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  1. What does Ms. Globe specifically look for in a girl? Reviewing the past winners since Anne Colis, their preference seems to be pointed towards the uniqueness of the lady.

    In this case, my objective choice is Jessarie Dumaguing. I have this gut feeling that she will do better than Leren in the Q and A in BBP. Initially, I had Aya Abesamis in this title but after the free speech, I had a change of preference. The reason is, Jessarie didn’t crack under the pressure of which I cannot say the same for the lovely Aya. If this is telling of how this is going to go down come finals night, then Jess will definitely make it to top 8 and eventually clinch the MGP title.

    She is a clear standout. She knows her pace in the stage and with a lovely backstory to tell the media and the judges.

    Jessarie Dumaguing will be Miss Globe Philippines.

  2. Gazini is an alpha female who just draws people in. She need not say a word. Her mere looks and presence is enough.

    Samantha Lo is my favourite frontrunner, currently.

    Darkhorses are two, dahil di sapat ang maganda Lang, among the two best in the free speak up challenge:

    Jessarie Dumaguing
    Jessica Marasigan

    • Resham Saeed did a stellar job as well. She and SamLo are my current bets for MUP. Many have previously pointed out that Resham’s surname of Ramirez-Saeed is a wonderful display of diversity. I had just found out that Samantha Lo is Filipino-Chinese-Cuban-Nicaraguan. You can’t get any more diverse than that.

      • I agree.

        This is where I think the cue word matters a lot. Between Gazini and Resham’s answer on the same cue word, I find Gazini’s to be wiser. She used the cue word to speak to a common and matter-of-factly phenomenon shared by humanity: moving on as an every day fact of life. Resham’s sounded cliche, dropping the oft-used word in the pageant scene : empowered. Just what does it mean to be empowered? Let me count the thousand ways. One of which is knowing when to move on. So she is right. But just by this broadness of the term “empowered”, I find her answer to be less impactful.

        However, had the cue word been a bit more on politics, gender equality or socio issues, who knows maybe resham would have shine brighter? And gazini faltered?

      • @orange I respect your opinion. I didn’t mind the use of the word empowered in Resham’s speech because to me it came across exactly as how I suppose she had intended: that an individual capable of admitting failures or mistakes, someone able to recognize when to fight and when to let go, is someone who is empowered by virtue of maturity. But yes I agree, had she used the word wise instead of empowered, it would have made all the difference.

        As for Gazini, I like her answer, or rather, the message she was trying to get across. What I didn’t like was her delivery. Had she been succint, she would’ve made more impact. As they say, brevity is the soul of the wit.

      • Okay @carrot, in the pics released by saldana, resham is a standout.

        If it’s all beauty, it would be Gazini & Resham.

    • I love Jessarie
      I will give her any crown
      If things play out right, she might just win MU P
      She looked MU in her national costume
      And Girl rocked at Jag and World Balance

  3. This crown suits anyone of the front runners … this is up for grabs

  4. Is AYA still worth the HYPE? I NOTICED too that Vicky looked so short in her natco…Jessarie, Leren, Samantha, Emma, Hannah, Omorog, Gazini and Saeed for me…

    • Pinakamaganda ang KATAWAN ni Aya. Up there with Venus Raj and Rachel Peters. And she’s sweet.

      • F lor, face first
        Aya disappoints in that dept
        I d k
        what style works for her …But I don’t like her current hair and make up
        I want to be surprised on finals night

  5. Just noticed that Ms Malobon is always on the list….is there any reason why? I mean she’s ok and had some nice pictures before prelims.

    • I don’t understand it either
      She is pretty with make up on
      Her delivery is questionable to think she grew up in the States

      • @ Fabian Reyes “Questionable delivery despite growing Stateside” also becomes Nicole Guerrero (haute couture vs. pret-a-porter)? And to think she spent time at Victoria’s Secret Pink.

      • Ms Malabon, imo, despite extending her answer beyond time a bit, delivered one of the most substantial answers. No “faces of children” , “it’s sad” or rhetorics that merely floats in the air. She potentially elevates discourse on poverty. Her answer earn my respect.

      • I know , Flor , I was also very disappointed in Nicole .
        Sam Lo And Julia are the top when it comes to comm skills
        Patch and Hanna are ok too .
        These 4 are my top MUP contenders
        But since we are not expexting a b2b , I will throw in Sam B Emma and Leren to the fray
        I’m still not sold on Aya’s facial beauty but I will be ok too if she wins any crown.
        I like her down to earth attitude.

