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  1. nay laban si
    LAGUNA ……..regal walang drama pero standout palagi…….PINAY NA PINAY

  2. Samantha Bernardo gave the best performance, innovative design and authenticaly native design inspiration… the feathers on one ankle was a bit overkill. The closest simillarity was w/ the costumes of Ahtisa Manalo and our Miss Earth winners… but her fan dance moves is even better than Bea Santiago, Ahtisa Manalo and Megan Young combined.

    Emma gave the most beauty and meaning to our cultural classic Filipiniana… no one could beat the backstory of how that gown was created… Local Kapampangan artisans and prisoners handmade each and every detail!?!… the only flaw I see is the western origins of that ballgown… but If she did some Jamie Herrel dance moves… she could have won this with a landslide.

    Jessarie’s presentation was simple yet surprisingly beautiful and culturaly appropriate… i wish the whole gown and tail was shimering w/ silver and black sequins. the modern serpentina gown is a western silhouette but it really showcased the Tandikan (Peacock) Festival inspiration… the rising peacock tail mechanism has been used multiple times for decades.. but gained famillarity in recent years when Miss Grand from Peru used the same mechanism on her peacock inspired national costume.

    To me, these 3 gave the most drama in the different aspects of this challenge from beauty of design and innovation to beauty in grace and performance while showcasing the historical and cultural significance of their costume.

  3. I am rooting for Hannah. She has the best natcos.i like also miss Palawan.
    Aling Vickie was really good enough to carry that natcos. She was so divine and she can
    capture your attention. AYA was also good. I was wondering why Ilocos Sur did not make the cut.

    • I also love Vicky’s gorgeous costume.. Diwata w/ some modern sculpture butterfly sleeves… w/ hints of Darna all over… It’s her performance that I find lacking compared to my top 3.

  4. Emma- I love the story of how the gown was created by the inmates in pampanga. Parang may sentimental factor was added to the already spectacular gown. Kaso we see this silhouette almost every year na.
    Samantha B.- Love the wings-to-fan surprise transformation. i can almost see it worn in MU NC competition. I would have love to see her sport a big native hooped nose ring and chained to an earring. Mas bongga! Love that Sam also held back on her Jag Jeans performance compared to last year na medyo napasobra ng todo.
    Resham- I feel that authenticity is everything. Sino pa ba ang mas karapat dapat na magsuot ng muslim attire other than her? She was an epitome of a real muslim princess.
    Vicky- She was Diosa last night. actually i didn’t care much about what she wore. Her face was enough.
    Hannah- Without the train, her dress was very couture.. The jars in her train just didn’t work for me. But that night she was on fire!
    Aya- She brought something new to the national costume competition and I love it! It reminds me of the YAKAN tribe in Basilan or the old warrior chieftains in the visayas. amidst the sea of filipiñanas, warrior princesses and feathers, she played with textile instead. if she could have added some brass in head piece or round flat gold/brass earrings, mas bongga!
    Samantha Lo- LOve the intention of the costume but i’m getting a bit saturated by the similar costumes showcased that night. Also napansin ko lang parang dancing is not one of Samantha Lo’s skills but I really appreciated her effort to bring the story of her dress to life.

  5. The positive thing I’ve seen in Patch performance is that she showed energy. On Hannah, she was so good. Basing from that performance alone, she’s leading the race for MU. Sam B, Aya and Emma also did well and right behind Hannah.

  6. At least this show tells u who among the candidates stand out on stage
    It’s not about the costume . It’s about how these girls look in their costume .
    Hannah Emma Leren look very queenly .
    Patch would have been amazing. She looked long and lean on stage
    And her salakot was refreshing . However,
    Her performance showed lack of practice or guidance from a professional . It was sluggish and very tentative .

    • this is actually making me think that patch isn’t actually the pambato candidate of aces and queen if they aren’t paying a close attention to her training. such wasted potential though.

      • @4M as far as i know Aces is still in existence. Nawala lang yung pillars nila (Jonas and Arnold) but Nad Bronce still handles the camp. And this im not sure but Ive read somewhere that a certain John Morente took over some leadership duties in the camp. Point is, the camp is still there, but just not the usual persons that we would normally associate with it kaya medyo unrecognizeable sila now

  7. Distracting yung mga hila hila ni Masbate. Suposedly mga palayok na pinagpatong patong ang headress nya, pero hindi maganda pagkagawa, halatang fake yung mga palayok!

  8. I must say that Ayamazing, Leren, Sam and Hanna stood out tonight. Hanna looks like a MI winner already. Look at that doll face… I just don’t know if Sam’s facial beauty is good enough. She doesn’t quite standout. But she’s a performer. Leren’s face is so Pinay but she continues to exude Andrea Tovar… Such a beauty.

