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  1. Reading Gurmeet’s usually accurate pageant prediction, Sam lo will win mup.

    • I concede that Gurmeet’sdescription fits patch and Hannah as well

    • I concede that Gurmeet’sdescription fits patch and Hannah as well

    • In the past, the formula to win an MUP:
      A. A beauty with stellar academic records, an iska:
      — lawyer from UP College of Law many years ago
      — magna cum laude from upd, or decent grad from uplb: shamcey and Ariella

      B. Beautiful haffies:
      — cat
      — Venus raj
      –pia, to name a few

      C. Regal bearing country ladies:
      — Venus raj

      Today, we have a mix of all the above types making it difficult to choose:
      For A: Patch
      For B: Hannah, Rashem, Gazini, Sam lo
      For C: Jessarie, leren

      We are applied for choice. We will see which prototype will be most favoured this year.

      • In the past too, at least in bbp, celebrities seldom do very well, except pia:

        Examples: wyn wyn, plus was it mulach of the 90s?

    • So I won’t be too surprised if Vickie does not make it to the cut, but the fresh faces do.

      It must be or appetite for the new and fresh, the less familiar faces, rather than the ones we have been accustomed to seeing? Isn’t beauty like that? Ephemeral, impermanent?

      Although some repeaters do ripen up and bloom, EMG.emma t. Others are in the obvious decline, imo, v. Rushton. Had she joined 4 years earlier, it would be a diff story?

  2. Sam B is my alternative for BbP International and BbP Grand Int’l as well.

  3. Sam B is my alternative for BbP International and BbP Grand Int’l as well.

  4. The only one that will surprise me ( in a pleasant way ) making it into the semifinal round is Dia Magno . She seems out of place in terms of body and facial beauty . But girl can talk .

    • I feel the same way….something awkward about that Magno girl. She looks like hmmm Gabby Concepcion a long lost daughter or at least the other daughter of his who recently competed. Last year in Ms Earth??? She has this weird Stance as well or her chest is just too big??? Don’t get me wrong she’s pretty for sure 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. @C

    I can see your point regarding the most facially beautiful BbP, in recent years, have been sent to Supranational (and to some degree Intercontinental as well).

    In my opinion Janson, McGarry, Rodriguez and Gallman are the types of beauties that should have been sent to MU during the 1990’s and 2000’s when facial beauty and elegance were the sole focal point of winning the crown. There would have not been such a drought during those decades.

    External beauty, advocacy, communication skills and stage presence now are on equal footing in reaching the top 5 and final 3 at MU.

    • @ jusr saying and @ C Minalas talaga si Kristi Lynn. Sent to Intercon twice.

      But would have swapped her with Pia, then (2015)?

      • Flor , Pia won . You can never be ‘ more right ‘ than that
        Mcgarry did not have the drive or hunger . If she were sent instead of Pia , she would have ended up like Curaçao 2015

  6. Universe = Magtanong
    International = Rushton
    Supranational = Tiglao
    Grand International = Abesamis
    Globe = Bernardo
    Intercontinental = Gazini
    Runner Ups = Arnold, Bautista, De Vera

  7. For me , Hannah Arnold should be MUP.
    She needs a lot of training in terms of pasarela styling and comm skills . But I think she is our best chance at a b2b or something close to that . Her presence on stage is just amazing. She lights up the stage .

    Sam L
    Sam B

    • If your saying that Hannah needs a lot a of training in pasarela would it be better if she will not take a home crown and be reserved for next year.

      • @ B Ayaw daw ng family niya na umulit pa siya.

        Kung next year, babangga na siya kay Kathleen Paton (yet ANOTHER Fil-Aussie!) at Alaiza Malinao. ang presupmtive “sabong” ng 2020.

        So if she crowns, THIS year na dapat!

