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  1. So far, I agree with the blogger’s choice!

    With Venezuela hosting the pageant this year, tama lang na siya ang ipadala! Ganados means “cattle” in Spanish while Ganado means “Winner”!

    Winner ang peg ni Gazini pag tapak niya sa Venezuela! Also, she can use her Palestinian lineage to leverage the org’s advocacy!

    Second, bet ni Angkol yung mga ganyang Glamazona ang image!


  2. I think it be such a waste to send Gazini to MGI. She is too strong for that. She is better for Miss Universe. The lady who should take the task of competing at MGI is somone who is not good enough for MU, MI and MS for this year or the next 2 years.

    • Gazini should be sent then because her Palestinian ancestry would be her biggest hurdle in winning the other top tier pageants. Only Nawat would be daring enough to tackle that kind of controversial publicity.

  3. Let’s wait and see what will happen in 4 months time. Will she take a huge risk going to Venezuela?

  4. Even the weakest rep should not be send in that pageant enimor!!! Do you want our rep na maimpluwensyahan ng mga gawi ni angkol nyo? Sus ginoong bbp na yan! We already have 5 titles won in just a span of 5 years. And i dont see any sense on aiming that em g i crown. The de calibre rep will be wasted there. If we send a weakest rep ibabash naman us ng mga kapitbahay saying “ we thought your are a powerhouse but you send a rep like that face or body. Not beautiful etc etc. grrrr.

      • Hmmm. Well i have to admit it too but because of the speech segment only of mgi. No more no less. MI maybe labeled as a boring contest due to its staging but i will rather love to watch MI’s system and supra than mgi. MI and supra has more originality than mgi. Kakasawa naman kung palaging mala mu ang mapapanood and nothing fun to this fabby. Parang pinagtyatyagaan lang natin ang mgi coz we have rep there unlike other pageant like mu and mi na kahit hinde pasok ang ph may gana ka pa din tapusin ang show.

  5. Personally, I think Samantha Bernardo is a good option too for this pageant.

    • Hope not
      I feel that Sam B is bigger than that pageant
      But if she’s assigned there , I think we might / could win our first MGI crown

      • Hello, Fabian. I agree on your remarks about Samantha Bernardo. But honestly, any of the frontrunners of this year’s batch is bigger than Miss Grand International. Lol.

  6. Btw, why is everyone so invested in achieving the first crown for MGI? Who wants to be the queen of the TACKIEST pageant ever produced?!? Nobody is even talking about this pageant days after its coronation? It was crushed down to the bacteria level when all the major pageant has commenced leading to the pinnacle of all pageants, the Miss Universe! I do not think any of the forty ladies in this year’s batch is eyeing for that pageant. They would rather accept and pray for the runner up position than being gruesomely crowned by that awful title and be sent to Venezuela this year.

    I think it would be very apt for that pageant to start their show in a production number with the song ‘Taki-Taki’ fully embracing the essence of the whole show. Tacky and abysmally stupid.

    • You are correct but sadly a lady will be sent there and as a fellow filipino. I will support whoever wins MGIP

    • Vekla kasi may rep tayo meaning we are still competing for that tacky pageant…. Sayang naman kung hindi pa mapanalunan…

  7. I do not know where to place her.

    She is beautiful, no doubt. But seems to underachieve even on minor pageants.

  8. The mould of Kiray, Pokwang, Milai & AiAi should be send to MGI. This pageant is a big joke, hence, it deserves not to be taken seriously.


    Ewa? Cordovez? For me, Clenci is our TRUE MGI benchmark! Exotic, well-styled, and gracious enough to oblige Angkol foc with a Fleetwood Mac song for his VIP guests, this talented musician is CLASS personified. Said she, “how we deal with perpetrators of war and violence reveals something of ourselves”.

    Who among us said noon na, “Nawatt will never crown a Filipina”? He will! Basta dapat, as good as Muning, or better. Because now he has seen the difference, and will surely not settle for less.