      • I forgot abt Gazini
        She’s prob a nice person but she makes me cringe
        And she is gorgeousness

      • @ Fabian Reyes It is Generation Z, the Millenials, the SAME fans who staunchly support Catriona, Muning’s “tropa”, that are setting sail to “Galeon Ganados”. They share with Gazini and Cat traits such as levity, idealism, and worldliness.

        So when Gazini got “Moving on”, her answer raised the flag for these polygamy-prone kids.

        Mine is Generation X, the “Martial Law Babies”, characterized by CYNICISM and IRM’s shoe fetish.

      • Some answers tend to be inwardly oriented, philosophical. Which attests to strong intrapersonal, or even existential knowledge.

        I think “moving on” cue word played to Gazini’s strengths. Her answer sounds very wise. Sounds like a lady sage talking about change without yanking mushiness but merely stating facts about the ways of the world: the everydayness of moving on.

  6. She did well in the free speak challenge, so she is safe bet.

    Tolledo however is a major disappointment for being misinformed about a subject she claims to be familiar with as per profession. Depression is not caused by a single cause as she implies and as she hammers to her pupils. She shouldn’t even be considered seriously in the rankings.

    • Tolledo has a square body proportion.
      This alone should take off her the potential list of winners
      Among the ‘short’ ones , only #2 delivered at Free Speech

      • Toledo is actually really pretty. She doesn’t have a square body proportion. Catriona has the square body proportion… Have you seen her Century bod photos?

    • Why, I like ms malabon’s answer. She delivered a good answer without dropping big words or cliche lines. Her answer potentially elevates the discourse on poverty beyond story-telling and appeal to emotion, including catriona’s ms u answer to the q and a.

      As per Nicole’s answer, tricky couture / rtw cue word. But yeah it’s an ill fit linking these cue words to climate change.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Tolledo had the cringiest answer in my opinion, and coming from a psychologist? Geez, she’s perpetuating the stigma that comes with depression. I dislike her answer so much that I could barely look at her photos now without flinching.

      • I cringed at Joanna Tolledo’s answer too, but don’t make me start with the girl who got to speak about the end times.

  7. If the free speak challenge is to be the sole deciding factor(of course it is not), Leren is a safe bet here.

    Wouldn’t even place in the consideration the following:

    A.Tolledo (who did a big mess up by being thoroughly misinformed and ignorant of a subject she is supposed to know well – “depression”; and she teaches students?

    b. Samantha B (who tried hard to hail political dynasties like some showbiz personality needing to hail praises to cause no offence), and

    c. Aya Abesamis (who despite smiles couldn’t express herself well) in the consideration.

    To the defense of Aya, Samantha B and even Irene de Vera, the cue words “political dynasty” and even “pia and Catriona” are among the trickiest.

    Maybe they can handle more personal and less political words like “move on” better

    • @ orangeandapple2017 Perhaps Palawan enjoyed a benevolent dynastic governance?

      • Flor Tula, yes. That’s a good point. Coherence would have been key to drive her point well.

        But she was able to deliver an answer “decently enough” to a tricky question. Sagot Lang Nang tuloy tuloy. I think she might be luckier next time.

  8. Blogger, I was just thinking about her anti-bullying advocacy. Because I think a LOT of what is taken as “bullying” (gravitas) may actually be TEASING (levity).

    Do school deportment manuals make a distinction?

    We will get another Dream Girl of the World citation (puso), thanks to her.

    • Not fully aware of the details that our educational institutions have regarding the matter, or if it is even an included section in their manuals. I will ask some of my contacts.

  9. This must pain you Norm to put her for Globe. I think she can be MUP but there’s just too many jockeying for position at this point.

    I am surprised that you didn’t put Julia Saubier in the mix. I would have given her the Globe based on the fact that her facial beauty is at par with Michele Gumabao. Both are heavily credentialed and confident women.

    I would say Leren for Intercontinental if she doesn’t win MUP and Julia for Miss Globe!

    Are you going to have a separate post on potential under the radar candidates that might spoil the party? I can see Jessarie Dumaguing having a come-from-behind victory given her story, her raw eloquence and exotic beauty ala Venus Raj to snatch one of the crowns.

    • 4M That’s Tito Norm’s opinion, and you have your opinion too. So don’t be to emotional dearie. Just enjoy the pageant. At the end of the day, it’s the judges on the 9th who has the final say. Hence, I am only hoping that Bb. will also choose a high esteemed panel of judges on Sunday.

      • Garga, if you don’t follow Norm’s instagram then you wouldn’t understand that he’s believes in Leren and putting her for Globe probably must be a tough thing for him. And believe me, I am far from using my emotions as my means of making a decision…hihihihihi

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