2 comments on “Glammed-Up Binibinis: From the eyes of Raymund Saldaña and Owen Reyes

  1. I soooo LOVE this High-Fashion Glamour Pictorial..
    BBP really leveled up this year w/ these gorgeous edgy styling and houte couture creations… instead of those tired old cocktail gowns and dresses.

    I think Rizal has a huge potential in future pageants .. Surprisingly she has the substance… I don’t mind her heavy accent…. another hectic year of modeling and hosting experiences would neutralize her accent and make her slay the runway and pictorials… I can feel that she can be honed into a future title holder… She got the goods, she just needs to master the manual..

  2. Ms. Rizal’s eyes has an X factor appeal in it. If the frontrunners list is not all too crowded, maybe she has a chance.

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