10 comments on “The Miss Philippines Earth 2019 Welcome Party

  1. This environment-themed pageant is potentially the most relevant global beauty derby, but it is wasting the many opportunities to upend its brand in the world stage. For instance, in the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice (Poland) in December 2018, it could have at least volunteered its winners to act as ushers or to do some PR work. There are numerous UN- scheduled Climate Weeks in different parts of the world in 2019, Miss Earth’s participation, no matter how insignificant, would have been a remarkable brand-boosting activity for the organization. This may not be a revenue-earning activity as compared to promoting SM’s eco bags, but I’m sure they can link-up with some blue-chip companies to co-sponsor their UN volunteerism or any NGO global initiative on climate change.

    • ADDENDUM: I wish ME will step up its environment-related initiatives because its cause lays claim to the most timely of all beauty pageant advocacies. Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity. If MU is gearing up to year-round engagement with its global fan base, so that its “women empowerment” brand message is not lost after the one-off 3-hour TV special, I think ME has more reason to talk to its huge followers on a continuing basis due to the global urgency of its message. As it seeks this year’s spokesperson, it’s innovative judging process of Beauty of Face, Beauty of Figure, and Beauty of Mind, should extend to yet innovative sustained action programs on environmental issues.

    • They don’t normally refer candidates to MPE except for one edition during the year Jamie Herrell won.

    • Inter-municipality kasi ang contest to choose a rep for the province, although sa nationals, ang municipality and province na ng candidate ang naka print sa sash niya.

    • @ Ramon Would it be more accurate to say that KF-trained candidates typically do well at ME?

      The way I see it, KF is cozy with ME organization and that has paid off well for the camp.

      And do you think that Sash Factor’s observation – the emergence of “styling teams” to replace beauty camps as exemplified by independent candidates – will be the new norm/direction for Filipens?

      • Ewan ko ba…minsan kasi mga winners nila ang liliit…usually sa RU…Eh pag nilaban sa Intl…nalalamon…tsaka questionable talaga paging panalo pilipinas

  2. Dapitan City resembles Laura Lehmann.

    Is Naga City from CamSur (not Cebu)? She looks like Agatha Romero.

    Blogger Tnio, ano’ng pa’ng pageant agenda (if any) nina Edgelyn Gamboa, Sophia Baino, at Kayesha Chua (OT)?

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