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  1. If madam stella want to rest in MI this year. I mean to give way to other countries to win MIss International. Then vickie is the right choice. But who knows baka manggulat ito sa bbp and win mip at baka manggulat din sa MI. Para maiba naman. Its not a good idea if lagi magpadala ng mala kylie na fez. Since mi crowned a face shape like what venenzuela have. Then vickies face shape is qualified. MI is evolving guys. Who ever stand out will win. Not just by face shape alone. But i think may chances din naman si vickie sa mi guys. Remember Forte ng KF ang MI. Give na natin to sa kanya since lamang pa din naman sya kay jolene. Pero if gusto ni madam ng sure chances in mi then choose hannah or martina. But hannah need to lessen her make up sa MI. She is independent and i hope the glam behind her is aware sa mga dos and dont sa MI. Martini is a good choice also. If they want a more Filipina beuaty this time. Then choose patricia. Her moves is pang mi naman and may chance din to make in the ist cut. But she need train more on her catwalk for better chances dahil may catwalk competition na ang mi before trimming to final cut fo the speech competition so if makapasok sya sa final cut sure runner up or even mi crown yan.

  2. Hopefully April May Short can still make it. She maybe a newbie in the world of pageantry but it doesn’t disqualify her to win one of the crowns.Still high hopes for her. Sir Norman, any thoughts about April po?

    • She is really beautiful. The competition is very tough, though. Let’s see if Lady Luck will stay with her come Sunday night. 🙂

  3. Patricia Magtanong
    Hannah Arnold
    Aya Abesamis
    Gazini Ganados
    Sam Bernardo
    Vicki Rushton
    Leren Mae Bautista
    Jean Nicole Guerrero
    Samantha Lo
    Emma Tiglao
    Jessarie Dumaguing

    Only 8 spots remaining. Sinong tatanggalin ko? Placing bets on Lo and Magtanong. Dumaguing is my dark horse. Not a fan of Rushton and Arnold. Sayang ang katawan ni Aya. I love Gazini and Sam too. I want Emma to be there. Giving up Nicole. How about Leren?

    • Retain Leren. Dump Nicole, yes. STOP putting a rein on yourself keep your Black dark horse. Get rid of s(Aya)ng. Eliminate BOTH Hannah or Vickie; you’re not a fan.

      There you have it! Your 11 plus 1 (Leren) less 4 (Aya, Vickie, Hannah, & Nicole) gives 8.

      JUST TRUST YOUR GUT. Because it is unique and makes you special. Take roughage, too. 🙂

  4. sori..pero di ko type ang babaitang ito for any crown. sorinotsori..not beauty queen material..short height. payatot body kaya umaangat ang boobey.

  5. If Vickie is on the list, then so be it.

    This is one pageant Madam is well connected.

    • I asked an insider of the Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan who confirmed that – age-wise – Vickie is still qualified because she only turned 26 last month.

  6. Just finished watching pre-pageant of BBP 2019 sans commercial ad via iwanttv. In the free speak round, Samantha Lol nailed it. Her answer was on point, very fluid and there was no evidence of nervousness during the delivery of her answer. That girl was very relaxed. Some girls delivered also well, but apparently the feeling of being nervous were manifested on their faces, voices and body gestures.

  7. Fabbie, I think personality is part of this. People who tend to be shy and introvert aren’t very good in public speaking. The nerves get the best of them. Maxine and Aya are introverts imho. So you have a point about being a BQ and maybe Aya just doesn’t have the personality for it but she’s already in the thick of things and I’m pretty sure shell get a crown this time. Hihihihi I hope she proves me right. 😆

    • 4m , don’t worry . Most candidates did not do well
      Only less than 10 did a decent job

  8. Gazini ganados can be a good rep for MI. I watched the road for the crown and aminin sya talaga pinaka dyosa at maayos q and a nya.
    My mup and mi na pwede pagpalitin Gazini and Hannah

    • Maayos q&a ni Gazini and I’m glad na nairaos niya, but why go for someone na iraraos lang instead of acing it with flying colors? Don’t get me wrong, Gazini deserves a crown and she’s absolutely gorgeous and is a tital performer, I’m sure hindi tayo mapapahiya kapag pinadala natin sya for international pageants. Just not mup.

      • @carrots di nya nairaos she greatly improved. I know one of her q and a Trainor. You are entitled w your own opinion but for me my top 2 na pwd pagpalitin Gazini and Hannah

      • @miss tissa I respect your opinion. And for me placing is a great honor. Still my mup and mip

    • Ilusyon mo lang yan! She is not the face of the Binibining Pilipinas. 🙂

  9. Now, for this title, I have two ladies in mind. Hannah and Vickie. Both are demure and with effervescent beauties that will be a hit in Japan. With Hannah, her height and body proportions will do very well in the swimsuit and evening gown. With Vickie naman, her face alone at least by Filipino standards is simply divine. However, baka she will be dwarfed by the glamazons from other countries. The face will not be enough, performance wise, Hannah did better in the Jag fashion show. With regards to interaction with people around them, I can see that Hannah is also better in connecting with people which is very important in Japanese culture. I can envision Hannah will deliver a more heartfelt speech as well.

    My heart says Vickie but my mind says, Hannah will do better in this competition.

