18 comments on “Denise Omorog is no second-rate beauty

  1. Sorry she Is not spontaneous
    She’s got a lot of hesitations
    I would choose Jessarie over her anytime of the day

  2. I’m not yet seeing it … will need to see her up close and personal , walk & talk …

  3. Are you sure what you are commenting??? She is the body of the competition, with 34 22 35 vital statistic, 5’9 in height

  4. if given a chance, I think she will do well in an international pageant. may dating talaga sya eh.

  5. I always have a soft spot for Philippine born-and-raised brown and dusky beauties, especially those whose “misfortune” is being born with Tagalog or any local dialect as the mother tongue. They are the veritable underdogs in Philippine beauty pageant business which seem to favor the Caucasian stereotypes and the false notion that English speaking ability equals intelligence. That said, I wish Denise and the many other bronze goddesses– and there are many of them in this batch– the very best of luck!

    • These brown ones must RISE to disprove this notion! Ano? Contento na sila na “mowdhil-mowhdil”?

      • @Flor, that’s why I think the odds are stacked against our own Philippine-born brown beauties who were born with the local dialect as the mother tongue. The country has not yet gotten rid of the vestiges of colonial mentality where (1) the Caucasian stereotype is the beauty standard, and (2) English fluency equals intelligence. Looking at the track record of winners, the playing field is obviously more favorable to halfies, and to Filipino immigrants in US or UK or Australia, who speak fluent English. My heart bleeds every time a native-born finalist struggles to answer the final Q&A in halting English and is mercilessly jeered to oblivion by an unforgiving audience.

    • In the entire history of Binibini, I can only think one who is a mestiza and a natural-born English speaker to rep our country at MU

  6. Same ang choice namin ng blogger for MGI (sana last na ito.

    Here are my final choices for BBP Batch 2019:

    Universe – Tiglao
    International – Rushton
    Supranational – Abesamis
    Intercontinental – Magtanong
    Globe – Rasheed

  7. She needs to work out more
    But she has a very beautiful Face

    • Are you sure what are you commenting??? She is the body of the competition, with 34 22 35 vital statistic, 5’9 in height

  8. These girls have been under s lot of pressure financially and otherwise
    I get conscience -stricken when I criticize
    I am not sure the negative words get to them
    Good luck to everyone !

    • u always criticize hija. u with the bulging and wide open bulba at masyoho na pukay na napasok na ng lahat ng lahi sa mundo! don’t me gurl. malantod na amoy lupa!

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