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  1. Only Julia and Patch delivered to be honest with substance. Others were just so so…
    I pitied Aya, she just couldnt deliver a strong answer. She has it all already, except for the Q and A.
    Vickie is suited for Miss International, at least in that pageant she will just memorize her answer.
    Julia and Patch(maybe Hannah) can tepresent well in Miss U.
    i still like Patch to grab the Miss Grand. She has a lot say when it comes to world peace and war.

  2. The road to Binibini keeps getting narrower , I have not seen all of the impromptu speeches .
    So far , I’m still impressed with Patch Hannah and Julia …..And Gazini . I’m counting on any of These 4 to win MUP .
    Sam B has great oratory skills pero nga nga sa impromptu .
    Nicole G is not good either .
    Naitawid naman ni Vickie but I’m not impressed .
    Ok din si Emma.
    Poor Aya. Girl just can’t talk and I don’t think it will be better if done in Tagalog. Give her the Globe or Supranational so she can move on with her life … just like Jehza.

    • Flor, we more or less have the same thoughts…but —
      * Tbh there are more deserving ladies for the crown you mentioned than Aya. I used to like her but
      after the free speech, ughhhh…
      * What is your take on Sam Lo?

  3. I know the blogger’s future article will be:
    “Who could be the next MUP…MI, MG, etc.?” and then enumerating his/her choices. But some candidates whom he/she feels have no winnable qualities are not featured here. I just suddenly remember Bianca Guidotti who was overrated, overhyped and was always highly praised by the blogger, ended up as mere clapper in MI.

    • Sus, daming reklamo. This is his blog so he’ll
      say whatever he deems fit. Start your own beauty blog then write
      whatever your heart desires.

  4. I think supra is looking for that charming personality, great stage presence with strong command in English. Emma Tiglao fits the mould.
    Di pwede dito ang walang Milo and pure glamour lang. Dapat extroverted personality and glamourous.
    Malakas laban natin with Emma Tiglao this year if she will be crowned with that title.

  5. Emma, my point : Gerhardt Parzutka Von Lipinski is THE ONE you need to convince. May Preliminary Interview ang Supra. Parang si Angkol din siyxa – Bossing-Bossingan!

    Didn’t Blogger share in his post before, where Mutya intimated to him how Supra Boss was charmed by her authenticity? SIGE, kung talaga’ng ipagpipilitan natin ang tao’ng 2013….

    And one more thing. Supranational is NOT an advocacy-driven brand like MU. DON’T OVERSELL YOUR CHARITY EFFORTS. It will mean little to them and you just waste your focus and saliva.

    • Emma
      Her features are a little strong for me
      But there’s something easy abt her
      Unless she bombs the Q&A big time , she should get a crown including even MUP .

  6. I could not agree more. Emma Tiglao is the perfect fit for Miss Supranational. She is totally beautiful. I’m not sure of her communication skills but MS does not technically look for the best speaker.

    However, I wish you presented your choces starting from the highest title to the least. You should have presented your choice for MUP first, after all, that is what all the girls are aiming for.

  7. It’s up to the official judges…let them decide who’s deserving as long as candidate’s age qualifies her.

    • But don’t the judges simply rate? Then from the Finalists, it is Madame S who decides on the assignments? Ergo, IT IS MADAME WHO “COOKS”? And now presumably, LCS et al will have a say?

      • I said it’s the judges’ job to decide because I know sooner or later, we’ll see the same question but for the other crowns like…Who will be the next MUP, MI etc. etc. plus the pictures of candidates which the blogger feels suitable or probable to win that particular crown. But don’t you notice, there are some other candidates who are not featured solely here until now! Is it because the blogger opts not to or he/she doesn’t feel any special about them? We don’t know only he/she does! Feel sorry for those girls. I hope they will show their worth on the finals night!

      • is that how it goes ? the judges deliberate and choose the top 6 then SMA choose which crown goes to who ?

  8. Among Norman’s infinity eight, I would pick Emma T. for this title also.

    All the best Ms.Tiglao.

  9. I usually choose Ms Tiglao as MI and sometimes tempted to assign her to Supra. But watching her pasarela and her interview videos lately in various guestings, I can say she’s MU-ready.

    It’s all about destiny and luck come the finals night.

  10. Miss Supranational needs to be a good dancer, a lively performer, has tons of sex appeal and has an absolutely charming personality…

    Having ancient South East Asian lineage also seems to have a slight leverage over the others….

    My 4 ideal candidates for this crown:

    Jessarie Dumaguing, Samantha Bernardo, Aya Abesamis, and Emma Tiglao.

    • I agree with your list. Might I also add Cassandra Chan, I think this girl has huge untapped potential.

      • Cassandra Chan will be the Darling of the Year! I would rather have her given the Poland portfolio if only to placate C2F. At kung Asian looks rin lang, the surname “Chan” requires no explanation.

      • Cassandra has the classy personality, skills and background of a winner, my only problem with her is that she lacks the ideal conventional features… Jessarie on the other hand may come from humble beginnings but facialy, her all natural Asian features and proportions are far more Aestheticaly appealing.

      • I agree with your assessment of Cassandra. I have a very strong feeling this girl will be a spoiler. Though unheralded, she has equally impressive credentials as the frontrunners.

      • @Scorg

        I agree.. Cassandra Chan is this year’s Karen Ibasco.

    • Jessarie has great stage presence
      Her face lights up the stage and her pasarela reminds me of Venus Raj
      St kahit na dating katulong , she talks well.
      Malakas ang loob ni Ate .
      She can get any crown including Supra and MUP

  11. This is more exciting guessing game than guessing mgi ph rep. I have to agree on emma for this title. I hope sa kanya talaga mapunta ang supra. Sam b was my ist choice but im more convincing and confident to emma as supra ph. Emma is more fashionable than samantha. And more on other factors.

    • Among Norman’s infinity eight, I would pick Emma T. for this this title.

      All the best Ms.Tiglao.

  12. Emma, Mutya is so-six-years-ago already. And bear in mind, Jehza did NOT win!

    Study carefully what reigning Vanessa Ponce did recently. Because you might continue that.

    So Blogger thinks Supranational is an uncomplicated, stress-free performance?

    That, I think, is an illusion to weed out the complacent (NOT saying Emma is).

    I am keeping an eye on Puteri Fitriana (not Fitriyanti. My apologies to the Republic of Indonesia.).

  13. Sam and Emma are better suited for MUP2019 , with the way they project and walk on stage… they are not bad with interviews either ( Bea is also a possibility but she does not walk on stage really well)

    • Nakita mo na ba sila in motion? Bea? Baka malula ka. Fast learner si ateng.

  14. Agree ako dito. The supra org will love Emma’s Asian features, just like mutya years back.

    • Kahit vet na vet ko si Ayamazing I think this is the title thatll work for her. Her modelling experience will work for this pageant.

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