  10. i will give MGI to Saubier if we are to eclipse xordoves ‘ , otherwise, Gazini, if we are to swnd a goddess

    • Saubier is a good rep if angkol likes her.
      Gazini is a goddess. Pero ramdam ko mi ni madam si gazini.. Dyosa. Di ko Lang alam Kung Kaya I tame NG kf ang hotness ni gazini
      May age limit po ang mi so di na pwede Yun maganda na maliit at si Hannah after the eklavu sa nat cos nya mi might not like her as a rep. Itodo nyo na mga bekis na I mu si Hannah.understanding naman ang mu

    • Saubier and the rest of the BBP candidates are way too big of a fish in that puddle full of dung. MGI is a waste of time and money. The winner is reduced to a mascot representing an organization that does not add value to women empowerment or it’s supposed ‘advocacy’. The owner body shames and humiliates their candidates while their third rate presentation is quite the subject of all funny memes. So let’s abstain from sending our ladies to that contest, instead, send a comedienne. Because that’s what the contest is about. A laughable joke… A big one in fact.

  11. Ilene de Vera, I feel, will be another casualty-collateral damage of this unpredictable BBP edition.

    ‘Eto ang COMPLETE package! Tall, voluptuous, lovely, well-spoken, and with international pageant experience.

    Misters Garcia, Gaffud, and Singson, kung hindi niyo rin lang din siya kokoronahan, HUWAG niyo na rin lang din siya i-semifinalist so she can immediately move on…. To do so would be insulting to her.

    • @flor she is lovely in motion. When she talks gumaganda but in Pic aminin mo sa hindi may similarity sya Kay vice. Malamang Yun mga owners NG pageant may napipisil na Yan. I will pick ilene if I saw a video of her talking but basing sa picas reject sya. Ex NG photogenic Ayamazing gazini

  12. Reham is a great alternative. She fits the mold of the MGI prototype. For Gazini, I really love this girl to compete to a bigger pageant. I wouldn’t mind if Gazini is a first runner up come the pageant night or MUP. For Patch I don’t think she is a fit too, she will have the same fate as Eva. Patch is more of Intercontinental. My final prediction for MGI is Reham! Next…

  13. Wow me and Norms have the same pick for MGI… I do like the alternative Saad as she has the sensuality that Nawat wants from a winner. He also tends to favor beauty over brains so to those who keep on saying Patch should be MGI should stop. Patch’s beauty does not suit MGI. Gazini, Saad or even Toledo could be sent there.

    We need that Latina-spunk type of candidate and Gazini fits that bill to the tee.

    We need that crown regardless how Phil reps were treated in the past. Nawat favored the indogs instead of the Philippines as his fanbase so that’s his loss….hihihihi

  14. Of Norman’s top 8 picks for MGI, I like Marianne Marquez.

    All the best, Ms. Marquez! 😊👍

  15. It’s up to the official judges…let them decide who’s deserving as long as candidate’s age qualifies her.

    • @Adrienne

      Hello pea brain?!?

      These are Norman’s predictions..it’s solely up to the blogger.

      Mema ka lang 😠

      • Ay kay Grandmama Blogger nga pala ito…sensya ka na Madam Petrang Kabayo…bwahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Ang dapat ibigay kay Angkol, ‘yung may maturity at professionalism, SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO DEAL WITH A DIFFICULT BOSS. But don’t worry. If he likes you, you will be well-cared for.

    Resham’s Canadian passport will be useful to him. But Gazini is the more popular among foreign pageant fans.

    Sige, Gazini for MGI AND NO FURTHER (no higher crown). But even then, I expect 3rd RU at best.

    • I agree, Resham’s Canadian passport is more benficial for Nawat if he lets our country win… but if he intends for us to just have a runner-up placement at most then Gazini is better suited for this pageant to make everyone think that when solely based on beauty, Philippines is far more desserving of a crown than the actual winner.

  17. Nawat picks the mgi winner. Resham Saeed looks like mgi 2018 first runner up
    Resham might be our first mgi

  18. I will feel sorry for the lady who’ll win Ms. Grand PH.
    I will feel sorry even more if she won Ms. Grand International knowing how tacky, cheap and shady the pageant’s owner is 😖

    • And since Nawat has “joked” about Ms Philippines winning in 2019, di maiwasang isipin ng mga tao that Nawat is just pleasing the pinoy pageant fans kaya nanalo ang bet ng Pinas even if she is deserving.

      With regards to what happened to Eva last year, I think she did her best, just that natabunan talaga sya ng ibang candidata. Ang ganda ng mukha nya pero sobrang puti na para ng maputla.