    So it’s Hannah Arnolds for Miss International.

  10. I’m still all for Hannah Arnold for this title.

    Based on where these predictions are going, I’m starting to have a feeling that Tito Norman is going to place Hannah for Intercontinental and Samantha Bernardo as Miss Universe Philippines.

  11. Most eloquent and witty during the Free Speaking:

    S. Lo
    P. Magtanong
    H. Arnold
    J. Saubier

    Expectations unmet: S. Bernardo – Literal na sabog ang sagot.
    G. Ganados – Blah blah blah hype

    Final note:

    S. Lo, P. Magtanong and H. Arnold can snatch MUP 2019. Any of these three equally lovely ladies.

    • I have yet to hear Sam Lo’s performance
      Idk, contrary to others’ observation , I find Julia gorgeous too

      • @Fabian, watch yani and claudio’s recent video on youtube, they have the full free speak portion

      • Hi Fabian! Julia is captivating with her wit but not that convinced with her physical beauty in person. This does not mean I do not like her or discriminate her. It’s just that, in case she wins as MUP, she really needs to work hard.

        Honestly, she’s better in photos.

      • Carrot , thanks . I have seen it and Sam B May just get the MUP crown
        Viva, I understand . I just find Julia gorgeous on screen

    • Sam Lo — yes to this girl. Her calmness and quiet confidence are her strengths. You could just see how quick her brain formulates the message that she wants to express. I think this girl might just end up winning MUP2019.

      Patch Mag — she did great! Still a strong contender for MUP. I’ve seen a lot of comments saying that her answer seemed rehearsed (something Catriona was also accused of), but how do you even rehearse for something like Photoshop? It only goes to show that Patch can and will deliver when it matters.

      Julia S — I mean, this is her forte so of course her answer was spot on, as expected. Still a strong contender for MUP. If IMG wants a spokesperson, they can never go wrong with Julia.

      Hannah — Her answer was good, but to be honest, I thought Emma Tiglao’s answer regarding fake news was a tad more substantial than Hannah’s.

      Sam B. — Honestly, her answer didn’t seem that awful. I know that a lot of people would say no to political dynasties, but that’s her truth and I commend her for standing up for what she believes in. Delivery and articulation could’ve been better.

      Aya — Well, she tried. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ And we all know that q&a isn’t her strong suit. I think she should just answer the question in Tagalog next time. There’s really no point in forcing yourself to answer in english if you aren’t comfortable with the language.

      Raebae — love this girl! Her answer was short and concise but very meaningful. Another darkhorse worthy of a crown.

      Jessarie — this girl! Her answer was good. Conviction and delivery could’ve been better but considering the fact that many people expected her to mess up q&a, I think she proved that she’s worthy of a crown.

      • Sam B’s answer was sabog. Wala direction. Pinagtagpi-tagping sagot sa maraming sagot. If she wins, she has to focus on her Q&A.

    • Julia Saubier was the best, I thought. She might be this year’s Michele Gumabao.

      • I think Jessarie Dumaguing and Leren Bautistacould possibly win a crown and overtake some of the popular front-runners.

    • Talaga blah blah type hihi. Even yani and Fabio loves gazini and Thormes.

  12. I just commented this on previous article about Suprational and now I find it right….

    I know the blogger’s future article will be:
    “Who could be the next MUP…MI, MG, etc.?” and then enumerating his/her choices. But some candidates whom he/she feels have no winnable qualities are not featured here. I just suddenly remember Bianca Guidotti who was overrated, overhyped and was always highly praised by the blogger, ended up as mere clapper in MI.

  13. K, fine.

    Those unnamed two that also caught MI’s fancy will now be pursued by “other parties”.

    Huwag ka, Admin! An MI endorsement can translate to even meatier prospects – the REAL winners.

  14. Sam B is my choice for this
    Alternative. : Hannah B … or one of the shorter girls 1 2 3 4 Jessarie etching

  15. I am surprised that the runners up, Miss Globe and Miss Intercon were not analyzed yet? I was under the impression that the analysis would be in order from lowest placement to MUP.

    So far, my MGI and MI picks match Normans. hihihihihi

      • I’m looking forward to reading them and seeing where you might put Leren and Aya in. I am almost certain the Aya will get a crown as long as she doesn’t flunk the Q&A again. If she does, she will be in Globe. If she doesn’t then she can fight for Supra or MUP.

      • Agree, Blogger San. Let’s not even talk about B2B’s at MU and MIntercon.

        Globe has already crowned FOUR (4!) Asians since Ann Colis – India, Vietnam, and China followed. A Latina will probably get it this year.

        Am interested to see whom you will pick to succeed Michelle Gumabao.

      • @4M, have you seen the free speak from last night’s prepageant activities? I truly think Aya will be crowned; she’s got the looks, the body, the pasarela. It just won’t be the MUP crown on top of her head.

      • carrotsandpeas, yes I saw some snippets hence my comment about Aya’s crown depending on how she handles the final question.

      • 4m , u just hope Aya gets a question she has memorized the answer too . Otherwise , she will bomb it for sure.
        She had all her life preparing for it . I’m sure her mom wanted her to be a BQ too . She just doesn’t have the mental strength to do pageantry .

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