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  1. Theres something missing or wrong to this queen why not to put her as MUP. Idk how to say those in words. Pero nasa isip isip ko. Patch need to gain weight. her shoulder movement is weak. I see katarina Rodriguez to her. Magkaiba ang lakad pero same na parang kung maglakad eh daig pa ng miss teen.
    And Why they always styled her hair straight??? No experiment? I dont want her to wear that style on finals. kahit ung nasa pictorial nya lately. Wag na wag. Remember her ist whole pic with blue long sleeve gown before application of bbp? That hairstyle is more fit to her pero medyo i upgrade pa. Minsan kase sa mga inistyle sa kanya eh parang wig lang ang suot nya. So dun sa style nya sa blue gown mas ok yon but need upgrade.

  2. @FABIAN who said “beauty first before anything else”:

    We always tend to see beauty only on the physical dimension. Like it or not, the concept nowadays see it in a multi-dimensional plane. I believe this holistic concept is behind why MUO, in its 4th year under WME/IMG, stresses its intention to establish its brand as a leading authentic women’s empowerment platform. No less than the officer who oversees Miss Universe at WME/IMG Original Content said: “There are many ways to define beauty, and it’s about confidence and about taking yourself out of your comfort zone.” I believe behind this statement is the realization that there is no universal concept of physical beauty because it is culturally defined.

    Yes, the MU winner has to be beautiful, but not in the antiquated sense of superficial femininity. She has to be confidently beautiful, i.e, she has to be liked, listened to, and followed. This means that her worth is not just measured in terms of physical attributes— face, hair, teeth, complexion, vital statistics, walk, elegance. It is also measured in terms of brainpower—intelligence, knowledge, judgment, abilities, insights, eloquence, lucidity. It is also measured in character, that distinctive mental and moral qualities that make one a positive influence in society. I believe this is where MUO under its new owner WME/IMG, a merger of a Hollywood talent agency and a sports and marketing empire, is taking the MU brand.

    In my opinion, among the many outstanding aspirants this year, only Patch and Ilene measure up to these standards.

  3. The only one I can see outshining Pasweeda is Hannah … of course with proper training
    Also… I noticed There have been so many first runners up from the outgoing MIss U’s country of origin
    Hannah is prob the only one who can do that

  4. ♥️👍♥️

    A recent article highlighting the debate and criticism lashed out at the 30 Miss India contestants’s headshots for looking generically Eurocentric and lacking diversity.

    Ilene’s island beauty is a stark reminder of how fortunate we are to enjoy the 40 diverse BbP contestants vying for the six crowns in 2019.

    All the best Ilene. I hope you win a major crown!

  5. Girl is what most Pinoy judges like
    And there is a chance she will do well at Q and A . Sounds like she is preparing for it . Unfortunately , she’s prob not gonna do well internationally . Cute face she is not . But she may do well at MG and MGI.

  6. I’m undecided … my bubbling up list is longer than my sure bet list this year


    • But I will pick Ilene (Vice Ganda) over Patricia (Pops Fernandez). 🙂

      • Flor Tula, I can’t feel your pulse .
        Idk if u r pro-Patch or not
        My guess is u r not

      • @ Fabian Reyes You are accurate.

        But as I said before, payag na’kong iraos si Patch sa MU, makuha ko lang ang NON-NEGOTIABLES ko – Sam B. to MI and Sam L. to MS. AND, AYA FOR 2ND RU!

        Anyway, the online pro-Patch lobby is too strong and MUUSA is, herself, not the prettiest in her batch. I may be a jerk, but I can compromise. As I did with Muning in Thailand (I wanted H’Hen Nie).

  8. I wonder how the Mutya organization feels when its crossovers to BBP say, “I have always wanted to try for (beep!)”?

    • I’m not sure it matters as long as they have already fulfilled their obligations with Mutya or Earth
      What I don’t understand is why not go for Binibini first when they Have great potential to do well at Binibini ?
      I guess nowadays it helps if a candidate is in the consciousness of pageant fans already . And the additional training the minor pageants provide is priceless.

  9. Since MUO’s business is to “empower women to realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success”, and it intends to establish its brand as a leading authentic women’s empowerment platform, my two bets for MUP are Patch Magtanong and Ilene de Vera, two confidently beautiful standouts in this batch. Their persona and credentials look perfect to the task of empowering women and raising awareness on women’s issues and other challenges confronting human beings everywhere.

    If Ilene will not be lucky to clinch the MUP title, MIP is another significant crown to wrest due to the pressure to upend last year’s MI 1st Runner Up finish. My hunch is that MI will crown this year a good speaker with a commanding presence for some possible hosting functions in next year’s Tokyo Olympics. Ilene will be a deserving winner.

  10. Hoping the stars will align on you during the coration night. All the best Ilene

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