20 comments on “Paweensuda Drouin starts with her Road to the Miss Universe Thailand 2019 crown

  1. When I observed her during ME, her moves appears to be ehearsed. Her upper torso is a bit stiff and also her facial expression appears to be locked.

    This is her chance to correct those things. She is very beautiful. She needs to be more spontaneous during actual interview not on casual interviews. I can still feel her hesitations. She is playful she should show this more.

    I think her eye makeup should be improved to make it bigger or not lazy. Soften her features and I guess her hair should be less away from her face.

    She should try MW too.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love her especially her skin tone. Good luck Paweensuda. Play it!

  2. She can definitely do a Catriona but so far Miss Brasil is the one to beat for MU2019!

  3. Beautiful lady…
    I see why she might be creating a buzz as an early MU19 favorite.
    Very soothing to observe and pleasant to listen to.
    Good for Thailand and Southeast Asian pageantry.

    We’ll see


    • Understandable naman kasi pagkaligwak niya sa ME. We must remember that sa ME, fair and square ang finals judging. Dont get me wrong. She was my ME 2017. I am rooting for her now too.

  5. MU is unpredictable as the result depends highly on Q and A which is anybody’s game . Could u imagine if Tamryn answered the final question well ?
    Pan is a top 5 material at MU
    Her humility will take her further
    Winning the crown will depend on how well she performs at Q & A.

  6. Beautiful and nice girl. Thanks Tito Norm for appreciating beauty everywhere not just our country. You have always been fair and have integrity.

  7. About time Thailand wins Miss Universe again. I’m looking forward to seeing her win MUT2019. The other beautiful half- and pure Thais who are fluent in English can surely wait for their respective turns in the following years to come.

  8. yes she exudes kiara ortega vibes..w/o effort. i like her since ms earth

  9. Tito Norman, are you going to make a post about the bbp pre-pageant?

      • Old Grandmama blogger, how about the other BBP 2019 candidates who are not your favorites? Do they have places in your blogs just like this Thai girl?

      • Paweensuda happens to be a personal friend. I have made blogs about the Binibinis since their announcement as Official Candidates. This one blog entry won’t hurt.

        And Adrienne, I’m not ashamed to be described as old or Grandmama. After all, everyone – including you – will also reach that status in life. 😊

      • Hahaha…you’re absolutely right, it’s an inevitable thing unless one dies early. You answered so well..I felt it so classy and you sounded professional. Because of that you deserve MUP crown😄😄😄

      • @ Norman San Please tell Fahsai to watch the Speak Easy. It might help.

  10. She gave no reason why she had no advocacy work – “help other people” – leading up to the pageant. Please! This isn’t MW-BWAP, you know? 😦

    NERVES. MUST reign them in. Thought process could be more fluid. Less movements, too.

    Kiara Ortega clone is making me nervous.

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