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  1. The suman inspired costume would have been better if walang cut yung stripes ng skirt. Ang suman ay binabalot gamit ang dahon ng niyog na walang putol.
    Sayang, sana napag-isipan ang mas magandang execution ng dress.

  2. I can’t get over how Sam Lo moved like the Martian disguised as a woman in the movie “Mars Attack”. 😀 hahahaha

  3. Pampanga is sooooooo MUisssssshhhh! and also Masbate.

    Meren is fit for MI. She is so finesse.

  4. I agree with you. I would rank it also as among the Top 5. A well-executed and innovative concept.

  5. One of the disadvantages of being a pageant blogger is losing the opportunity to be a National Pageant judge like BBP & MWP especially if she/he is featuring her/his choices or favorites to win thru blogs. That’s why pageant blogger will remain spectator only and NOT a judge in National pageant.

  6. Honestly, there have always been very creative and novel concepts.

    But if ordinary folks don’t get it upon the first presentation and an explanation becomes necessary afterwards. then it’s a flop.

    You don’t want your kababayan seeing it then saying, “sinusuot pala natin ‘yan”.

    Koya MG knows this all too well.

    After all, he’s the Marketing Head. And one intractable rule is, “FIRST IMPRESSION LASTS”.

    • Nowadays , NC is not about clothing anymore . Otherwise , majority would be wearing jeans and shirt .
      It’s more abt something that is remarkable or unique to a certain country … whether it be a sporting event a means of transportation a building or a current event . It could be just abt anything under the sun … wherever your imagination takes u .

  7. How did Batangas win top 3 in talent ?
    It was a very messy performance … vocally and otherwise
    Congrats anyway

  8. Jessarie is The new revelation here . What a performer . And her face just looks superb onstage
    I wanted to like Aya . But she doesn’t look ‘clean’ at all in motion . Parang humuhulas na Di naman .

  9. From the looks of it , it seems like Vickie is being groomed to be the next MUP .
    I think she’ll do well but ….
    I prefer Sam B to win MUP . She’s very prepared for this … the drive . The beauty of face body and movement . Her JAG performance was just amazing
    I really hope to see SAm at MU 2019.

    • Vicki has the same body proportions of Eva Patalinjug. Only diff is Eva is taller 5’7and vicky 5’5 is more top heavy. So I’m not OK Vicki will be mup

      • Beg to disagree . Eva’s Face Is way too big for her shoulders and I think her torso is way too long for her legs

      • @fabian parehas sila NG katawan ni Eva. I saw them in person many times . Both can be face of binibini but the body proportions parehas. 5’7pa si Eva. Check powerhouse ph ig all are saying magka built sila
        You are begging to disagree coz you are only watching them sa TV or sa Pic na naka 8 inches heels at Naka pose to hide the flaw

      • Roxie that’s not how I see it
        Vickie’s proportion is different
        Eva’s shoulders look very weak and her face is too big . When she opens her mouth , it’s obvious there is something unnatural inside .
        Vickie’s face is not too big for her body and she has nice shoulders .

        Having said that , Vicki is doing her best to get in shape . I can’t say the same for Eva who really did not try to work out for the pageant . Idk what her or her handlers’ plan was but it didn’t work out . The MGI owner should have discussed her nonplacement differently . But I can’t say I was surprised she did not make it .

    • It’s really looking like a Vickie win. The rumour that she was relegated to 1st runner up last year as a reserve for Miss Universe could be true.

      • I thought MI? Kahit B2B “coronita run” with Ahtisa? I’m sure kung gugustuhin ni Madame S. mailalakad niya ‘yan kay Shimomura Akemi. Over-age be d_mned.

        I will not mind an Indonesian sandwich this year. The likes of Jolene comes once in a blue moon. A moon as blue as Kylie’s evening dress at the Tokyo Dome three years ago.

        Vickie has to crown NOW. Na-postpone na nga wedding nila ni Jason (41 na siya, SIGH). 😦

      • @ryan at flor que horror na mup ay ganyan body proportions. I would rather have patch even pinipintasan ang shape NG ulo. At least mahaba leeg ni patch. Saklap naman pwd Pala promise promise try 7x until the end. Dapat Pala try when you are 18 every year until ayaw na makita ni madam mag try ka PA hihihi

  10. Puerto Princesa’s costume is nice but it’s not something new. Madami na rin ang gumawa nun.
    Same with Masbate. Sana wala na lang yung mga palayok sa likod.
    Pasig City is more of a Thai costume. Nadala lang sa performance.

    Among the 4 wish lists, i will choose Mandaue.

