girls.

      • I know right … & for Vicki, Leren and Aya, I feel like they should win one of the other five crowns

  29. Fresh pageant face. Okayish comm skills. This is an unexpected choice, blogger.

    Hear out Cassandra Chan’s better response on cue word “Photoshop” in the free speak. And check how she was scored lower by robato. Some perception bias in favour of atty patch?

    Still though, judging by the usual and actual mu winners, I think we have better chances with more amiable personalities like Sam lo, Saubier, or even Hannah in the mu competition

  30. I will be satisfied if Patch wins MUP. I know that she will give it her best effort if she clinches the crown. I still have my sentimental favorites (Sam Lo and Resham), but I think the Philippines would not go wrong sending Patch to represent us in Miss Universe 2019.

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