16 comments on “Raymond Saldaña captured the Binibinis who went up north to Vigan

  1. The pictures are crisp and overcooked by PHOTOSHOP,,, hello Patricia Magtanong ???

  2. C2F Dude, please get the name of the MUT candidate (featured in the Thai “Cheer up channel” on YouTube) who got a golden tiara. Emerald-green cocktail dress, 175 cm, 25 years, from North Thailand (Isan?), and with rusty English picked up after four months of overseas study.

    SEXY-NIPIS (in her swimwear shoot video)! Naalala ko tuloy si Alaiza.

    GANDA! Yummy chocolate complexion. Maria Isabela Galeria x Julia Saubier prettier version.

    • All the ladies look absolutely gorgeous. But on the side note, one can really observe the difference of the style between Raymond and Dookie. Raymond is a glam shot guru while Dookie went for the chill and relateable shots. Both photographers are exceptionally good and offer different styles but I like Raymonds photos better for this theme.

      • Raymond Saldana is Photoshop King, too much manipulation, hinay hinay lang sa paggamit ng PS and LR

    • @Flor

      You talking about Bella Thanatphon Boonsang?
      Yeah, she’s ok.. She looks like she doesnt have make up on during the audition.. and she looks short beside Paweensuda.
      Nway here’s her IG.. “bella.shhhhshhhshh”
      You’re welcome!

  3. Norman Blogger, will Raymond Saldana shoot for Supranational again this year?

  4. Saeed and Dumaguing are so hot! 🔥🔥🔥
    I hope Nicole redeems herself in the finals.

    Stand out photos: Saeed, Dumaguing, Tiglao, Guerrero

    Sam Lo needs to learn to project and be more feminine in front of the camera. If she does so, she’s a sure win.

    • *more feminine and soft (i love how strong she looks in photos, but variety is everything)

  5. Mukhang magpapasabog talaga itong si jessarie dumaguing come finals night!!!!😙

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