  11. They’ll just stay Grandmama Blogger’s wish. But the judges’ choices are the official ones where the ultimate winner will be declared…not his…sorry!

  12. Lots of pretty girls . I would take Omorog off our Tito. Norman’s list and put Short Penchon Tormes or Shaver . Fabian

    • bakit hindi ka gumawa ng sarili mong listahan pukingkay na uurin at ang bulba! bakit mo pakikialaman ang choices ng iba? sino ka ba? eh alam naman ng madla na ambajo bajo ng kipay mo na pinapasukan ng ibat ibang forms, colors and sizes! Baklang twoooh. Akala mo kung sino eh amoy lupa naman!

  13. Same Tito Norms! I was actually expecting Ilocos’ and Cavite’s natcos to be part of the top 10.. pero.. ewan ko. siguro iba din kasi the way you present your costume, baka dun nagkulang.. but for me, these are 2 of my faves.

    Jessarie’s Peacock costume was a surprise. i didn’t like it sa photo but i love how she presented it. ang classy.. ang ganda.. ang linis.

    Hannah Arnold’s.. meh. saw it before, sorry, i know it is a beautiful one, but Benj should’ve known na nagawa na yun before. now, kinicompare yung 2 costume na yan sa instagram.

    Aya Abesamis – this girl knows when to peak. ibang iba talaga siya from last year. i love her na.

    Honey Grace – hindi ko alam ang concept niya the first time i saw her.. pero.. nagets ko na agad na suman. it is a pretty decent one. may dating. maybe pwede pa ma improve..

    Vickie – so buti naman pinalitan ang white cloth/sheer at ginawang gold. ang ganda. iba ang craftmanship. pero i’ll be honest.. medyo nakukulangan ako in terms of pagka Filipina. i mean, oo, diwata.. pero compared sa iba, unang tingin mo pa lang, alam mo na, from Philippines. but then again, maybe it’s just me. hehe

    Leren – dinala ng FEZ!! ang queenly ng paglalakad niya sa stage. bagay na bagay sakanya ang color ng costume niya. no wonder, pumasok sa top 10!

    Samantha – ganda. pero for me, too much going on. di ko alam ano una kong titignan e. 😀

    Cassandra Chan – surprise surprise. pero maganda naman. di ko lang inexpect haha

    Resham – ganda. i love love love the head piece. though i wish the rays/eagle wings were bigger.. or mas may movement.. but overall, ganda.

    Emma – Oh di ba, yan ang sinasabi ko na okay lang ang Filipiniana.. but give me something unique and super beautiful. ganda ng costume nia.. pero feeling ko, yung kay QC din maganda e. yung halos kagaya ng costume ni Karen Ibasco.

    Caloocan – Nag iba ng costume from the photoshoot to the actual show? mas may dating yung sa show.. mas angat ang mga kulay..

    Pangasinan – May pasabog. hindi lang pala siya simpleng terno na may paint ng manaog.. maganda din in fairness..

    Gazini – Zzzz…… Fez talaga panlaban niya.

  14. I think Jessarie will be s shoe in to the semifinal round
    She may displace Sigrid from Tito Norman’s list
    It will be unfair if they don’t let her in

    • The use of indo costume ideas in at least 2 of the NCs is also shocking if not shameful. We may be good at other areas of pageants but i swear we lag behind our neighbors in creative and original ideas for NCs. #notocopycats

  15. Why not have separate Divisions – such as Avante Garde and Traditional (Castillan and Malay) – next time, Gaffud San?

    • The unwritten rule in this challenge challenge is how can you use our traditional costumes as design inspiration and turn it into something Avant Garde(never been seen) w/out losing it’s cultural and historical significance. Too traditional is boring and lacks innovation… too Avant garde loses its historical and cultural meaning. Regardless of both factors, the costume should be beautiful 1st and foremost.

  16. I hate the Suman costume
    It lacks class
    Shame on Paolo Ballesteros for such a cheap concept

    I love Ilen’s costume especially the color combo
    Her sensual way of massaging the guitar with her Tirik mata might have turned off the judges

      • I don’t think Clenci’s was a string instrument or any musical instrument . But the concept was similar .
        I really liked Ilene’s costume . I think it was well-done . I don’t know why they snobbed it . It was the most visual feast

    • I appreciate the suman concept. It was different and out-of-the-box. Conceptually it was good but the execution fell just a bit short.

      • 4m , sana nagtinda na Lang ng suman ala MIss Vietnam Kaysa magsuot ng suman . That’s cheap

      • Cheap? That’s part of our culture/ I can’t wait for someone to do a magtataho costume.

  17. The exclusion of Ilocos Sur is shocking. That costume was a top 5 for me.

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