      • I think 6 months of preparation is sufficient to sand off the rough edges

      • Half a year to train. Philippines is known for transforming girls to 180 in a matter of few short months. Tried and tested tayo diyan. More than enough time ang meron considering she’s already showing sooo much potentials. Rough around the edges, yes, but can’t deny the fact that she is our best bet for the back to back win. She’s got that raw Stefania Fernandez vibe to Cat’s polished Dayana Mendoza. Miss Universe, if ever they will give the back to back win, will choose a girl that has similarities to the previous winner. Colombia 2015, France 2017 and South Africa 2018 all failed because polar opposites sila sa predecessors. It’s time for us to send someone fresh na girl that has that “je ne sais quoi” aura. The judges always choose the girl that has the ability to connect with them, being smart and eloquent can only get you so far in a competition that looks beyond the intellectual achievements of a person. Pia, Iris, Demi and Cat all beat the doctors, lawyers and even scientists kasi they all have one thing in common na meron din si Hannah. Out of all the 40 girls si hannah lang ang nagtrend sa twitter during and after the road to the crown. Casual viewers and pageant fans gravitate towards her beauty that radiates from within.

    • I think mup will be someone a tad mature in age 25 above
      Gagawin mi ang bagets kahit highest score

  8. C’s prediction below about Vickie’s chances taking Intercon is anticipating. I also have the same gutfeel. Vickie is a good successor of Karen.

    I have been closely monitoring the BbP events on different fora and social media. Essentially, I have watched the primer on TV and assessed what awaits the supposed frontrunners and darkhorses come coronation night.

    It’s true that this batch has a lot of potential crown drawers. At least more than ten ladies have equally shown strength and some of them were able to outperform the frontrunners.

    Besides Vickie I already aforementioned, below are the strongest who can possibly get the BbP crowns:

    1. PATCH MAGTANONG. Whilst I agree with others that Patch has plateaued and nearly missed to peak when she needed the most, I still believe that she still has the MUP title to lose. We understand that the euphoria of the recent Bar Exam result had made her omniscient, and that she had to attend to some important testimonials, clearance process, celebrations, and oath taking in order to become a full-fledged lawyer (signing on the attorney’s roll is the final act). Her being a lawyer puts some pressure on her shoulder, thus, I suspect that Patch is aiming the top plum on June 9. Contrary to others’ views bordering bashings here, Patch possesses the most photogenic and telegenic face amongst the candidates, and she is gorgeous. She is also the first ever licensed lawyer who joined the BbP pageant. She is indeed a complete package.

    2. HANNAH ARNOLD. This girl has given her 101% in this pageant, and we appreciate the effort. Whilst at some point she appeared bland, she nevertheless stood out in some of her appearances. My reservations are on these two: (i) she has Pia’s mirror, and (ii) she is not eloquent. Therefore, she is second best, and BbP-International fits her head. Her doll-like beauty will be trendy in Japan.

    3. AYA ABESAMIS. The moment she joined BbP, I had this in mind that she is a good Miss Supranational-Philippine bet. When she messed during the Free Speech portion of the BbP primer, I then concluded that she deserves Supra. In Europe, bad English is not an issue. Exotic look is.

    4. SAMANTHA LO. At the onset, Sam was not in my top 10. I thought she was just plane jane-ish. Lately, she showed the real deal during the pre-pageant events and she emerged. I thought she could be the better version of Nicole Cordoves. With her superb spontaneity and improving beauty, she can be our first ever Miss Grand International.

    5. LEREN MAE BAUTISTA. This girl has peaked. Her beauty is stellar, and she is at par with Philippines’ first Miss Globe Ann Loraine Colis. Through Leren, Philippines is ripe to earn its second Miss Globe.

    6. SAMANTHA BERNARDO. She might be the first runner-up, or could steal Globe from Leren.

    7. GAZINI GANADOS. She can be second runner-up or steal Supra from Aya.

    8. JESSARIE DUMAGUING. She is captivating and must come back next year for a major crown.

    9. JULIA SAUBIER. Her wow factor makes her in the top 10.

    10. ISABELA GALERIA. She is exotically stunning. I like her vibrance.

    • I’ll quote Tito Norman na lang, “Let us not look for the “perfect” #MissUniversePhilippines imagined inside our heads, but the one who would be “best” among the forty (40) Binibinis to be further trained and polished to represent the country in Miss Universe.”