  9. My leaderboard

    MU: Aya Abesamis/ Samantha Bernardo/ Patch Magtanong
    MI: Samantha B/ Emma Tiglao/Jessarie D./Patch Magtanong
    MIC: Aya Abesamis/ Vicky Rushton/
    MS: Aya Abesamis/ Jessarie Dumaguing/Samantha B./Emma Tiglao
    MG: Emma Tiglao/ Vicky Rushton/ Nicole Guerrero/ Leren Bautista
    MGI: Jessarie Dumaguing/Hannah Arnold
    1st/2nd RUp: Patch Magtanong/Hannah Arnold/Jessarie Dumaguing/ Leren Bautista/ Nicole Guerrero/

  10. Ok Patch is no dancer…. but at least she tried…

    Aya is definitely a dancer… Finaly she was able to showcase her ballet trainning. Plus points for her winning Miss Supra.

    Im disapointed w/ Resham.. she only had 2-3 fan dance moves and it was so basic… I can see she can dance but Singkil is a highly elaborate dance interpretation of the Ramayana… its the most historic and cultural dance of our ancestors and yet she did not take the extra mile!?!!… it was a missed opportunity! She could have at least did the figure 8 fan dance movements… mastered by Bea Santiago and Ahtisa Manalo. Why?!!!!!

    Yes, Casandra Chan nailed her presentation… I wish her gown was as gorgeous as April short’s.

    Samantha Lo can’t dance…

    I wish nicole guerrero changed facial expressions from time to time.. her presentation was boring…

    Julia was mehhh… its like she doesnt wana win… she could have nailed this. Boring!!!

    I love Jessarie… she reminds me a lot of Mutya Datul and Janicel Lubina… i believe that with the right trainning.. she can become an international winner.

    Samantha Bernardo’ costume description mentioned the Sarimanok and ibong adarna which justifies her costumes. I love the wiings that turned into fans… She had one of the best presentations.. and the fan dance was short but was very much on point.. Im torn with her and Emma Tiglao as the winner of this Challenge.

    This is the opportunity to show grit and drive..

    • Now that you mentioned it, Julia’s background in the martial arts could have saved her plain-looking costume.

      Is it possible her recent milestone in Graduate School has made her re-assess short-term priorities? Because those tears she shed last Saturday were telling. Well, if that’s the case, nothing we can do.

      Looks like Gurmeet will once again be accorded a prediction success rate upgrade.

      • Comments across various fora said she was overwhelmed by the support she got during the parade.

        But I believe personally there is a deeper reason. But of course, she would probably confide it to only her inner circle.

        Dahil maniniwala ka ba’ng mababaw ang luha ng tao’ng marami na’ng pinagdaanan?

  11. I just think that Hannah A costume is different & can stand out and compete in MU Natl Costume show

    They are all beautiful dresses and hard to choose, easier to say which ones fell short: Rushton and Lo

    • Yeah, problem is the technique/style is a knockoff of different past costume and gowns… specialy of Miss Indonesia at MGI… as if there is not enough reason for our neighbors to bash her.

  12. Gorgeous faces – Leren and Hannah . Both will do well at MU .

  13. Hannahs nat cos was inspired by dea mgi 2017 nat cos Yan ang tinatahol NG mga shupit ang masaklap inspiration talaga

    • They should be honored someone copied or was inspired by them

      • More reason for our neighbors to bash Hannah… her trainors seems to be inexperienced . They lack the foresight… tsk tsk…

      • Indonesia should be happy. Imitation is the best form of flattery…. At wag na patola…. It was actually pretty creative and i like the additional pots in front…

    • MGI Indonesia 2017’s nat cos was also inspired from Miss Hondura’s 2015 Nat Cos (u may google it).

      • More reason to bash Hannah… the designer should be hanged… Joke

  14. Voting has begun, about 45 minutes ago. Remember, it’s ONE VOTE PER DAY PER E-MAIL ACCT. Yas, you have to allow MUP access to your mailing list (that is how I understand this scheme).

    Muchas gracias, Pipe Vlogs, for the Top 10 video. Here’s my “in-motion” NEGATIVES opinion.

    If you guys in USA -Fabian Reyes and scorg, for example – are familiar with the annual Debutante’s Ball in Laredo, Texas, then that is exactly what Emma’s is – WALKING WHITE MUSHROOM.

    Indonesians have already noted Hannah’s desire to go to Venezuela and will tell Angkol promptly.

    Aya, that is NOT how to catch the eye of our new mayor. (sigb)

    • @flor angkol will surely notice her and all bec of a tamad designer

  15. national costume el tocuyo award goes to bataan..akala ko si kathryn bernardo naligaw.

  16. Emma Tiglao for me, the representation is very clear, and of course the back story of how it was made.

  17. I prefer April Short’s version of Traje de Mestiza than Casandra Chan’s boring terno…

    I find Hannah’s gown beautiful butoverly designed.. as in there are a lot of things going on…. There is so many themes… It would be good for an international pageant… but for the nationals… What does she exactly represent? It’s too much…

  18. Emma’s terno is my pick because of how queenly she looks and I like the backstory of how it was made.

  19. Jessarie’s peacock is my NC award
    Runners up : Emma and Leren

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