    • Good comment.👍👍👍 I really like it! You didn’t mention specific candidate unlike most of the followers of this blog who are enumerating their choices for MU, MI, etc. etc. runners-up, top 20, etc. etc. Even some are wishing not to win this year few candidates because this or that girl is still young…etc. etc. Oh come on, the reason why the girls trained and applied for BBP is to WIN and NOT to LOSE! All they need is SUPPORT!

      • That’s because people are giving their PREDICTIONS kaya nagbibigay sila ng mga pangalan. Pano ka magbibigay ng choices kung walang name? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
        Of course the girls entered the competition with the intent to win, doesn’t mean that by giving predictions ee hindi na sinusupport yung ibang candidates. This is still a competition, some girls stand out more than the others pero kung magstep up naman yung ibang candidates of course support pa din sila.
        May the right person win for each crown na lang talaga.

  19. very very difficult to allocate the crowns this year… I just hope that each of these five will get one of the six crowns this year: Emma, Sam, Vicki, Leren, Aya

  20. Honestly , Eva did scare me the most among the 6 contenders . Her body proportion did not change before and after binibini . Was it due to lack of work out or just plain genetics . Face and comm skills were also very questionable for me .

    When her name was not called , I was sad but not surprised at all.
    Buot and a few more would have performed better .

    She seems very nice and driven . I hope she has a better luck with law school . Who knows ? She may end up topping the bar exam . Sa Kanya pa rin ang huling halakhak

  21. “But we all know that our representative deserved to be part of the Top 20 at the very least.”

    With all due respect Tito Norms i strongly disagree with your opinion. I watched the pageant and the activities and Eva was just really out of shape and her communication and social skills were unfortunately not enough to save her. Tapos nagtrip pa sa EG segment. Haissst. Perhaps she could justly be in top 30 at most. Having said that, i still think that regardless of what happened to Eva last year, Nawat doesn’t deserve any support from BB Pilipinas. Pakitang tao lang at anti-Filipino ang mahaderang baklita.

    • Pia tripped, not as bad as Eva but it happened during the Finals. Pia still ended up winning the crown. 20 years after Miriam Quiambao finished as 1st RU, are we still seeing “tripping on stage” as a very huge determinant of not making the final cut? If anything, I think tripping onstage is an accidental b;essing for any candidate because then she can show the judges how she handles pressure and rise up from the “embarrassment” with grace and confidence.

  22. Patch Magtanong is a better fit for MGI. Think of how we almost clinched the crown with Nicole Cordoves. And as for Eva…di ko sya dinadown, but with her performance sa stint nya with MGI, di ako nagtaka na wala sya sa top 20. Yung swimsuit presentation nya na lang, oh my gulay, bat may ganung movements?

  23. We need a godess, an eloquent speaker, and a total performer… In short, 3 girls ang kailangan ni Nawat… hahaha

    Kidding aside…

    Resham is indeed the best choice….

    But she needs to be trained well when it comes to performance… I was so sad that she missed the essence of that Singkil costume… She needs to study the pre-colonial history of our country in relation to Singkil being the local dance interpretation of the Ramayana and the Hindu-Buddhist roots of the Maranao people before Islamization… it is a historical trait that we have in common with Thailand. Our national dance the Tinikling has the same ancient origins as Singkil. You can NOT represent Maguindanao and NOT know this… it is the epitome of grace under pressure… it is our most ancient form of pageantry!!! It is one of the major roots of our culture!!!

    Remember: ALL OUR GIRLS WHO NAILED THIS DANCE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE INTERNATIONAL PAGEANTS PLACED WELL OR EVEN WON THE CROWN… Ex.. Ahtisa Manalo, Teresita Marquez, Megan Young, and Catriona Grey to name a few.

    *Funfact: Interestingly, only Catriona Grey did not use fans.. I guess to vere away from the stellar performance of Megan Young at Miss World. The only thing that could beat those two is gracefully dancing on top of the two beating, sliding and slamming bamboo poles.. If she succeeds, it would be impossible for her not to win the hearts of all our fellow South East Asians.

    • Hi closer Yun current winner na moonshape mukha. Maganda Lang katawan at magaling magluto. Tingin mo goddess hinahanap ni angkol o Latin support???

      • He always wants Latin support for business purposes therefore we should send a gorgeous spokesperson who either has Latina heritage or
        someone who could provide him other business opportunities somewhere else.

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