      My take on this is that we should choose the girl that not only fits the mold of IMG/MUO but who would and could do the best to possibly bring back the Miss Universe crown. Yung choice mo, that is highly subjective, is fighting sa “runner up placement” kung we have naman a girl that could win the b2b. You are right na patch is pretty and smart BUT she is NOT what IMG is looking for. Her advocacy and exotic “island girl” look are very polarizing. IMG wants a girl, like Cat, that is marketable and likable. May reason na they go for the multiracial, “cosmopolitan” vibe na asian girls like Pia, Maria, and Cat over sa exotic girls na may janine tugonon, rachel peters or ara arida look.

      Ana, I respect your opinion and picks but we should be objective dahil at the end of the day pageant parin with criteria eto. Like sa MI and MW, MU also has a prototype. Admit man nila or hindi, year after year, the results are almost the same. 😊

    • Think no more, let the BBP official judges exercise their duties to decide. Don’t be so desperate to shoulder the burden that Grandmama blogger is trying to get into your head by asking the not-so-interesting question “Who will be the next blah blah blah…?”

  9. Eto ang sinasabi ko eh, ang mahiwagang tanong na “Who could be the next…?”. On my previous comments from previous blogs, I already mentioned that this question will be repeated…tsk tsk tsk😭😭😭. Next time…sooner or later MUP naman ..tsk tsk tsk🤣🤣🤣

    • Kahit ako rin naman, puro KF ang picks ko. KF just put their best foot forward so most likely they’ll be rewarded with the best results.

  10. Agree w c. Not a fan of Vicki but if she will get crowned. This is the crown suited for Vicki Rushton. Sam b is more supra type

  11. Just an observation.Mostly BPCI send the most beautiful girl(facially) in Miss Intercontinental.I picked the right girl so many times in this crown.Except Jennifer Hammond,I got right on Kris Janson,Christi McGarry,Katarina Rodriguez and Karen Gallman.This year,I will choose Vickie Rushton who I think the most pretty.Last year I choose Karen (who answered so-so in Q&A but still took home the crown) just because I find Karen more beautiful than anyone else including Vickie.

    • Looking at the group photos, clear standouts are:

      Emma Tiglao – otherworldly, almost elfin-lije beauty
      Tolledo – wasn’t a fan of her free talk answer, but her maburok na kayumanggi stands out
      Sam B – is she using hair extension?
      Leren – stands out in centre of her group pic, or is it just my preconceived bias
      Cassandra Chan – neng balakang ang gandang bumali

      In the pics, I find patch (by being a up-ian and lawyer) and Hannah to be super hyped girls that take attention away from the other deserving girls like Rashem and Chan. Attention were too focused on them,that the other girls prolly as deserving credentials way ay naeetsapwera like Sam lo, Rashem, and Chan who peaked belatedly by virtue of what they can deliver that surfaces even (in some aspects) what the two superhyped frontri can.

    • Exactly.

      Never mind MU. Intercontinental is a double-edged blade that cuts both ways by wasting the recent gains either by our sending a rep unable to match, if not exceed, Karen OR the organization turning a cold shoulder to their new-found status in Philippines by not recognizing our patience and drive.

      But I disagree with Blogger’s view that our recent hosting did a lot to up the brand. ‘Di ko na lang ipaliliwanag at sigurado’ng maiimbiyerrna na naman si Admin. Abrazos y besos, te quiero. 🙂

      And with this prediction, he has effectively shut A&Q out by leaving only one opening accessible to them, and the bloodiest yet – to come.

      And if he chooses either of the independents for it,…. sa MWP na lang siya babawi sa Picks. LOLZ.

      • Yeah I noticed she’s not building up any of the A&Q girls except for Leren Bautista who’s facial beauty and comskills are not at par with the other frontrunners… its only her personality that makes me root for her.

  12. Wow tito Norms. I wonder how you will determine your MUP bet knowing there are still STRONG FRONTRUNNERS left without crowns. I am seeing a bloody match between Patch, Hannah, Julia, and Sam Lo, perhaps?

  13. Wow tito Norms. I wonder how you will determine your MUP bet knowing there are still STRONG FRONTRUNNERS left without crowns. I am seeing a bloody bath between Patch, Hannah, Julia and Sam Lo, perhaps?

  14. yes I can see Sam B. for BbIntercont… she truly deserves, perhaps not the MUP2019, but one of the six crowns !!!

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